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22 Mar 2017
Good day Sir/Madam,

We are De-Livers Groups we are positioned here in Cotonou Republic of Benin and have our branch offices in Congo

Brazzaville, Guinea Bissau, Takarde Ghana and also Mali.
We are sourcing agents to different buyers who are registered with our company. We aid them to source sellers of their

various products and link the up directly with the sellers.
We are writing to you because we have buyers that are interested in your products and we will like you to send us your

updated company products list and best prices for careful study.
Note : Send best Prices and only available products.

Awaits your response

DE-Livers Groups
+229 98055999
Enquirers On Your Products


Contact person: Richard Adams

C/1009 Zongo




Tel: +229 98055999, +2348100927049


Registered before Jan 2011
Our company is situated in Russia, but we operate throughout the world. We carry out export and import of various products from Russia, America, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. Our company has long operational experience in this area and has qualified personnel doing these works successfully… In our activities, we strictly adhere to the principle of trust and quality.

As an exporter:

1) We export of all kinds of petrochemicals like petroleum, kerosene, diesel gas oil, diesel fuel (motor fuel), fuel-oil residue, lubricating oil, petroleum coke, petroleum black, demulsification agent; demulsificator, demulsifier, coal tar, and others.

2) Metallurgical products like iron and steel products of all kinds,

3) Machineries and spare parts of all types for manufacturing industries,

4) Agricultural products like wheat, rice, sugar, lentils of all kinds, etc.,

5) Fertilizers of all kinds,

6) Grinding mills and its spare parts,

7) Agricultural equipment and its spare parts (tractors, mini tractors, field processing machines, seed drills, fertilizer spreader and other agricultural instruments and equipments),

8) Spare parts for manufacture of cars, motor cars, bicycles, etc.

9) Machineries of all kinds like sewing machines, cutting machines, rolling machines, etc.

OOO Multibranch Holding

Contact person: Ms Katerina Mallick

St. Oziornaya, 29-1-207



Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 430 0864, +7 926 248 63 40

Fax: +7 499 163 36 52


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