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Easy Move is a reputable and professional moving company in Kuwait. So if you are looking to relocate your office or household and hire the best packers and movers in Kuwait, all you have to do is call us. We are equipped to handle all aspects of your relocation, from packing and storage to forwarding to your new destination. This moving company Kuwait is one that you will find knowledgeable and capable of finding solutions to all your moving needs. We provide logistics using all methods of transport: by air, by sea or by ground. All you need to do is contact us and get a free quote today.

Easy Move KW

Contact person: Easy Move KW

7 Tunisia St




Tel: +965 2206 0969


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Ample Moving NJ – the Jersey City movers you have been looking for. Why? Well, we offer both professionalism and affordability, for starters. As one of the younger relocation companies in Jersey City, we are always looking to be up-to-date with our equipment and we are always investing in personnel education. Speaking of our staff, we are among the Jersey City movers who have the most experienced workers and diligent representatives. So, if you’ve got any questions regarding moving to New Jersey, we’ll happily answer them. For all those looking for invested Jersey City movers to book a move with, you won’t go wrong with Ample Moving!

Ample Moving NJ

Contact person: Alexander Nikonov

9 Linden Ave


Jersey City

United States

Tel: 201-721-5777


16 Nov 2017

Our company is not that old as some in the city, but we are among the best. What might make you glad to hear is that we are not among the youngest too. ’Manhattan Movers New York’ made first steps in moving business some 10 years ago, almost. Being that we are there for a while now, we got to do the relocations with some of the companies that are the best in this business. Some of them are not in the business anymore. By doing that, we got to know the most important information about the problems that might occur while moving from one place to another, and now we are implementing that, by helping you to find the relocation an easy process, rather that a stressful one. That's not all. We did dozens of researchers about Manhattan, from different aspects. Starting with where are the greatest chances of getting a job, what part of it is close to good schools, where are the best parks and much more. So ‘Manhattan Movers New York’ also provide you with the information where it would be good for you to move to in Manhattan, so you could decide where to move, and then come to us and let us do the hard work of moving. Being that there are hundreds of satisfied clients that recommended ‘Manhattan Movers New York’ to their friends, why wouldn’t you join them when the time for next relocation comes? Contact us using our website: or in case it is easier to you, this is our

Manhattan Movers NYC

Contact person: Manhattan Movers NYC

17 Monroe St, New York, NY 10002, USA


New York

United States

Tel: 212-112-1010


14 Nov 2017
‘Brooklyn Movers New York’ company was founded almost ten years ago. During that period, we conducted so many relocations that we can say for sure that no obstacle that might arise can make us undefeatable problem. Any kind of moving that you want to be processed- we can arrange it! It doesn’t matter if you are moving your home, or relocating your company, or anything else you can imagine about the relocating process. ‘Brooklyn Movers New York’ achieved this with all the hard work we invested in developing the moving process, so now we know who to call to cooperate with on every possible sort of relocation, in case it is too complicated for one company to conduct it itself. So, if you want to be sure that your relocation is conducted in the right manner, and you do not want it to make the crucial impact on your budget, come to ‘Brooklyn Movers New York’, get the estimates and let us do the job, so you can be stress released! You can contact us over our website: or via e-mail:

Brooklyn Movers New York

Contact person: Jimmy White

1142 85th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA


1142 85th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA

United States

Tel: 718-199-1959


02 Nov 2017
We are one of the leading Cheap Bus Hire Sydney service providers. We have a record of maximum client satisfaction. Our mini bus for Sydney tour comprises of 8, 12 and 21 seater busses.

Cheap Bus Hire - Party Bus Hire Sydney

Contact person: Cheap Bus Hire Sydney




Tel: 04 3160 2030


23 Oct 2017
Capital City Movers NYC - Among the most affordable high-quality moving companies NYC offers
Out of all relocation companies NYC, Capital City Movers NYC have always strived to improve the quality of the services, without significant influence on the overall price. This is why we are now offering the moving services of highest quality, and yet remaining among the most affordable moving companies NYC. How is this possible? Well, in our case, by employing the top professionals in moving business. With the most experience. And investing a lot in our equipment. This allows us to prevent all, or the most of, potential troubles with NYC relocation. Helping us reduce the costs, which then directly helps us not to raise the prices for our services. If you're looking for one of the most reliable relocation companies NYC moving market offers, and remain on your moving budget, then Capital City Movers NYC are certainly one of the best choices to make!

Capital City Movers NYC

Contact person: Nenad Rabrenovic

333 E 109th St


New York

United States

Tel: 718-619-4881


23 Sep 2017
Packers and Movers,warehouse,car carrier,packing services,residential relocation,moving company,transportation services

Paradise Packers is a leading packing & moving Company in India. We offer excellent packing moving services considering each and every detail assuring complete safety of the client's possessions till they reach their desired destination. We have vast experience in industry. We are known to use high quality materials for packing so that no damage is incurred to the goods. Whether its household relocation or office relocation, our packing experts ensure that all the goods are perfectly packed, so that they don't get damaged while moving. We provide to our clients customized relocation solutions based on the overall size of the consignment and convenience of our clients. We offer a complete solution to your moving needs from scratch to the end. We offer economical Home Relocation Services through out India. Our wide array of services includes Home Relocation Services, Car carrier Services, Parcel Services, Insurance Services, Warehousing Storage Services, Loading and Unloading Services etc.

Paradise Packers

Contact person: Manish Singh

No.1B, First Floor, Redhills Main Road, Vinayagapuram, Near White Palace




Tel: 044-3290 4044, 09361140404


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"U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn movers at your disposal
Moving and storage Brooklyn companies are there to satisfy your needs. But U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, New York is there to exceed your expectations. Providing you with an extra value wherever it's possible. We are the Brooklyn movers taking every single relocation seriously. In accordance with this, we're planning each of your migrations separately. Considering what potential troubles might appear during each relocation. And this is actually how our moving and storage Brooklyn company works. We plan the whole relocation in advance. Making sure to prevent all the troubles we think might appear. And our personnel is experienced enough to estimate what part of your relocation might bring problems. Prevention is the best cure to each problem. Hiring U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, New York you're making sure that you'll have no headaches during your NY migration."

U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, New York

Contact person: Mr. Daniel Menchini

239 15th Street



United States

Tel: 7187686778, 3054557480


01 Aug 2017
Hello, We are Eldiyar International Company. Our companys is established in 2014. Our company is new but our experience is not. We can export EVERY kind of product to your with using sea, air, roadway. While we do this. We are doing with the most economical and safely way. Our main categories are textile and furniture but we can export any others too with your wishing. Our company also can logistic jobs and provides consulting services to international companies who wishing invest in Turkey. So, if you want trade, delivery jobs and investment in Turkey, you should contact with us first.

Eldiyar International Trade LTD.CO

Contact person: Murat Yesilbas

Oruçreis mahallesi Giyimkrnt 29. sokak no:84/A




Tel: 02124381978, 05393122456


23 Jul 2017
Orange Movers Miami- Long distance movers MiamiWe are short distance as well as long distance movers Miami. Orange Movers Miami team of moving experts offer you full comfort during one of the most stressful processes in your life- the relocation. It doesn't matter whether you're searching for short distance experts or Miami long distance movers, we can help with your relocation. We offer full moving services package. But you have also an option to let Orange Movers Miami do the hard work and to do the packing by yourself. In that case, you can use free moving boxes Miami to reduce the cost of relocation. Given that Miami moving boxes you get for free are probably used before, but you could find those good to use again. However, hiring Orange Movers Miami gives you plenty of options. Long distance movers Miami employed in our company have the expertise to prevent the most or all troubles you could run into during your Miami move.

Orange Movers Miami

Contact person: Anton Zabiguy

365 NW 170th St


North Miami Beach

United States

Tel: 305-455-7480


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"Kokusai Express Japan- Get help when moving from Japan
We established Kokusai Express Japan with an intention to help people relocate without problems. Given that we have conducted relocating from Japan for decades, we can conclude we are doing a good job. Especially knowing that many of our clients tend to recommend us to their friends moving from Japan. During our perennial cooperation with so many people across the border, we can say that, in case you plan on relocating from Japan, hiring us you choose a safe migration. Avoiding the most or all of troubles you could experience. Kokusai Express Japan employs only the experts in relocations. Having an experience with both, relocating to or relocating from Japan. So picking to use the moving services of Kokusai Express Japan team would be a winning strategy for you and your family. "

Kokusai Express Moving

Contact person: Haga Wataru

24F, World Trade Center Bldg. 2-4-1 Hamamatsucho,




Tel: 03-5776-1191


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All American Moves- Quality service, time and cost efficiency and reliability are our top characteristics
If you plan on moving, it doesn’t matter where from, or where to in the USA, and beyond, ‘All American Moves’ can help you make the decision on where is the best solution for you to move, plan on the moving process and conduct your relocation, and all of that for the sum which is more than reasonable and affordable for anyone. ‘All American Moves’ do that because we know that If we offer the top quality we will be recognisable on the moving market, and by that recommended to people as a reliable moving company in the USA! The only thing you should do when you decide that you want to move is to contact ‘All-American Moves' and let us do the hard part of the work.

All American Moves

Contact person: All American

1107 N St NW



United States

Tel: 202-112-1139


23 Feb 2017
In case you are moving to Beverly Hills, money is probably not an issue for you. But, why would you waste your money?! You never know when you could need every dollar, so hire someone who fulfils everything you could desire, and who doesn’t cost much., If you search for that kind of a mover, you will most certainly come to ‘Moving Beverly Hills’. We have done the relocations for many years, and therefore we know how to save time, and by that save you money. ‘moving Beverly Hills’ offers you to relocate with moving experts, using their perennial experience to avoid what could be the problem during the relocating process. Hundreds of satisfied customers recommend us and the number of clients is growing every day! In case you want to join the club of satisfied movers hiring ‘ Moving Beverly Hills’, get in touch with us using our web page: or send us an e-mail:

Moving Beverly Hills

Contact person: Nik

9920 Robbins Dr


Beverly Hills

United States

Tel: 310-151-1279


23 Feb 2017
Любой морской порт и аэропорт. Любые виды груза. Любой вид транспорта. Оформление таможенных документов. Местная доставка до двери. Контакт:
Any entry point: port, airport, land border crossing. Any type of merchandise. Any transportation mode, e.g. ocean, air, land. Full range of U.S. Customs clearance services and local deliveries. Please visit , contact <>

Global Trade Link, Inc is a licensed customs broker, non-vessel operated common carrier, freight forwarder, logistics and supply chain solution provider servicing multitude of customers worldwide. Our specialty is customs clearance for U.S. import goods, bonds, cargo insurance, regulatory compliance and transportation project management.

Global Trade Link, Inc

Contact person: Roman

Staten Island, New York

United States

Tel: +19175671333


28 Jan 2017
Rajasthan by car chuffeur is unit of IBCC company which is started with a vision to be most reliable and customber friendly company in travel industry at india level.Rajasthan by Car Chauffeur is a Jaipur,Rajasthan based tour operator and travel agency, started in the year 2016 with a vision to establish a company which caters to the demand of customers in tours and travel industry with customer oriented approach.Rajasthan by Car Chauffeur owns a self-owned fleet of Sedan, Suv, Luxury coaches with A/C and non A/C facility cars. We have access to excellent infrastructure, and have fine tuned our customer service requirements. While we offer custom-made service that has always been our specialty, we also make sure the quality of service is always maintained and never faltered. Reliability. Punctuality. Comfort – The words that counts most to you and to us.

Rajasthan by car chuffeur

Contact person: Kulwant Shekhawat

F-38, First Floor,Upasana Apna Bazar,Jhotwara Circle,




Tel: 08003654242, 08003654242


20 Jan 2017
Joel Real Estate- You need to purchase a real estate, we know how to do that lowering the price the most for the best realty!
Not only that Joel Real Estate informs you of real estate market. We do so much more. Among other things, we suggest you destinations that a person with your interests might want to relocate to. Also, we inform you about what types of realty are there, what kind of home should you purchase and how to make the deal with the realtor. Also, we offer you to be the middle man between you and real estate agency, being that Joel Real Estate has co-operations with many of them across the globe, and therefore we may lower the price more than you could. So, after all of this being said, what are you waiting for? Contact us and buy a real estate from your dreams, for the reasonable price!
2) Joel Real Estate- Tips for destinations to move to, types of real estates to buy, meditation when negotiating with real estate agency.
Joel Real Estate is much more than just a company in real estate business. We are that because we have members of our team from different industries employed in our company. That is why we are able to offer you so many different information somehow connected to real estate. Joel Real Estate informs you, among other things, where is the best place to invest in real estate in the moment of buying, what type of it is the most attractive in that time, and what real estate agencies are the most receptive for lowering the initial price. All of that, and much more, Joel Real Estate is able through our co-operations with various real estate agencies worldwide, knowing how the real estate market moves any time in any part of the world.

Joel Real Estate

Contact person: Joe

1809 S Byers Ave


Oklahoma City

United States

Tel: 405-186-1076


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One of the leading moving company located in Dumbo, Brooklyn established in 2006. Covers local and long distance moving with set-price and do not charge on hourly basis. Includes huge positive reviews in Yelp.

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC

Contact person: Lior Rachmany

15 N Oxford St



United States

Tel: 718-222-8282


31 Aug 2016
Licensed Operator
All our cars are operating under a public vehicle service franchise with full insurance for passengers and vehicle ensuring the security and safety of our passengers.


Goto Plus Inc

Contact person: Roselle S

Unit 205 GT Building 14A Sta Rd SBFZ




Tel: 0063472529978


17 Jun 2016
CD Marine is yacht management company providing mega yacht services and vessels surveys services.

CD Marine – Yacht Management

Contact person: Alexander Falguiere

17 Boulevard de Suisse


Monte Carlo


Tel: +377 97 98 36 14


27 May 2016
Travel and experience the historical stories of Rajasthan with Bhati Tours that includes historical and heritage tour packages of India, also try our exclusive tour packages of Rajasthan, golden triangle, wild life and outdoor activity packages and all your transport needs.

Bhati Tours

Contact person: Ranjeet Bhati

H-79, Majdoor nagar, Near Orbit Mall Back Gate, Ajmer Road




Tel: 9829056423, 9351986602


19 May 2016
Our services:

Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Customs clearance
Inland transport
Multimodal transport

Freight Link

Contact person: Mohammed Mustafa

95 Fangary street, in front of Internati




Tel: +20 220808000, +20 1225177071


05 Nov 2015
An airline company in Jordan.

AirArabia Jordan

Contact person: Zaher Azzam

Amman Shaker Ben Zaid st 47




Tel: 009627999900324


17 Jun 2015
International transport and forwarding company.

Micov Ltd

Contact person: Damyan Mitsov




Tel: 0035982241584


30 May 2015
Gajendra Logistic transportation company offers goods transportation in India.

Gajendra Logistic

Contact person: Mr. Panakaj Jain

10/1202, 1A, Kasliwal Sadan Kagwade Mala, Dist. Kolhapur




Tel: 9422622501


22 Apr 2015
Boostbicycle company's slogan is “green cycling, health with you forever”.

We aim to provide remarkable bikes for cycling enthusiasts all over the world.

We supply fat or snow, MTB, road, track bike parts such as carbon bike rims, carbon fiber bicycle wheels, carbon fiber bike frames, carbon bike forks, handlebar, seat post, bottle cage, and other carbon fiber bike parts ordered online and shopping.

We provide OEM services to manufacture carbon fiber bike parts (frames, wheels) and OEM painting jobs to help design your logo.

Xiamen Boostbicycle Composite Material Co., Ltd

Contact person: Kenki

jinyuan south Road, Jimei District, Fujian




Tel: +86 592 6060382, +86 177 50591820


14 Apr 2015
Luxury yachts for charter, full yacht management services and luxury yachts for sale worldwide.

Neo Yachting

Contact person: Andre Daurat

26 Quai Lunel




Tel: +33 489 039 464


12 Aug 2014
BERNI Customs Agency - We provide comprehensive services in the procedure of customs declarations of exports, imports and transit services with customs.

The Customs-Logistic warehouses are located in the distance of 24 km from the Polish – Ukrainian border and the international border crossing point for cars and railway Dorohusk – Jagodin.

BERNI – Customs Agency provides full services in the trade of goods with foreign countries – export, import, transit with proper applying customs and tax regulations. We carry these activities out applying electronic customs declarations which give the possibility of receiving information about the status of the customs declaration immediately which in the end results in exceptionally fast and efficient service of delivery.

BERNI Sp. z o.o.

Contact person: Grzegorz

102 Hrubieszowska Str. 39




Tel: +48609366640, +48825604402


27 Jul 2014
CB Aviation created a series of regional sales offices in more than 20 countries. When we list an aircraft our sales managers guarantee an immediate global market penetration.

That means your aircraft is seen by many more clients than with other brokers.

CB Aviation Europe

Contact person: Melis Luca


Tel: 00393701021325


16 Jun 2014
Taughannock Aviation Corporation is considered Northeast’s largest air charter company with an unmatched history and reputation.

The company provides complete air management, maintenance and fixed base operator services out of Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport. With a fleet of well-maintained aircrafts, Taughannock Aviation Corporation offers extensive charter services that are convenient, safe and above all very comfortable.

The ground support facilities of the company mean that all the aircrafts, whether in-house or FOB are maintained to the highest standards of air safety. The extensive hanger space and convenient location of the company’s office means that clients could rely on top of the line charter and maintenance service year round.

Taughannock Aviation Corporation

Contact person: Garth Dennis

66 Brown Road Ithaca

NY 14850


United States

Tel: 607-257-7500, 607-227-1822


05 Jun 2014
Secure online pilot logbook and free E-Learning platform for flying schools.

DaVinci Studio Software Solutions Ltd

Contact person:

27 Whar Hal Road

B92 0PE


United Kingdom

Tel: 447846873835, 447846873835


02 Jun 2014
Power International Freight is a vehicle transport company in Dubai offer auto transport, car carries and car recovery services in Dubai.

Power International Freight

Contact person: Power International


United Arab Emirates

Tel: 97143272801


08 May 2014
AmeriJet has been providing transportation solutions to more than 550 destinations all over the world since 1974. Team AmeriJet has always aimed at providing people and business a service that they can rely on.

The importance of every shipment and its effect on a business is always significant and team AmeriJet understands that. AmeriJet guarantees its clients an experience they can count on. The services also provide customized solutions to meet the shipping needs of just anyone.

The customer support department has been trained in an extremely well manner that the CSRs are able to effectively communicate with the clients and offer them the right solutions. AmeriJet plans on continuing to provide flexible transportation and innovative technology to the businesses.

Amerijet International, Inc

Contact person: Evelyn Clark

2800 S. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale

FL 33316

Fort Lauderdale

United States

Tel: 954-320-5300


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EasyLift is setting the industry standard for beach house cargo lifts by making sure you can transport goods between floors quickly and safely.

Never have trouble carrying heavy objects to the top floor of your beach house again.

Cargo Lift - Beach House Lifts - EasyLift

Contact person:

1256 Boyt Rd Port Bolivar

TX 77650

Port Bolivar

United States

Tel: (409) 684-6110, (713) 252-0883


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Classic Transport is one of the largest shipping and warehousing firms in the Michigan region. They are headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with warehouses located in several locations in the area.

They provide complete range of warehousing and transportation services to their clients. Their service offerings include Container pool, Common & Contract freight carrier, Container Freight Station and Customs Bonded Food grade Warehouse Facility. They also provide both public and contract warehousing facilities in West Michigan area.

Classic Transport is a highly reputable name in warehousing and transportation industry since 1989. It now has 45 employees providing top quality services to the entire Michigan area.

Classic Transportation & Warehousing

Contact person:

4729 Division Wayland, MI 49403



United States

Tel: 800-328-1955


17 Apr 2013
1. Russia: We provide ocean and inland transportation from China anywhere in Russia at low cost and best service in the shipping industry. Request our friendly and quick quote for sea freight deliveries from China to Russia:

o St. Petersburg
o Novorossiysk
o Vladivostok
o Vostochny
And we offer full range of multimodal transportation truck rail from Novorossiysk to Samara, Kazan, Sochi, Mosow, St. Petersburg and from Vostochny/Vladivosttok to Inland cities of Siberia.

2. Ukraine: sea freight deliveries, ocean and inland transportation:

o Odessa
o Ilyichevsk

3. Poland: we offer full range of multimodal transportation truck rail and ocean from China to the following cities in Poland:

o Gdynia
o Gdansk
4. Lithuania/Latvia: we provide fine logistic service from China to the major cities in Klaipeda, Riga.

Country Ocean Logistics (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Roy

Futianzhenxing Road, Shangbu Building 402

Shenzhen City


Tel: +86-18520858707


29 Jan 2013
Our shuttle bus comes with an experienced professional driver so you are spared the hassles of maps, routes, driving, congestion on the roads and of course the hassles of parking. For you and your friends it is a care-free & safe trip. You can book our shuttle bus service in Sydney and surrounding suburbs for any occasion. Our fleet includes buses that cater for passengers from 14 to 38 passengers.

All our shuttle buses have tinted windows, air conditioning, Party Bus Disco Led lights inside and outside, iPhone connection so you can play your own music, MP3 & USB connection to play your favourite songs, the 24 seater shuttle bus also includes a 1000 watts sound system and subwoofer.

Party Shuttle Bus

Contact person: Minibushiresyd

Party Bus Sydney




Tel: 04 5006 0055


28 Jul 2012
We supply express, air /ocean freight, warehousing, custom clearance service with competitive prices.

Kind regards

Tel: 86-769-89966688-815
Fax: 86-769-89966688-812
Mobile: 86-13922913536
MSN: caralogistics at

Fusheng International Freight Forwarders Co,.Ltd

Contact person: Cara

6F Commercail Building, Beizha Dist.


Humen Town, Dongguan City


Tel: +86-0769-89966688-815, +86-13922913536


25 May 2012
An International courier, cargo, freight forwarding & sourcing for the overseas client. We have directly associated with DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS & Aramex. We can outsource any items as per overseas client's demands.

SAI Global Express

Contact person: D.K. Mishra

322 Ground Floor, Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash


New Delhi


Tel: +91 1126472217, +91 9250002613


15 May 2012
BEACON & BAY GROUP is a multinational group with own offices in Dubai (UAE), Mumbai ⁄ Cochin (India) and Mykolaiv (Ukraine). Our core competency is in logistics, shipping, aviation, marine survey and consultancy with global resources delivered locally to meet individual customer needs.

Beacon & Bay Shipping Services Ukraine Ltd

Contact person: Veronika

18, Artileriis'ka St, of. 408




Tel: 380976770909


25 Apr 2012
FUTURE is a company specialized in import & export, custom clearance & shipping services and in organizing leading international trade fairs, exhibitions, events and conferences around the world, offering the best creative and interactive marketing services.

Driven by a compelling vision and a well-defined strategy, FUTURE comprises a dedicated and talented team who foster creativity, innovation and strategies in its business. Our Company philosophy of integrity, operational excellence, social commitment allows us to provide services and benefits as we are committed to ensuring that our results reflect the needs and expectations of our clients.


Contact person:

244, Wahied St. Emtedad Ramses 2 - in front of Ministry of Finance



Tel: +2 02 24052788 / 9, +2 01066649493 / 4


23 Apr 2012
GFD Courier has been providing courier, messenger, warehousing, packaging, and distribution services to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut since 1990.

GFD Courier

Contact person: Gary Demsak

63 Flushing Ave. Building 292, Suite 407



United States

Tel: 718-222-7444


04 Apr 2012
TRENDBULK is an independent shipbroking company located in Istanbul, the heart of Turkish Shipping Society.

We are specialized in Dry Cargo and Livestock Vessel Chartering, Dry Cargo Booking, Sale & Purchase and Demolition Sales.

The tonnages we are working as a Dry Cargo Chartering Broker are usually ranging between Handysize to Panamax sizes.

We are also in close contact with wide range of Livestock Owners/Traders and able to serve to our clients in chartering of Livestock Vessels/carrying their Livestocks world wide basis. Our exclusive/close owners are able to provide a vessel carrying Pregnant Heifers, Hereford calfs Holstein, Angus, Jersey, Simental, Mantofon, Sheep Merino from Uruguay, Brasil, Arjantine, USA, Avustralia To Turkey and other destinations.

As a S&P broker we handle the buying and selling of existing or new ships and demolition sales for all vessel types and sizes.

Our aim & philosophy is to develop close relation with its principals - Shipowners & Charterers - providing the most effective and top quality shipbroking and chartering Services to our clients in the shipping community resulted to have built up a very long-standing relationships and two-way appreciation with our clients.

The shipbroking team is a blend of dynamic people with considerable experience with shipping industry.

The company's worldwide contacts are the coverage that enables the drycargo team to keep fully up to date with all aspects of the chartering market and to provide a full and comprehensive service widely.

Our Brokers will find solutions for your transport needs and will be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trendbulk is a member of The Baltic and International Council (BIMCO Reg. No. 164685).

Trendbulk Chartering Ltd

Contact person: Alpay Kurt

Barbaros Mah Dereboyu Cad. My Prestige D:99




Tel: +90 2166882777


09 Mar 2012
Since 1996 we have been a team of marine engineers having a wide experience in ships machinery & equipments repairing and supplying of ship machinery & equipments with an objective to keep ships moving at the most competitive prices by providing new, surplus, overhauled & used ship machineries, equipments & spares around the clock and globe dully approved by classification societies.

All machinery, equipment & spares are being kept at our warehouse ready for delivery round the clock.

The items of ships which are not mentioned in our product lists can be located on your request.

We believe in re-used products for safe and healthy environment.

The products are:

Machinery & Spares
Bridge Room / Navigation
Equipment & Nautical Instruments
Life Savings
Machinery & Equipments
Antiques, Decoratives & Collectibies


Contact person: Shradha





Tel: 02228904805


16 Dec 2011
We are a well-established Customs Clearing, Forwarding and Shipping Agents since 1979. We have experienced personnel with special know-how in this field.

We have deals in all kinds of consignments such as Machinery Plant, Complete Projects, Generators, Fabrics, Scientific Instruments, Rock Phosphate/Sulphur in Bulk and also handle AFGHAN TRANSIT CARGO.

Seaways Enterprises

Contact person: Waqar Ahmed Khan

21-B, Pak Chambers, West Wharf Road




Tel: +92 213 231 0373, +92 321 294 0440


29 Nov 2011
Our main services:

Sea service

Air service

Warehouse & storage

Customs Declaration & Clearance

Inland truck

Export documents (CCPIT documents, FORM E, FORE A etc)

Trading agent

Xiamen city


Tel: 086-0592-5746663, 086-13599918945


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At Al Marri Yacht we provide yacht charter and boat rentals in Dubai UAE. Yacht rental company in Dubai is the exact way to roll over the whole city in order to enjoy its scenic beauty and get the unforgettable experience of hiring a yacht in Dubai.

Al Marri Yacht Rentals

Contact person: Mr. Georgios

Baniyas Tower, 2nd Floor, Office:206 Nasser Square, Deira


United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-4-2341140


07 Nov 2011
We are a freight forwarder in Hongkong. We can handle import and export, ocean or air.Please feel free to contact us to get quote.Thank you.

Global Network International Logistics Ltd

Contact person: Dino Ng

Room 11, Workshop S-V, 6/F.,

Valiant Industrial Building,


Hong Kong

Tel: 852-35636438, 852-92223193


02 Nov 2011
Carrier - ForwarderTransit Trough Iran to CIS, Azerbaijan, Turkiye, Iraq, Turkmenistan, ...Import to IranExport from Iran

Gostaresh Int\'L Transport & Forwarding co.

Contact person: Siavash Riyazikhah

No. 2884, Pesyan Cross, Valiasr St.




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27 Oct 2011
We are a professional A class shipping agent/logistic company locating in Shenzhen/Ningbo,China !We are NVOCC member as well which u can check out frm our gov.web.! We are be able to handle y FOB or EXW cargoes very well in China ,provide air/sea freight , customs declaration, trucking , document issuing (invoice, packing list, C/O , form A etc.) ,warehouse storage service ,inland transportation for long distance to meet y cargo export/import demands !


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11 Oct 2011 — registered, 11 Oct 2011 — updated
About us
The freight forwarding „Eurorail Company” was established in 2010 and represents the largest freight forwarding “GFR” company in the Republic of Moldova. The “GFR” company has its branches in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro. It also has its own huge rolling stock with locomotives and wagons. The main aim of the company is to provide the freight transport services on Moldova, Romania, CIS, Baltic, and Asia railways.

The “GRAMPET” group has about 9000 employees and rolling stock with 200 locomotives and 14000 freight wagons. In addition, the “GRAMPET” SA is our business partner. Together we provide the best freight transport services in the European countries.

Our company offers optimal transportation ways, flexible rates system, effective problems solutions.

We will help you save your money and time. Your success is our success! .

"Eurorail Company" SRL

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