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22 Apr 2020
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04 Apr 2020
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Themex River

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29 Feb 2020
شرکت سایه بان برقی متین با توجه به تک محصولی بودن و تمرکز مستقیم و مداوم بر روی سایه بان برقی، سایه بان برقی پارکینگ، سایه بان برقی خودرو و سایه بان برقی ماشین به عنوان اولين و بزرگ‌ترين مجموعه‌ی ارايه‌کننده‌ی :
سایه بان برقی، سایه بان برقی، سایه بان برقی مغازه، سایه بان سایه بان برقی متحرک، سایبان سایبان برقی پارکینگ، سایبان برقی چتری، سایبان برقی خودرو و سایه بان چتری، ارايه‌ی خدمات کارساز انواع سایبان برقی، سایبان برقی مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان برقی متحرک، سایبان سایبان برقی پارکینگ، سایبان مغازه، سایبان متحرک، سایبان برقی چتری و سایبان برقی خودرو، سایبان برقی، سایبان مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان پارکینگ، سایبان متحرک، سایبان چتری، سقف برقی، سقف متحرک، سایه بان خودرو، سقف جمع شونده و سایه بان برقی با قیمت ارزان به مشتريان و پاسخ‌ گويي موثر به نياز آنان را رکن اصلي توسعه‌ي فعاليت‌هاي خود قرار داده است.

نگرش مشتری مداری حاکم بر فعاليت‌هاي شرکت از همان ابتداي راه موجب شده است تا افزايش خوشنودي مشتريان، بهبود کيفيت محصولات سایه بان پارکینگ خودرو و ماشین، انواع سایبان برقی، سایبان برقی مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان برقی متحرک، سایبان سایبان برقی پارکینگ، سایبان مغازه، سایبان متحرک، سایبان برقی چتری و سایبان برقی خودرو، سایبان برقی، سایبان مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان پارکینگ، سایبان متحرک، سایبان چتری، سقف برقی، سقف متحرک، سایه بان خودرو، سقف جمع شونده و سایه بان برقی با قیمت ارزان و خدمات، نوآوري و خلاقيت مستمر براي ارايه‌ي خدمات نوين، افزايش کارآيي خدمات پشتيباني فني و رقابت سالم و اصولي با رقيبان جزو مهم‌ترين اصول و ارزش‌هاي فعاليت‌های شرکت مي باشد. چه آن که، خدمت‌رسانی به جامعه و کمک به رشد و توسعه‌ي علمي و ديگر ابزارهاي نوين الکترونيکي به عنوان شاخصي براي ميزان رشد و توسعه‌ی کشور نيز همواره مورد توجه مديران و کارکنان شرکت بوده است.

سقف برقی جمع شونده و یا سقف متحرک جمع شونده محصول جدید سقف برقی متین می باشد. و در کنار سایر محصولات این شرکت شامل انواع سایبان برقی، سایبان برقی مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان برقی متحرک، سایبان سایبان برقی پارکینگ، سایبان مغازه، سایبان متحرک، سایبان برقی چتری و سایبان برقی خودرو، سایبان برقی، سایبان مغازه، سایبان اتوماتیک، سایبان پارکینگ، سایبان متحرک، سایبان چتری، سقف برقی، سقف متحرک، سایه بان خودرو، سقف جمع شونده و سایه بان برقی با قیمت ارزان می باشد.


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24 Feb 2020
weed for sale uk. Amsterdam weed provides safe, responsible access to recreational cannabis for adults. We operate the sole legal online store for recreational cannabis in Netherlands, and will become the provincial wholesaler of weed online in the uk. For private retail stores once a legislative framework is in place. Amsterdam weed is one of EU top rated and best online dispensary to mail order medical marijuana. Again we make it easy to buy weed online safely and discreetly. weed for sale uk. email us: sales@amsterdamweed.org

Amsterdam weed

Contact person: Richard Moran

Westzaanstraat 10

1013 NG



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09 Nov 2019
Stone seeds arganek food itams

Naturalproducts Asia






Tel: 09171303231, 8220725985



03 Oct 2019
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29 Sep 2019

Herzlich Willkommen auf GTARDO hier bekommen sie hochwertige Produkte Büroeinrichtung, Betriebsausstattung, Gastronomie, Transportgeräte, Lagertechnik. Ob Sie im Großhandel für Lebensmittel oder Bürobedarf tätig sind, eine Werkstatt betreiben oder ein metallverarbeitendes Unternehmen leiten – unser Angebot erleichtert Ihren Arbeitsalltag erheblich. Schauen Sie sich unser Sortiment an. Mehr Übersicht für cleveres einkaufen. Komplette Gastronomie, Lager, Büro, Transport- und Betriebsausstattung Richtung. Für Gewerbe und Industrie auf GTARDO.DE Hier bekommen sie hochwertige Produkte.



Contact person: gtardo.de

Xanten Nordrhein-Westfalen 46509




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01 Sep 2019
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27 May 2019
We manufacture organic farm inputs & animal feed supplements.

Our organic fertilizers consist of a wide range of bio-stimulants, organically chelated nutrients like bio-available-calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, boron, herbal, manganese, soil-conditioners, organic manure and plant protection products.

We believe in taking care of plant nutrition from the cultivation to post harvest storage.We have customized applications for various crops like olives, strawberries, avocados, wheat, tomato, potato, cabbage and banana.

Our inputs are organic attested by ECO-CERT, for US national organic program (US-NOP), national program for organic production (NPOP, India) & EC organic regulations.

Arya Biotechnologies

Contact person: Mukund Kulkarni

315, Labh Chambers, Opposite MTDC, Station Road, Maharashtra




Tel: +91 9850065955



22 Sep 2018
We are Arab Swedish Co For Food Industries.

We export pulses like white kidney beans, herbs like fennel seeds, carawy, sesame, anise seeds ..etc.

We own two factories for dates and camolino rice.

Arab Swedish Co For Food Industries

Contact person: Haithem Dabeis




Tel: +201118066008, +201020636332



13 Feb 2018
We would like to have the opportunity to introduce our firm as one of the major manufacturers & exporters of dried herbs and spices.

We are Delta Company for manufacture & export of herbs and spices, we seek and evaluate the ideal sources for herbs and spices by keeping in regular touch with the farmers at the various producing centers across Egypt.

In this way we guarantee to our customers not only the best quality but also the best price.

We guarantee our products quality and the suitable time for dispatching & delivering of our goods to our clients directly.

We can ship any quantities needed with reasonable prices.

Our product assortments are:

Peppermint / Marjoram / Basil / Senna leaves & pods / Hibiscus / Anise seeds / Coriander / Caraway / Spearmint / Parsley / Dill / Verbascum flower / Licorice/ Fennel / Rosemary / Linden / Thyme / Calendula / Chamomile / Lemon grass / Cinnamon / Fenugreek / Sesame seeds / Sunflower seeds / Dried Lemon / Sage / Henna / Molokhia /.. etc.

In case you have target price, we can negotiate with each other.

We hope to make new business relationship & mutual trust in our treatment.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks & best regards,

Delta Herbs & Spices

Delta Herbs and Spices

Contact person: Mohamed Eraky





Tel: 00201026150500, 0020103105010



17 Oct 2017
We are a registered company (Terriachris and Macdavies Enterprises) in Nigeria and certificated as a registered exporters by the Nigerian export promotion council.

Our specialism is in the area of agricultural products / herbal seeds and herbs export to suppliers and companies extracting ingredients of natural herbs for medicine and drinks manufacturing.

Here are some of our products:
-herbs/herbal seeds.
(1) Bitter kola (garcinia kola/akino seed)
(2) Kola nut (cola acuminata)
(3) Buchholzia coriacea (wonderful kola)
(4) Hunteria umbellata
(5) Curcuma longa (turmeric)
(6) Aframomum meleguata (alligator pepper)
(7) Monodora myristica (jamaican nutmeg)
(8) Piper guineense (black pepper/uziza)
(9) Tetrapleura tetraptera
(10) Xylopia aethiopica (uda)
(11) Pentaclethra macrophylla (ivkka seed)
(12) Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf)
(13) Plukenetia (sacha nut)
(14) Gongronema latifolium (utazi)
(15) Irvingia gabonensis (african mango seed)
(16) Pepper (4 different species)
(17) Brachystegia eurycoma seeds (achi seed)
(18) Mucuna sloanei seed (ukpo seed)

Contact us for any of our products, and we assure you of grade"A" supply.

Terriachris and Macdavies Enterprises

Contact person: Uneze Amadi

54, Trans Amadi, kilometer 15, Owerri-Umuahia road, Mbaise




Tel: +2348058056662



21 Aug 2017
Sam Agri is the largest exporter of fresh cut fruits from India.

With over 20 years of experience in exporting fresh produce, Sam Agri has pioneered exports of new products from India, including pomegranate arils, coconut chunks, fresh figs, fresh herbs etc.

Exporters of pomegranate arils, fruits, juice, exotic vegetables delivering 365 days, supply from India to the world.

Samagri Tech Private Limited

Contact person: Samagri

402, Maxx Chambers, Patigadda Lane, Begumpet




Tel: +91 40 27906577



18 Aug 2016
Greetings from Original Herbs company!

We are an exporter and manufacturer of agricultural crops.

We are serving the market needs of agricultural organic & non-organic crops (herbs, spices, seeds).

We have high quality products that meet EU standards with so competitive prices.

Our farms are constantly updated to run with the latest international standards GAP.

It is mention worthy also that our products have been certified by ECOA, NOB, NON GMO, NON ALLERGIES, NON IRRADIATION.

Our company is following hygienic and sanitary procedures as well as quality assurance system ((HACCP and ISO 22000)).

Original Herbs

Contact person: Ahmad Adel





Tel: +20-01146723055



27 Jun 2016
This is a company, based in Sri Lanka that can supply native herbs, tea made from herbs and many more herbal products, grown in our own estates.

We, for instance, grow our own lemongrass on a greater scale.

Ecolanka Herbs

Contact person: Hemantha K Abeywardena

6 Upton Road Hounslow



United Kingdom

Tel: +442085778990, +94777372763



21 Jun 2016
Company AgroProsvetanie offers quality means of plant protection, fertilizers and seed material. The catalog can be viewed from our website.


Contact person: Witalij Gorn

Zenkivska st. 35




Tel: +38 067 1859527



07 May 2016
A research laboratory "UkrSpetsAhroProdukt" offers research and metrology services throughout Ukraine.


Contact person: Maxim

Laboratorna str.




Tel: 0674804684



28 Apr 2016
We have in store:

Very fresh bitter kola (garcinia kola), kola nuts, sesame seed and shea butter.

Specifications :
Type: Bitter kola nuts
Crude protein (N X 6.25) : 8.06
Nitrogen-free extract: 86.23%
Minimum order quantity: 50 kgs

Our product is cheap and negotiable in term of pricing, packaging, quality control, payment term and more.

Agrobiz Platform

Contact person: Mr. Dairo O. O.

Skye bank road, Afelele area, Kwara state


Kwara, Offa


Tel: +234-8166494434, +234-8085411204



05 Apr 2016
We are one of the leading importers, distributors of food and beverages, frozen food, spices and herbs, confectionary, dairy products, garments and used trucks, used marine engines, used agricultural equipment and contruction machines etc.

ETS Ndaco Associates Ltd.

Contact person: Azu Ndukwo Dike/CEO


Cotonou Territoral


Tel: +229-99488819


25 Dec 2015
We are a manufacturer and trader of medicinal herbs, indian herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, crude gums, herbal seeds, herbal root, flakes, herbal powder, plant seeds, plant bark, leaves, herbal oil, pharmaceutical herbs, medicinal plants, veterinary herbs, crude herbs, gum, resin, pods, nuts & kernels.

Neeraj Traders

Contact person: Ashok Agrawal

221, Purani Pasrat Dailya wali Gali




Tel: 08081713994



11 Nov 2015
Our company is specializing in producing and exporting of herbs, spices and seeds, we are one of the leading suppliers in Egypt.

Our products:

Hibiscus, chamomile, marjoram, lemongrass, mint, basil, parsley, dill, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, anise, caraway, coriander, fennel, sesame, cumin, fenugreek, nigella.. etc.

For a long-lasting cooperation, we assure to give you the good quality and the best price we have.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hope to have a chance to show you our value through our cooperation in the future.


Contact person: Mohamed Abdelatif




Tel: 00201141150888, 00201118340406



06 Jul 2015
Original Herbs Co. is an Egyptian trading company. We are producers and processors and exporters for all kinds of herbs, spices and seeds.

Our products reached a high level of quality by our production line which enables us to satisfy our customers' specifications.

We export our products in high quality with competitive prices and this is because we have our farms which are constantly updated to reach high levels of quality.

Original Herbs Co.

Contact person: Ahmad Adel

Al Galaa st., Ebshaway




Tel: 01146723055



03 Oct 2013
Vietnam Agricultural Import Export and Investment Company (brief name: Vietnam Agripex) was established in 2005 as a professional Vietnam manufacturer of agricultural products. Over many years of experience in the field of production and exporting of agriculture, today we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Vietnam agricultural products such as: cashew nuts, pepper, coffee, cinnamon, star anise to the international market.

With factory's space area of 35 000m2 and 250 experienced skillful workers we can satisfy most of the worldwide customers’ needs.

Our mission is to provide customers with "quality products, reasonable prices, delivery in time and prompt feedback".

Vietnam Agripex

Contact person: Mrs. Jenny

7/104 Phuong Liet street, Thanh Xuan District


Ha Noi


Tel: +841299907192



30 Jan 2013
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a processor and exporter of natural dried herbs, spices and dried flowers from Pakistan.

We can supply the following dried herbs at most competitive prices in any quantity as per your requirement:

1. Alkanet Root
2. Amla
3. Aswaghanda
4. Adiantum Capillus Veneris
5. Bacopa Monnieri
6. Beleric Myrobalan
7. Berry Leaves
8. Betel Roots
9. Bitter Gourd Dried
10. Ginger Dried
11. Reetha (Soap nuts)
12. Calamus Root
13. Calatropis Gigantea
14. Chamomile
15. Cinnamon sticks
16. Corchorus Depress
17. Chicorium Intybus Root
18. Cassia Fistula
19. Ephedra Vulgaris
20. Farasiyun (Hoarhound)
21. Frankincense
22. Guggal
23. Fennel Roots
24. Gallnut
25. Indigofera
26. Madder Root
27. Matricaria Chamomilla
28. Symplocos Peniculata Root
29. Valerian Root
30. Rhubarb Root
31. Licorice Root
32. Lemon Balm
33. Marjoram
34. Mustard seeds
35. Nutmeg
36. Plantain
37. Oregano seeds
38. Okra Plant Roots
39. Linseed (Flaxseed)
40. Parsley
41. Ruta Graveolens
42. Sesame seeds
43. Snake Roots
44. Turmeric
45. Terminalia Chebula (Brown)
46. Terminalia Chebula (Black)
47. Thyme
48. Withania Coagulans
49. Dried Red Roses
50. Dried Pink Roses
51. Lemon Grass
52. Peppermint
53. Spearmint
54. Star Aniseed
55. Sphaeranthus Indicus
56. Viola Odorata Leaves
57. Yarrow
58. Hibiscus Flower
59. Henna Leaves & Powder
60. Senna Leaves
61. Safflower
62. Green Tea Leaves
63. Curry Leaves
64. Bay Leaves
65. Dried Lemon
66. Fagonia cretics (Virgin Mantle)

Thanks & best regards.

Pride International

Contact person: Khurram Ashraf

C-302, Block-6, F.B. Area




Tel: 92-21-37634897, 92-322-8262427



05 Aug 2012
We export all kinds of Egyptian fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and rice.

Ceti Group

Contact person: Vivian Fahim

27 Said Zakaria Khalil




Tel: 0020222668577, 00201001889891



25 Apr 2012
We have been in the herbs field since 1990.

Millennium Herbs is an Egyptian company for producing, processing, and exporting of herbs, spices, seeds.

We have become a representative office here in Egypt to our mother company in the USA and it has a branch in Italy and China. So we are a global company with four branches around the world.

Millennium Herbs is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behavior.

We are in a good position to supply you with:

Herbs & seeds & spices as well as agricultural products like: chamomile, calendula, lemon grass, fennel, anise, caraway, coriander, nigela, fenugreek, basil, peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus, marjoram, sage, parsley, dill, thyme, onion, garlic, dry lemon, white beans,………etc.

Millennium Herbs

Contact person: eng. Radwa Khalifa




Tel: 00201228300685, 00201095110025



17 Feb 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

You know Viet Nam is one agricultural country with cheap labour, fertile soil and good weather that are suitable for planting agricultural products. Our products, therefore have high quality and reasonable prices.

Spices: Carrot, Chili, Garlic, Celery, Dill.

Besides we also supply pickled baby tomato, pickled mushroom, canned baby corn, pickled eggplant, canned red chili.

Viet Delta Industrial Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Hoang Diem My

20/5, Dinh Bo Linh, 24 Ward, Binh Thanh District

Ho Chi Minh


Tel: +84-8-35119589, +84909078487

Fax: +84 8 35119559



11 Aug 2011
Our company, Shivam Herbals, has been an exporter and traders of exotic Indian herbs for over 24 years.

We offer a complete range of Indian natural herbs and are the perfect destination in the international market. We bring into the world both the Whole natural herbs as well as Processed herbs. We are acutely conscious of the critical importance of maintaining quality standards, and of keeping to the committed delivery schedules. Our company establishes, develops and maintains long term business relationships with our clients and follow business ethics.

Our principles have helped us in building bonds with customers our company has been able to satisfy customers' orders on time and at reasonable prices. This has been our major strength which has helped us gain a loyal and growing customer base worldwide. We supply high quality and competitively priced natural herbs such as whole and ground herbs. You will get all kind of herbs at shivam herbals we deals such as materials.
* Arjun Bark&leaves
* Salai Guggle
* Gurmarleaves
* Kaknasa(Martynia Annua)
* Nagarmotha
* Ashwagandha
* Brahmi
* Shatavari
* Amla
* Neem
* Bael frit&bark
* Punarnava
* bhumi amla
* khair
* varun bark
* pamar (cassia tora)
* kutaj bark
* rohda bark
* gambhari bark
* arni mool
* samalu seeds
* gokhru
* sankhpushpi
* bhringraj
* baheda
and many more

Shivam Herbals

Contact person: Mr. Rajendra Agrawal

Near Bansal Coal Dipo, Krishna Puram Colony


Shivpuri (mp)


Tel: +91 7492 224494, +91 9826 263447



Registered before Jan 2011 — registered, 18 Jun 2011 — updated
(sales2 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
Our main products are:
1. plant extract (more than 200 types):
blueberry anthocyanin, arbutin, ursolic acid,
oligomeric proanthocyanidines (OPC), capsicum red,
capsaicin, etc.
2. IQF fruit:
IQF lingonberry, IQF blueberry, IQF blackcurrant, IQF red raspberry, etc.
3. fruit concentrate:
lingonberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate, etc.
4. powder:
black currant powder, blueberry powder, lingonberry powder, etc.
5. pigment:
blueberry anthocyanin, lingonberry red, capsanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene, etc.

DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

Contact person: frances

1 LuShui Road, SongLing District, DaXingAnLing City, HeiLongJiang, China




Tel: 0086-452-6101888



26 Apr 2011
We specialize in supplying wholesalers and retailers around the world with top quality guarana products at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for guarana concentrates, powder or delicious mixes, we have the products to meet your needs.

Home of Guarana

Contact person: Peter Fidor

Av. das Americas 700


Rio de Janeiro


Tel: 55 21 8400 3938



22 Mar 2011
Medical expertise.

Founded in 1993, Shaanxi Wanan Pharmaceutical is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise incorporating expert scientific research, production and sales into one unit. With fixed assets of about $8 million and an annual sales volume of over $6 million, we currently have 300 employees, half of which are medical professionals, including a scientific research group consisting of five medical doctors, 11 masters-degree holders, and an expert group consisting of more than 70 gynecologists.

Unique products

In China, we're the only manufacturer of silver-ion gynecological pads. With a special blend of silver ions and natural herbal extracts, our pads are made specially to prevent gynecological irritations and inflammations. They also feature fast-acting, non-toxic and anti-bacterial medicinal properties to retain comfort and freshness for women. And they're ideal for use three days before and four days after the menstrual cycle. Each pad is individually packaged and sterilized so it can be carried around easily without damage.

Holding a majority share of China's market

How have we made such an innovative product that has captured 60 percent of the market in mainland China? With scientists and doctors possessing an average of 17 years' experience and quality inspectors with up to 14 years' experience. We also align our operations according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 guidelines. To learn more, contact us today.

Shaanxi Wanan Pharmaceutical., LTD

Contact person: Amberhuang

No. 89, CITIC Mansion, North Chang'an Road




Tel: +86-29-87825438, +86-29-87825439



Registered before Jan 2011
We are SMA for trade, our company is consider one of the biggest companies in Egypt, which concerns growing, producing, manufacturing & exporting of spices, herbs, seeds & vegetables as the following:
basil leaves, spearmint, peppermint, marjoram, chamomile, dill weed, parsley, thyme, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and ground, aniseeds, sunflower seeds, safflowers seeds, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, caraway seeds, calendula, coriander, chili, hibiscus flowers… etc.
Please check our products list and advice items that may meet your interest.

Sma For Trade

Contact person: Rabie S Abbas

26 King Faysal St Cairo Giza




Tel: +20 233 826086

Fax: +20 233 824653



Registered before Jan 2011
We are supplier of cumin seeds, anise seeds, black seeds (Nigella seed). This is resource for trusted farmers and vendors and it help for their optimum quality and reasonable prices.

Our products are processed with maximum care. We use modern equipment, gravity separators, Sortex electric eyes to ensure that our customers receive consistent high quality products. They are further packed in clean and strong export worthy bags.


Contact person: Elias Bahna

Ibn Mounajem Str.



Syrian Arab Republic

Tel: +963 312487909

Fax: +963 3123474748



Registered before Jan 2011
We are one of the premier registered Agriculture, Horticulture & Flouriculture based institution involved in production, development, trading and exporting of raw herbs, fruits, spices, fruit, medicinal plants and vegetable seeds from the country of Kashmir.

Dry Herbs:
Hemidesmus indicus, Hyoscyamus niger Linn, Mentha arvensis, Artemisia absinthium Linn, Kashmiri Asparagus racemus, Malva sylvestries Linn, Lavatera cashmeriana Cambess, Polygonum hydropiper Linn, Celosia Linn, Taraxacum officinale, Origanum vulgare Linn, Fresh & Dried Green Ginkgo biloba Leaves.

Medicinal & Vegetable Seeds:
100% Pure Kashmirian Crataegus oxyacantha Linn, Colchicum, lutem Baker, Celosia Linn, Poppy seeds, Crocus sativus Linn, Croms, Hyoscyamus niger Linn, Peganum harmala Linn, Origanum vulgare Linn, Chilies, Malus communis, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus serotina, Cedrus deodar, Celosia Linn, Aeaxulus indica Colebr, Capsicum annum, Ginkgo biloba Seeds etc.

Wild Cherry, Sweet Cherry, Pomengranate cuttings, Sweet Appricort, Apple, Kewi, Plum, Lukat, Peach, Almond, Walnut Grapes, Sweet Chestnut, Deaudar, Ginkgo biloba.

Quality seed materials availabe for SALE!!!

Chenab Industries

Contact person: Sheikh Gulzaar

Ist Street, Shaheed-E-Azemat Road, Nambalbal, Pampore Ppr Jk 192121


Pampore/Srinagar/Kashmir/South Aisa


Tel: +91 1933 223705, +91 9858986794



Registered before Jan 2011
Garden Center DaLaS is active in such areas:
- Ornamental Plants selling: ornamental trees and shrubs, conifers, exotic plants, formed trees and shrubs, bonsai, large plants, roll lawn, water plants.
- Flowers selling: roses, rhododendrons, azalea, chrysanthemum, balcony flowers, etc.
- Selling of fruit trees: trees and shrubs.
- Garden goods.
- Landscape design: landscape concept plan, greenery, supervision.
- Landscape service: pruning trees and shrubs, plant protection, looking after the lawn.
We are working 7 days a week.

Garden Centre Dalas

Contact person: Yurey Balinski

Andreeva Str, 2




Tel: +38 045 9469478, +38 045 9469479

Fax: +38 045 9469480



Registered before Jan 2011
We export worldwide an array of high quality fresh flowers to customers ranging from bouquet makers, wholesale markets, hotels and luxury resorts and to major retail florists across the world. We assure year round supply of our various flowers.

Our efficient team spent considerable time and effort to bring you the finest flowers possible. With the hard work of our team, our customers get flowers which have long vase life, good stem length and highly perfumery in nature. It is thus because of the expertise, experience and commitment of our employees that we are able to successfully export our fresh flowers of high quality throughout the world. We pick the flowers only when you order them.

We export in large quantities various fresh cut flowers of various stem sizes such as:
Liliums/ Lilys

We offer extra large, large, medium and small size flower stalks of each variety. We can also offer you all types of fresh cut flowers other than those mentioned above based on your orders.

Company Profile:
We are a 100% Export Oriented Unit which was formed in 1976 to export various products and over the last one decade since 1994 we are catering to meet the increasing international demand for flowers and started our production for fresh cut flowers with an objective to produce quality roses having longer shelf life. Since then we have been forging ahead with the production and promotion of fresh cut flowers and providing value added services to our customers all over the world.

Quality & Production:
One of the very important goals that we strive for is 'QUALITY'. We have also achieved a good reputation in the market for our product & its quality. For us quantity is not the benchmark rather quality is the parameter. We can say that the products we export are synonyms of excellent quality. All cultivation done by us are done in our high-tech Green houses. We have access to grading hall, cold storage rooms & refrigerated vans.

Our location & Green house cultivation:
We have access to well equipped high-tech Green houses. We have our own grading hall, cold storage rooms & refrigerated vans. And, most importantly our farms are close to India's best International airport – Bangalore. The quality parameters are so strict with us that it has achieved 98% A-1 quality result.

Flowers are wrapped in fluted paper and packed in corrugated boxes specially designed for fresh cut flowers. The high quality of cardboard cartons ensures the delivery of the flowers in perfect condition. The fully portable strapping machine dispenses, tightens & seals the boxes to the optimum strength and the flowers are ready for export.

Refrigerated Vans:
Once the flowers are ready for shipment, they are transported without delay. The boxes are transported in temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks to ensure that the quality & freshness of the flowers on delivery, is as good as when it was packed in the Post – Harvest dept. The reefer vans are designed for efficient loading & discharge operations.

Reliable Airlines:
For exporting our product we choose the world's leading airline services to ensure that our product travels through a safe and unbroken chain of stable low temperatures from the departing terminal to its final destination.

Swarna Trades

Contact person: Swapna Patronis

2 / 850-B, Near Govt. School Bus Stop, Kongorpilly




Tel: +91 484 2511908, +91 924 9558227

Fax: +91 484 2514250



Registered before Jan 2011
We are pleased to introduce our Company as a leader in Morocco of import export herbs, essential oils, seeds, pulses, and cereals.
We can offer competitive prices for rosemary, oregano, tyme, ammi visnaga, coriander and many others.
Do not hesitate to contact you for offers and samples.

Ets Benchaib S.A.

Contact person: Mouchahid Latifa

Rue Soldat Raphael Mariscal Ain Borja




Tel: +212 52 2620298, +212 52 2618155

Fax: +212 52 2620278



Registered before Jan 2011
Flowers and plants from around the world.
Always fresh flowers from 11 hectare of own hothouses.
Floristic department (bouquets, compositions).
Delivery of bouquets in Kiev.
Garden center.
Professional care, advices and treatment of your plants.

Camellia-K, Ltd.

Contact person: Kateryna Nedashkovska

Lyvarska Str. 2-A




Tel: +38 044 4681078



Registered before Jan 2011
Al Amir Company founded in 1978, we are operating in the area of agricultural products and export and import of all agricultural crops dry and Aromatic plants to and from all around the world. End we are one of the leading companies in export to world markets (the Middle East - Europe - Africa - America).
Al Amir Company owns several production lines and equipped with the latest technological means and through which the processing of agricultural produce at the highest degree of efficiency.
White kidney beans
Broad beans
Split broad beans
Rice & broken rice
Black eyed pea
White sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Fennel seeds
Caraway seeds
Sesame seed.

Al Amir

Contact person: Mr. Alaa Mohamed

Egypt-Albehera-Hosh Eisa

Hosh Eissa


Tel: +20 452 700386, +20 121 577774

Fax: +20 452 705911



Registered before Jan 2011
Gingko biloba Seeds available.
I am from Srinagar based at Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir and totally dedicate to Gingko Biloba tree production. I've at this time approx. 200 plants of 1-20 yrs. I can supply fresh leaf, plants, seeds. Please contact by mail or call.

Chenab Industries

Contact person: Ed. Sheikh Gulzaar

Ist Street, Shaheed-E-Azemat Road, Nambalbal, Pampore Ppr Jk 192121




Tel: +91 1933 223705, +91 9858986794



Registered before Jan 2011
We are Nigerian company specializes in exporting Harwood Charcoal, Sesame Seeds, Gum Arabica, Bitter Kola, Cassava, Dried Hibiscus Flower etc from Nigeria to any location in the world.
We have the financial strength to meet up with our clients requirements irrespective of their orders and also prefer Long term contract.

Paveway International Traders Limited

Contact person: Taiwo Sarumi

114 Aladelola Street Ikosi Ketu



Tel: +234 180 65110800


Registered before Jan 2011
Kohenoor International is a Pakistani company established in 1957 as an agriculture exporting company.
Our product portfolio is as under:
Forage seeds, oil seeds, vegetable seeds, sprout seeds, bird seeds, grains & cereals, food & spices, herbs & dry nuts.
Alfalfa seeds (lucerne medicago sativa), Persian clover seeds (trifolium resupinatum, shaftal), berseem clover seeds, sesbania seeds, guar seeds, sorghum Sudan seeds.
Vegetable seeds: all (okra, onion seeds etc).
Fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, red whole hot dry chilli, red hot dry long chilli, chilly powder, ajwain seeds, celery seeds, cumin seeds, oats, vetch seeds, mung bean, rice, melon seeds, musk melon seeds, millets, green millets, gray millets, yellow broomcorn millets, white broomcorn millets, Pakistani millets, bajra, basmati rice, parboiled rice, white rice, super kernel basmati rice.
Sesame seeds, castor seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds / flax seed
cress seeds, licorice roots & licorice powder, ephedra, herbs, alknet roots, dill seeds, walnut kernel, walnut in shell, pine nut in shell, pine nut kernel, liqurice, dry red rose / dry flowers, dry rose buds, petals, pods & dry fruits / dried nuts, raw herbs.

Kohenoor International

Contact person: Umar Hayat

1/2 1336 Old Subzi Market




Tel: +92 22 2617407, +92 3342634411

Fax: +92 22 2619799



Registered before Jan 2011
We are producer and exporter of herbs, soapnut shells, morels, purified shilajeet, & essential oils in Nepal.

Satya International

Contact person: Rabindra N Shukla

Ward No 8




Tel: +977 81 526367, +977 985 8020390

Fax: +977 81 526367



Registered before Jan 2011
We offer export of Oil seeds, Hibiscus, Gum Arabic and all agricultural products from Sudan (Sesame Seeds, Hibiscus, etc.)


Contact person: Hamid Ahmed Hamid





Tel: +249 122 478246


Registered before Jan 2011
- winter and spring crops of super-elite and elite-seeds, and seed of maise (F1 hybrid), parental seeds;
- application of new growing technologies for new high productivity grain crops varieties and hybrids planting;
- practices help for different forms of ownership farms on contact basis in application of scientifically grounded cropping systems.

Institute Of Grain Farming

Contact person: Yevgeniy Lebed

14, Dzerjinskogo St.




Tel: +38 056 7450236, +38 0567 454449

Fax: +38 056 2362618


Registered before Jan 2011
We deal in following products: flax seed, rape seed, coaster seed, sesame seed white, mustered seed, sun flower seed, forage seed, alfalfa seed, sorghum seed, ajwan seed, cumin seed, fennel seed, coriander seed, fenugreek seed, licorice root, millet, maize.


Contact person: M Zafar

Blocck 4 Mailsi




Tel: +92 300 7315762


Registered before Jan 2011
We are international company that deals on exportation of agricultural product such as: dry ginger, ginger oil, bitter cola, dry garlic, cashew nuts, chili pepper.

Imehs International Exportation Compan

Contact person: Imeh John

1, Apostolic Faith Camp Ground Rd Anthony, Lagos


Anthony Village


Tel: +234 703 0068447, +234 803 4244051


Registered before Jan 2011
Nile Valley Co established in 1970 in Egypt as a producer and exporter of agricultural products.

Our main line of products is as follows: dehydrated vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruit, vegetables in brine, medicinal herbs, seeds, frozen food and organic food.

We provide a wide variety of different agricultural products of high quality, healthy, processed safely.

Nile Valley Co

Contact person: nader raafat

21 elnaby dinial street




Tel: 00203 3936777, 00203 4975589

Fax: 00203 3904527



Registered before Jan 2011
An Egyptian company specialized in the field of herbs, spices and seeds with a vast worldwide base of clients.

Our products are provided in a long range of variety, as whole-leaves, crushed, teabags and flowers.

And here is a list of our common products: Anise Basil Caraway Calendula Chamomile Coriander Cumin Dill Dried beans Fennel Fenugreek Garlic Hibiscus Lemon dried Lemon grass Licorice Nicela Black Cumin Onion Parsley Peppermint Rosemary Sage Sesame Spearmint Sunflower Thyme.

Al Seadawy com for Export Herbs, Spices & Seeds

Contact person: Mr: Nasser Al Seadawy

2 Taha Hussein St, Garado, El Fayoum



Tel: 0846792025, +2 0106203592

Fax: 0846792025




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