Consulting Services

07 Nov 2017
Provide testing, testing and inspection services to systems and equipment, as well as raw materials and materials used in them, including research, design, and development that corresponds.
Provide installation services, commissioning, calibration, maintenance, and repair of instruments and measurement and control systems, including research, design, and development that corresponds.
Provide consulting and advisory services for the design and implementation of management systems, as well as knowledge management in matters related to management systems, up to the level of graduates
Provide maintenance services and repair equipment and associated software, electronics, computer, automation and communications.
Produce, as well as commercialize instruments and measurement systems, as well as their accessories, parts and pieces.
Provide technical engineering services related to the related activities described in the corporate purpose.
Provide diagnostic, internal and final audit services to management systems

Empresa de Servicios Profesionales y Técnicos, ESAC

Contact person: Yudelcy Rodriguez Román

16030, 349 avenue, May 1st, Boyeros


La Havana


Tel: 53 76832057


09 Aug 2017
The name of our company is “Business Support”. We help international investors do business in Ukraine. Are you wondering where to start? Are you unsure of business code, laws, regulations, accounting or ways to report back to Ukrainian government? Are you uncomfortable with the language barrier? Or are you lacking full understanding how to launch a successful start-up? Our team of professionals will help you deal with all of the above check-points and much more. Alongside a wide range of offered services, we guide you throughout the whole process of organizing business in Ukraine and guarantee to find the right specialists for you. Moreover, we hold responsibility for full functionality of your business in our country. Results which are achieved by our clients speak for themselves. Among such are efficient R&D departments, fully functioning developing and outsourced IT build-ups, as well as company’s representative offices – these are only few examples of our capabilities. By working with us, you can realize the following goals: start-up a totally new company in Ukraine, deal with accounting and regulatory aspects, order notarial helps, hire a lawyer, rent a suitable business space, establish part-time managing, adapt qualified human resources, form a back-office and IT support, help enlarge already existing business and get work or residence permit. We will make sure your business works well, even if you are not physically located in Ukraine on yearly basis. Please leave your inquiries and questions at:
Tel: +38 (073) 466-67-96
Viber: +38 (073) 466-67-96

Business Support

Contact person: Bogdan Kyrychenko

Kyiv 9a, Prytysko-Mykilska str.



Tel: +38 (073) 466-67-96, +38 (073) 466-67-96


09 Mar 2017
We perform a variety of web based services for clients and are always seeking new clients. Services include:* Making time to market your business* Content creation for web sites* Editing (Web based, books, magazines and other services)* Web and Blog site creation* Site design* Blog setup training* Project planning and management* Consulting* Marketing ServicesOur clients are in the Canada, UK, USA. We work from our offices and rarely need to visit client locations. Happy to work using Skype or other similar services to complete fact-to-face meetings.

PBG Consulting

Contact person: Peter Giblett

4354 Second Avenue

L2E 4G9

Niagara Falls


Tel: 289 296 3311


01 Mar 2017
We create and we support investment projects, in case of the heavy competition we enter innovations in today by the best strategy and high technologies. Our main investments are a construction, alternative energy sources, biotechnologies, information technologies. Every day we work in search of decisions and creation of the best conditions for promotion of the equity to places where clients do the business.

Dako enterprise

Contact person: David

102 BX Smith



United Kingdom

Tel: +38068821345


23 Feb 2017
Любой морской порт и аэропорт. Любые виды груза. Любой вид транспорта. Оформление таможенных документов. Местная доставка до двери. Контакт:
Any entry point: port, airport, land border crossing. Any type of merchandise. Any transportation mode, e.g. ocean, air, land. Full range of U.S. Customs clearance services and local deliveries. Please visit , contact <>

Global Trade Link, Inc is a licensed customs broker, non-vessel operated common carrier, freight forwarder, logistics and supply chain solution provider servicing multitude of customers worldwide. Our specialty is customs clearance for U.S. import goods, bonds, cargo insurance, regulatory compliance and transportation project management.

Global Trade Link, Inc

Contact person: Roman

Staten Island, New York

United States

Tel: +19175671333


28 Jan 2017
Text Approach is a language solutions service provider offering translation, localisation, transcription, data analysis and data lineage.

Text Approach

Contact person: Chakir Mahjoubi

14 Raleigh House

SO14 5BP


United Kingdom

Tel: 02381943397, 07847362426


26 Dec 2016
i3 Consult is leading Ukrainian company specializing in the Healthcare Marketing Survey, Intelligence and Strategy. At i3 Consult we employ a number of strategic, financial and operational management tools to further your understanding of where your product is heading in the healthcare market, and the corrective action needed for your business/product portfolio. You can as customise as you want. For more detail contact to +380 954773885

i3 Consult

Contact person: Wallace

11B Chystyakivska Str. Apt. 36, Kyiv




Tel: +380 954773885


29 Aug 2016
eCho Innovate IT Web and Mobile Development Company provides professional web solutions across the world. Contact us to make your online presence creative and innovative.


Contact person: eCho Innovate IT

15592 60th Ave North Plymouth



United States

Tel: 3866750158, 3866750158


26 Jan 2016
Horacle LTD It is a young and dynamic company that through its know-out is the ideal partner for the commercialization of products and services in countries where there are no conditions for conventional marketing strategies.


Contact person: Mauro Benecchi

Via Orio Vergani,11




Tel: +393392039931


16 Dec 2015
Global Fusion is an international immigration consultancy firm providing a wide variety of global immigration and visa services. With over 5 years' experience in the business and having helped tens of thousands of people immigrate; travel and work around the world, there should be no other company that you could trust your visa with.

We provide a simple, no obligation, and online assessment containing the most current international immigration legislation. The assessment calculates whether you meet the basic legislative requirements, and are therefore eligible for the visa you want.

Your FUTURE with Us.

Global Fusion Management Consultancy

Contact person: Global Fusion

601, Level 6, City Max Building ( Opp Hamdan Center) Hamdan Street

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 2 6264646


30 Sep 2015
Legal immigration, visa services in Bulgaria and EU. Bulgarian citizenship - full legal assistance.


Contact person: Alexander

Rakovski str.145/B




Tel: +359 898914371


30 Aug 2015
We Adaada are agents/consultants, wholesaler distributors, manufacturers, representatives of importation.

Adaada Company Ltd.

Contact person: Miriam

13 Rue Du Paris Lome




Tel: 0022898434459


31 Jul 2015
Launched in 2004, Escadra recruiting agency has since been specializing in executive search, management selection and IT-Recruiting. Over the years the agency has amassed a wealth of experience and built up relations of partnership with clients and candidates.

We implement over 200 recruitment projects yearly.

Escadra Recruitment Agency

Contact person: Yuriy Gorokhovskiy



Tel: +380 44 466 87 65


27 Jul 2015
J&L Consulting is a team of professionals providing services in legal, tax and accounting consultancy for more than 10 years.

No matter if you want to start a brand new business, looking for a reliable legal, tax, accounting partners or want to conduct a market research - we do it!

We know that Ukraine's great location and striving for Euro integration, offers competitive prices for real estate and qualified work capital,howeverwe also know how complicated it is to start business here with the intense bureaucracy and corruption levels but… We have experience and right tools to find a custom solution for any request and any budget!

Since 2003, J&L Consulting has been serving more than 100 corporate clients from the EU in the following scopes :

Legal Advices
Business Consulting
Tax Advice
Financial & Managerial Accounting
Accounting & Payroll
Real-Estate Advice
Turn-key Projects

J&L Consulting Ltd.

Contact person: Liliia Iunko

33A Lychakivska str.




Tel: +380322970597, +380322970596


14 Jul 2015
Davin Arts™ provide custom website development solutions to businesses globally. We design, build & support a range of websites & e-business solutions that help our customers achieve their online objectives. We provide creative web solutions including online marketing & media applications.

Davin Arts

Contact person: Davinder Chopra

Reru, Near Pathankot Byepass




Tel: +91 98141 90862


06 Jun 2015
Technical innovation in manufacturing high volume pumps, and the subsequent breakdown of technological paradigms, has been the inner force that motivates the team of engineers since the origins of the company.

ETEC has made every effort to ensure the efficiency and appropriate handling of large volumes of water since the late 1980s.

ETEC’s success is the continuous innovative developments on pumps. Such is its strength that having ETEC pumps is almost an obligation in the aquaculture market. The presence of ETEC pumps has been strengthening and growing into other market segments such as: flood control in urban and agricultural areas, irrigation districts, aqueducts and industrial applications.

ETEC offers consultancy services and process analysis to achieve a correct diagnosis of a situation which is followed by conceptualization, design, and implementation of a suitable solution.

ETEC has an impressive record for a young company. It has presence in over 32 countries in five continents where its products are being demanded based on its ever growing reputation of innovation and prompt/practical solutions.


Contact person: Clara Rodriguez

Albornoz, Km 4 Vía Mamonal




Tel: +57 5 668 9300


15 Apr 2015
Business Support is a trustworthy partner to represent your company locally in Ukraine. Business Support professionals have relevant experience in law, taxation, accounting and opening offices from scratch. They are ready to be in touch with you 24/7. Business Support specialists will show you all pros and cons of being PE or LTD, how long it takes to open a representative office and how much custom operations cost in Ukraine.

The main aim of this service is to save your time and provide the full support. Your time is precious and must be saved. And the amount you spend on flights and hotels are equal to the fee you pay for professional management of all subcontractors at place by Business Support. No prepayments and clear procedures. We are available via Skype, Viber and any other messengers you prefer. A long reference list of the Business Support's clients worldwide.

Business Support

Contact person: Olga

38, Shovkovychna str.




Tel: +38 093 614 64 74


19 Nov 2014
J&M Global is a network of business consultants from different countries, well-experienced in international tax planning, asset management, Trust, PIFs (Private Interest Foundations) and international marketing.

J&M Global Advisory LTD

Contact person: John Berti

Via Ravenna, 151/D


Bellaria - Igea Marina


Tel: 0039 541 341384, 0039 334 5828360


18 Aug 2014
© DeltaWeb Consulting LLC is a leading business and management consultancy headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and operations center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, that delivers comprehensive full cycle management consulting solutions for start ups to profitable companies all over the world.

We offer unique engagement and business acceleration models for customers seeking to expand their global presence and business operations in the Eastern Europe and further emerging markets.

DeltaWeb Consulting LLC

Contact person: Anton



United States

Tel: 1 847 850 0815


12 Aug 2014
BERNI Customs Agency - We provide comprehensive services in the procedure of customs declarations of exports, imports and transit services with customs.

The Customs-Logistic warehouses are located in the distance of 24 km from the Polish – Ukrainian border and the international border crossing point for cars and railway Dorohusk – Jagodin.

BERNI – Customs Agency provides full services in the trade of goods with foreign countries – export, import, transit with proper applying customs and tax regulations. We carry these activities out applying electronic customs declarations which give the possibility of receiving information about the status of the customs declaration immediately which in the end results in exceptionally fast and efficient service of delivery.

BERNI Sp. z o.o.

Contact person: Grzegorz

102 Hrubieszowska Str. 39




Tel: +48609366640, +48825604402


15 May 2014
LSA global stands amongst the best business consulting and training firms in the United States. LSA global has been working for several years, helping business teams all over the US get stronger and smarter. LSA global begin the business consultation and training process by assessing how a team’s culture and talent aligns to its current and future strategies. Then team LSA global works with leadership to identify and implement the substantial actions that will have the maximum impact. If you are looking for business consulting and training services for your team, LSA global is just the name to rely on.

LSA Global

Contact person: Tris Brown

303 Twin Dolphin Drive Suite 600


Redwood City

United States

Tel: (408) 727-2332


13 May 2014
StudyWay International is one of the oldest educational consultancy firms in Bangladesh that enjoys long practical experience. We provide our wholehearted supports for study abroad services like confirmation of admissions, arranging accommodation abroad, assisting to get visas etc.

StudyWay International

Contact person: AB Sarker

South Baridhara




Tel: 8801742252574


13 Mar 2013
Jason Tan & Associates is an independent member of Eura Audit International with more than 400 firms located world wide. As a fedaration of firm we are able to offer top services at competitive pricing. We offer audit, advisory, accounting, tax and any other consultancy services.

Jason Tan & Associates

Contact person: Jason Tan

Suite 1.0, 35-6 Block C, Jaya One, 72 A Jalan Universiti


Petaling Jaya


Tel: 60379561933


24 Jan 2013
EZ Trade Center specializes in reduction and optimization of operational costs through customized technological tools and procurement methodologies, thus enabling companies to save and increase their profits significantly.

Our brand was created in 2004. Three years later, with its presence already consolidated in Portugal, EZTC began to internationalize in Cabo Verde and Spain.

We are looking for a master franchisee who would expand the business by buying franchisee and developing it in your country.

EZ Trade Center

Contact person: Cátia Barros

Praceta D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, nº 20, 3º - DB




Tel: +351 22 939 5009, +351 96 635 4320


22 Dec 2012
The company was established in 1992 and over the 19 years has diversified into various professional and specialized activities.

The Director, Mr.Ali Rashed Al Kaitoob, UAE national, is an ace banking and accounting expert recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Economy. We are also registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Commercial Arbitrators. The company is backed by qualified and experienced professionals in the field of legal, accounting, finance and audit.

The vision of our group is to constantly explore avenues for growth spurred by dedication to work and practice of ethical standards, be of service to the community and the society at large, without compromising the principles of quality service standards.

Intra Group

Contact person: Ali Rashed Al Kaitoob

Beirut Street, Muhaisnah–4, Office No. 303, Al Mezan Building


United Arab Emirates

Tel: 971-4-2206899, 971-4-2206244


03 Aug 2012
Pacific has the objective of offering a complete professional consultancy services to its clients, partners & exporters for Ukraine and CIS. We are specialized in providing business consultancy and information for those who are willing to establish their name in Ukraine and its neighbor countries (Belarus, Moldova) and Ukrainian Companies who want to develop their business in India.

Due to various laws and regulations, Ukraine/CIS is considered a difficult country to do business. Regulations, paperwork and extensive inspection and other with language barrier which sometime makes you hesitate to develop your business. Pacific has the solution for all your quarries as we have our own office in Ukraine with a well established network of contacts and well aware of all rules & regulation of Ukraine. Pacific has good relations with established organizations in the market to achieve fast and long lasting results.

Pacific Services

Contact person: Mr. Sanjeeve Rana

Rohini, New Delhi




Tel: +91 9172218229


15 Jun 2012
Blue Link Cyprus Consultants is a cyprus consultant company based in Limassol, Cyprus offering business consulting, management consulting, EU funding, national funding, project management services, accounting services, audit services and tax services.


Contact person: Paris Andreou

26 N. Pattichi str.




Tel: +35725107400


10 May 2012
Archangel Global Solutions is a POEA licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines that specializes in the deployment of Filipino workers to countries all over the world.

Visit us today at to get workers for your business!

Archangel Global Solutions

Contact person: Angelica Laparan

Suites 2 & 4, 4F Triumph Building, 1610 Quezon Avenue


Quezon City


Tel: +632 920-2722


14 Nov 2011
Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia

Preferential Allotment / Private Placement of Equity for investors for amount of $1 Mn. to $3 Mn. for startup venture set up and Capital market listing on Deutsche Bourse Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Offer Open

Subscription Offer Open:
I am pleased to write that our major funding, raising funds from the equity market listing on DAX for amount of Au $ 650 Mn is approved by major Private Equity Group.

Now, we are looking for investor for $ 1 Mn to $ 3 Mn. Higher investment welcome subject to equity participation allocation. Equivalent Equity can be discussed. Minority Equity participation can be discussed. Going Public Soon on DAX.

Status: Approved funding by major Global Private Equity Fund.

Serious investors only. I would like to conclude this current deal fast within one week. I am willing to discuss on the Equity / Options and will be liberal for this transaction only, which will be issued to you directly from our fund managers. This is definitely a really profitable and high return investment.

Payback period: 1 - 2 years (expected turnover at least $ 2 Bn in 3 years). Option of Loan open which can be refunded in 3 month, 6 month to 12 months time with attractive rates of interest. The Loan will be closed once the DAX Listing is over and trading is started.

Start up Stage of business. Attractive Returns. Unique opportunity to associate prior to the IPO on Global Stock Exchanges

Locations: Head Quartered in Gold Coast, Australia with Global Operating Offices.

Utilization of funds: Initial fresh Set up including Property Investment, Recruitment and Appointment of permanent personnel, Fees for Listing on major Global Stock Exchange, other expenses as needed for the business.

Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia

ABN 48133544297
Specialists and Experts in:

Corporate Training, Marketing, Recruitment Portal, Recruitment Networking, Training and Development for all industry Verticals

Advanced Lighting Designers Pty Ltd, Australia

ABN 84134252761

Specialists and Experts in:
International Lighting Technologies, Lighting Design, Recommendations and Specifications, Software solutions to the Lighting Industry worldwide.

If you have any further query, please do not hesitate to ask me on my personal mobile numbers +61-400769125 or +61-415298334 / +61-434415521 on any day

Please feel free to ask details privately. Offer closes on receipt of funds.



Shrikant G. Shete


Training8m, Australia

+61-400769125 ..........Australia Mobiles

+61-415298334 ..........Australia Mobiles

+61-434415521 ……………………..Australia Mobiles


Skype: shrikkantt

Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia

Contact person: Shrikant Shete

203 / 2, Barney Street, Southport


Gold Coast


Tel: +61-07-55712321, 0400769125


05 Oct 2011 — registered, 05 Oct 2011 — updated
NexusNovus provides services in consultancy, trading and permanent business representation to European firms eager to enter or develop the Indian market.

Located strategically in Bangalore, NexusNovus specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses. Our 5 years of hands-on experience in India and our nation-wide network empowers us to work with our European-wide clientele. Our Indo-European identity and strong employee base makes us the ideal partner of choice for doing business in India.

NexusNovus Tech Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Contact person: Bart Hergaarden

Hutchins Road, Cooke Town

560 084



Tel: +91 80 6535 3528


14 Aug 2011
ISO/IEC 17011 (Accreditation Bodies)
ISO/IEC Guide 65 (Product Certification Bodies)
ISO/IEC 17024 (Personnel Certification Bodies)
ISO/IEC 17021 (Systems Certification Bodies)
ISO/IEC 17043 (Proficiency Testing Labs)
ISO/IEC 17040 (Peer Assessment of Conformity)
ISO/IEC 17020 (3rd Party Inspection Bodies)
ISO/IEC 17025 (Testing & Calibration Labs)
ISO/IEC 27000 (ISMS)
ISO/IEC 20000 (ITIL)
ISO 50001 (Energy)
ISO 15189 (Medical Labs)
ISO 15190 (General Lab Safety)
ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
ISO 22000 (Food Safety)
OHSAS 18000 (OH & S)
ISO 14000 (EMS)
ISO 9000 (QMS)
TL 9000 (Telecom)
JIC (Hospitals)

Cesium Company Limited

Contact person: Musaed Al Dosari

Al Khobar


Al Khobar

Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 555667663


31 May 2011
We are a Mexican consultancy based in the northern city of Monterrey and specialized in FDIs. We have been working with many national and international companies trying to invest and implement projects here in Mexico.

We provide full support, from financial advisory to human resources management, providing you then with absolutely all the tools you would need to enter the Mexican and Latin American market.

4S Group

Contact person: Othmane Bendriss

Jardines San Jerónimo, 114-G




Tel: +52 81 83484448, +52 81 13168842


26 Apr 2011
Regional business to business, consulting service.

Dražen Sulimanec

Contact person: Dražen Sulimanec

Stjepan Konzula 1




Tel: 3850918860964


03 Apr 2011
Incorporation and management services for Cyprus offshore companies.


Contact person: EMILY KOUIS

19, Agios Amvrosios Street




Tel: 00357 99933119


05 Mar 2011
We pride ourselves on being a true full-service recruitment agency in all major areas. Apart from our major role, we also take training courses for all major IT sectors. (Dot Net, JAVA, ORACLE, SOFTWARE TESTING, SQL DBA).


Contact person: Srinivasan.S

70A, Cholembedu Road, Ambattur




Tel: 91 98 8402 2776


25 Feb 2011
We offer professional business, consultancy and language services specialised in China. If you are considering doing business in China and want to avoid all potential risks, you can rely upon our expertise in consulting, investment coordination, company auditing, market research, partner quest, company representation, reimbursement claims, goods control in China and many more.

Eastinfo Trading and Services Ltd.

Contact person: Ms Zsuzsa Kőmíves

Szentmihályi út 171. China Mart 3.13.




Tel: +36-1-414-72-90


21 Feb 2011


Contact person: ASM SHEIKH





Tel: 00918666647866, 00918143143153


20 Feb 2011
В связи со стремительным развитием глобализации, международное налоговое планирование, включающее в себя избежание двойного налогооблажения, является важнейшим принцыпом международного бизнеса. Уже длительное время назад Кипр зарекомендовал себя как международный финансовый центр с наиболее низким налогом на доход компаний в странах Евросоюза - 10%. Дополнительно всем преимуществам в банковских, юридических и бухгалтерских структурах, Кипр является одним из наиболее развитых и перспективных оффшорных расположений для международного налогового планирования.

Наша компания обеспечит Вам полный пакет услуг необходимых для поддержания и развития бизнеса частных и юридических лиц, включая международное налоговое планирование, формирование компании, администрирование, номинальные услуги, банковские услуги, услуги бухгалтеров и аудиторов. Используя нами разработанные схемы для индивидуальных бизнес операций наших клиентов, мы поможем Вам минимизировать налоги и максимально увеличить прибыльность Вашего бизнеса.

Наша команда состоит из квалифицированных чартерных и сертифицированных бухгалтеров и аудиторов, юристов и налоговых консультантов из Великобритании и США,. Используя наш многолетний опыт, мы стремимся предоставлять безупречный сервис и уделять персональное внимание каждому партнеру и клиенту в частности, расценивая значимость как большого, так и малого бизнеса.

В случае, если Вас заинтересуют услуги нашей компании, мы будем рады Вам предоставить ответы и более подробную информацию по интересующим Вас вопросам.

Prospectacy LTD

Contact person: Sergey Babayan

9 Karpenesiou Street




Tel: +357 22 255 335


17 Feb 2011 — registered, 17 Feb 2011 — updated
Consulting for companies, which will start business in Ukraine.

Meyer Trust ltd.

Contact person: Walter Meyer

Shevtshenka 1



Tel: 00380355223665, 00380936580512


Registered before Jan 2011
01 Oct 2010

Gaius Detection - (Your Hidden Consultant)

About us:
Gaius Detection (GD) was formed in January 2000 in New Delhi (India) and by providing Silent, Professional, Confidential, & it’s result oriented Investigation services & solutions, today GD known as a Team of Professionals in the field of Private Investigations who assist individuals, Corporates, NRI’s, Banking & Financial Institutions, Hotel Industry, Businesses Personals and Attorneys by gathering and analyzing information confidentially. GD connects small clues to solve questions of the clients & uncover facts about legal, financial, or personal matters. GD offer many services like Pre-Post employment verification; Pre-Post Marital Investigations; Individual background profiles. GD also provide services to Attorneys in Criminal and Civil liability cases, Insurance claims and fraud, Child custody and Protection cases, Missing Persons cases, Trademark, Intellectual Property Right Investigations to stop illegal activity, and provide Intelligence for prosecution and civil action like Civil & Criminal Raids.

Nature of Work:
Gaius Detection discreetly obtain maximum amounts of information such as a subject’s prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; motor vehicle registrations; association and club memberships; and even photographs.
GD performs various other types of surveillance, undercover operations & searches to verify facts, in internal investigations. GD investigates drug use in the workplace, ensure that expense accounts are not abused, or determine whether employees are stealing merchandise or information. External investigations attempt to thwart criminal schemes from outside the corporation, such as fraudulent billing by a supplier, to control internal and external financial losses, to monitor competitors, and to prevent industrial spying.

GD engage in process serving, the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas and other legal documents to parties in a legal case & tracing of absconding debtors also is a large part GD's work load.

GD is committed to find proof of wrongdoing and to make the situation right again. To do this, GD gets useful information from witnesses and bystanders. GD tails witnesses, takes pictures, searches buildings and keeps an eye out for clues that others may have overlooked.

GD knows who to ask and how to access the information easily, therefore GD able to provide Public Records, Tax records, Real estate transactions, Records of births and deaths, Court records, Voter registrations, Business licenses, & Vital statistics records.

Clients & Services:
Gaius Detection offers its Professional services to Individuals; Corporates; Businesses; NRI’s; Attorneys; Hotel Industry; Banking & Financial Institutions; Educational Institutions; and everyone who needs our Professional services.

Gaius Detection undertakes a large number of tasks:
- Personal Cases: Surveillance; Present Character or Activity check; Background Checks; Financial & Social Status; Business & Market reputation; Adultery and Behavior.
- Pre-Post Matrimonial Cases: Family & Personal Behavior check; Social Reputation; Criminal Background checks; Business or Workplace Status checks; Habits & Social Activities; Adultery: Child Custody & Alimony.
- Corporate Cases: Due Diligence; Undercover plans; Labor Disputes; Competitor’s Activities; Product based market surveys; Public Opinion.
- IPR Investigation: Attorney Supports; Trademark & Copyright Infringement
Investigation; including anti-fraud work, the protection of Intellectual Property and trade secrets, anti-piracy Tracings; Civil & Criminal Raids.
- Financial & Banking: Absconded Debtors Traces; Assets Verification; Cheat & Fraud Investigations.
- Process Serving: Personal delivery of summons, subpoenas and other legal documents to parties all over India in a legal case.

GD’s Philosophy:
"Action is the Real measure of Intelligence".

GD’s Work Station:
Gaius Detection work all over India.

Gaius Detection

Contact person: Anil Gaur

F-130/6 Di, Gautam Nagar


New Delhi


Tel: +91 801 0549687


Registered before Jan 2011
30 Sep 2010

Assistant Ukraine - professional personal assistant in business and travel in Ukraine & Crimea.

Our private agency "Assistant Ukraine" provide a comprehensive range of professional assistance service in Ukraine and Crimea to citizens and companies from all countries of the world - USA (United States of America), Canada, UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Europe countries, Asian countries, etc.

Our Ukrainian agency "Assistant Ukraine" is a leading and professional private agency that ensures you personal assistant services on another level. Our personal assistants are working precisely and effectively. The agency staff - is professional assistants, which have large experience in areas of languages, guide services, legal and security help, investigations, information services, travel, tourism and also specifically in executing complex business assistance. All of them have special training in various places.

Our professional assistants can work in all cities of Ukraine:
Kharkov, Kharkiv, Lugansk, Lugans'k Luhansk, Luhans'k, Donetsk, Donets'k, Sumy, Summy, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovs'k, DnipropetrovskDnipropetrovs'k, Zaporozhye, Zaporizhia, Zaporizhzha, Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhya, Simferopol, Simferopol', Kherson, Nikolaev, Mykolayiv, Kirovograd, Kirovohrad, Cherkassy, Cherkasy, Kiev, Kyiv, Kyev, Chernigov, Chernihov, Chernigiv, Chernihiv, Odessa, Odesa, Vinnitsa, Vinnytsya, Zhitomir, Zhytomir, Chernovtsy, Chernivtsi, Khmelnitskiy, Khmel'nyts'kyy, Rovno, Rivno, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ivano-Frankovs'k, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopol, Ternopol, Lutsk, Luts'k, Lvov, L'vov, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Uzhhorod, Melitopol.

Simferopol, Semfiropol, Simfiropol, Sevastopol, Sivastopol, Sebastopol Alupka, Alushta, Inkerman, Armyansk, Armiansk, Bakhchisaray, Bahchisaray, Bilohirsk, Belogorsk, Chornomorske, Chernomorskoe, Gaspra, Gurzuf, Dzhankoy, Jankoi, Jankoy, Eupatoria, Yevpatoria, Evpatoria, Feodosiya, Foros, Kerch, Koktebel, Koreiz, Kirovske, Kirovskoe, Krasnohvardiyske, Krasnogvardeyskoe, Krasnoperekopsk, Lenine, Livadiya, Levadiya, Levadia, Massandra, Nizhnyohirskyi, Nikita, Novyi Svet, Noviy Svet, Partenit, Pervomayske, Pervomaiskoe, Perekop, Rozdolne, Saky Saki, Shcholkine, Shelkino, Simeiz, Semeiz, Simferopol, Sevastopol Sovetskyi, Sovetskiy, Staryi Krym, Stariy Krim, Sudak, Yalta.

Russian Federation (Belgorod Region):
Alekseevka, Borisovka, Belgorod, Valuiki, Veideleevka, Volokonovka, Graivoron, Gubkin, Ivnya, Khorocha, Krasnogvardeiskoe, Krasnoe, Noviy Oskol, Prokhorovka, Rakitnoe, Rovenki, Stariy Oskol, Stroitel, Chernyanka, Shebekino.

Assistant Ukraine

Contact person: Manager

Ukraine, Kharkov






Registered before Jan 2011
We are "Clinic Overseas Pvt. Ltd." a manpower consultancy of Nepal, One of the leading overseas Manpower Consultancy that is approved by the Government of Nepal Ministry of Labor.

"Clinic Overseas Pvt. Ltd." is a thoughtful association with an improvement of previous track record of success in the field of Human resources Recruitment, Continues to maintain the trust and confidence.

In appreciation of our commitment, excellent performance, contribution and executive capabilities in all professional areas of recruitment consultancy, our overseas clients are not only placing demands again and again but encouraging other clients also to place demands for their requirements as they have 100% confidence and satisfaction in As far as I am anxiety. It is a part of my service that I am Manpower Consultant; I have Very good relation in market to have skilled /Semi–skilled / un-skilled Manpower as per client’s requirement in Overseas Countries.

Specially, given countries are commended Asia Pacific region (Japan, South Korea, Macau, Honkong, Malaysia And Brunia) Gulf and Middle East Countries, (Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain) And other worldwide countries Our fanatical teams can provide you with all the support, advice and developments within your industry that you want. Whether you are a part qualified or qualified professional, Manpower Professional is essential for you. We provide sound career view from initial CV writing from side to side to interview techniques typical questions.

We will be there for you to lead you to your model position.

CLINIC OVERSEAS PVT.LTD. is a leading recruiting firm uniquely qualified to identify and recruit outstanding candidates and superior talent for a broad spectrum of disciplines as well as the categories we supply:

Farm Laborers
Cable Man Laborers
Cleaners Laborers
Dock laborer
Industrial Laborers
Shop Laborers
Mixtures Concrete
Male Nurse
Petrol Mechanic
Plumbing Foreman
Painter General F/M
Packing Supervisor
Pipe Fitter
Pipe Fitter Gen. F/M
Pipe Fabricator
Radio Mechanics
Carpenter (Shuttering/Finishing)
Survey Assistant
Site Clerk
Safety Inspector
Steel Binders
Store Keeper
Steel Fixers
Structural Steel
General F/M
Soil Tester
Laboratory Assistant
Shoe Repairer / Maker
Sanitary Fitter
Time Keeper
Typing Clerk
Workshop F/M
Asst. Cook
Bar Man
Block Maker
Boat Dock Hand
Security Inspector Guard
Helper Steel Fixer
Kitchen Helper / Asst. Cook
Laundry Man
Placing Concrete Man
Pump Operator
Tire Man
Work Controller

(With over 5 Years Work Experience)
Accounts Clerk
Accountant Technical
Administration Asst.
Black Smith
Camp. Surveyor
Car Driver
Civil Work Supervisor
Civil Foremen
Cushion Maker
Diesel Mechanic
Duct Man
Electrical Foreman
Electrical Mechanics
Glass Cutter
Heavy Duty (truck/Trailor) Driver
Iron Worker
Compressor Inspector
Cleaning Inspector
Line Man electrician
Loader Operator
Laboratory Technician

SKILLED Qualified
Earth Moving Equipment
Operators / Mechanics
Engine Mechanics
Grader / Driver / Operators Heavy Plant Operators
Excavation Inspector
Mobile Crane Operators
Bulldozers Operators
Plant Operator
Shovel Operator
Trailer Operator
Engineers: Civil,
Electrical, Marine, Mechanical, etc.
Architects Planners
Banking Specialist
Chartered / Cost
Doctors / Specialist
Asst. Engineers
Technicians with Diploma only
Junior Executives
Mineral Specialists
Scientists: Ph.D. in Various Fields
Senior Executives
Soil Specialists
Surveyors with Long experience
Teachers / Professors
Fashion designer /

Clinic Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Surya Lama - Managing Director (HP+9779851081704
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977 1 4105511, 12
Fax: +977 1 4105512
E-mail: infoclinicjob at, recruitenepal at

Clinic Overseas Pvt.Ltd.

Contact person: Tirtha Man Lama

Old Baneswor Chowk




Tel: +977 1 4105511, +977 985 1081704

Fax: +977 1 4105512


Registered before Jan 2011
Rothschild specializes in strategy, Political Consulting, campaign management, media, direct mail and polling consulting. Rothschild works with political candidates, campaigns and political parties throughout the world.

Rothscild Political Consulting

Contact person: Ernie Anderson

A12-1250 Eglinton Ave. W.

L5v 1N3



Tel: +1 416 5715696


Registered before Jan 2011
PNM Consulting provides consulting management services in Vietnam. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at a cheapest and affordable fee, the legal services, accounting and human resources consulting, investment management, set up process, supply chain optimization, sales and marketing are our expertise.

We have been in business for close to 15years with good track records and a good customer relation; Today we wish to expand our business further, should you either need our services or wish to develop your distribution in local Vietnam, please send us your more details with all terms and conditions and we should meet for further discussion.

Pnm Consulting Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Margaret Luu

22 A4, D1 St., Townhouses 307, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist.,

Hochiminh City


Tel: +84 8389 02560, +84 8389 83113


Registered before Jan 2011
We are consulting agency of a full cycle, based in Mykolayiv since 2008. We propose the highly qualified services for the cities business, as well as for the other towns and international companies. The main business directions: consultations, the development of the decisions, the leading of the researches, development of the complex companies in the sphere of adverts, marketing, PR. The agency uses the principles of the innovation.

Consulting Agency F5

Contact person: Aleksandr Ukhmanovsky

Velyka Morska (Bolshaya Morskaya) Str., 3, Of. 11-12


Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)


Tel: +38 051 2472993, +38 050 3947405


Registered before Jan 2011
Stirixis Consulting Group is the leader company in Greece and Cyprus on Quality & Safety Systems ISO 9001/22000/14001/18001/EMAS. We own 7 offices in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Ukraine and we occupy over 55 specialists. We have accomplished over 2000 ISO Systems and we can support any company in Ukraine on the following subjects:
1. management;
2. quality aspects;
3. cost management;
4. ISO systems;
5. funding through EU funds;
6. cooperation with other European companies.

Stirixis Consulting Group

Contact person: Dr. Athanasiadis Ilias

Papanikolaou 27




Tel: +30 2310756320


Registered before Jan 2011
Founded in 2007, Specialised Management Group (SMG) is a leading provider of Specialised Consulting and Methodology, Six Sigma and professional Project and Process Management training. Based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), our services extend across three continents, from the Middle East to North Africa and Asia.

With more than 60 years of intellectual capacity in Project and Process Management, our team recognises the need for quality and bespoke service within the unique markets encountered.

Specialised Management Group

Contact person: Amir Al Hashlamoun

Specialised Management Group Suite T06-T07, 3rd Floor Building 19, Knowledge Village, P.O. Box 502435



United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 3693453, +971 50 7803035

Fax: +971 4 3604467


Registered before Jan 2011
Financial Pundits LLP is a highly reputed and widely acclaimed name as a financial consultants in the finance sector. We as a financial consultants with an in-depth knowledge of a host of corporate financial services, have proven broad-based expertise in providing integrated solutions and managing crucial aspects like corporate finance, working capital finance, project finance and financial restructuring to corporates, ranging from small and mid sizes enterprises to large groups and MNCs.

Financial Pundits Llp

Contact person: Mr. Ashok Maheshwari

619, Galleria, Dlf Phase-Iv




Tel: +91 124 4148033

Fax: +91 124 4148180


Registered before Jan 2011
Sensitive Care Management Systems provides dental consulting services for dentists in New York, Connecticut. Dental Consultants at Sensitive Care Management Systems are also specialized in dental office management consulting services in New York and Connecticut

Dental Office Management - Sensitivecaresystems.Com

Contact person: Sensitivecare Management Systems

Nancy Clark Crossin, Llc,


Milford, Ct

United States

Tel: +203 5509003


Registered before Jan 2011
Appleton Mayer Company is a global management consulting firm advising leading companies on issues of strategy, marketing, organization, technology, finance and investments.

Appleton Mayer East Europe & Cis

Contact person: Alexander Romanov

7 Reitarska Street




Tel: +38 044 5040383


Consulting Services, part 1
Consulting Services, part 2

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