Total-Cn Tools Co., Ltd.

Registered before Jan 2011
Category: Power Tools and Accessories
Category: Abrasives & Cutting Tools

Total-Cn Tools Co., Ltd. is producing and exporting cutting tools:
- Metal working: drill bit, twist drill, center drill, carbide drill, taps, taps and die, screw tap, thread tap, screw dies, rotary files, step drill, reamer, rotary burrs, end mills, milling cutter, hole cutter, hole saw, saw blade, jig saw.
- Wood Working: auger bit, forstner bit, plug cutter, countersink drill bit.
- Masonry Working: electric hammer drill, masonry drill bit, Chisel.
- Sets Working: twist drill sets, tap and dies set, wood drill set, hammer drill set, masonry drill set, hole saw set, combination sets.
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Total-Cn Tools Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Boris Jie

R.1112, Jiahe Sunshine Building, No.76, Jiuxin Rd




Tel: +86 213 7693864

Fax: +86 213 7693894


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