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25 Nov 2020
Bacteriostatic Water Australia is an Australian owned and operated company based in Brisbane, Australia. We are one of the main suppliers of Bacteriostatic Water in Australia. We sell our products both locally and internally. We import our product directly from a reputable medical company so you can rest assure that the products you are receiving are genuine and high quality.

Bacteriostatic Water Australia

Contact person:

89 Grand Plaza Dr, Browns Plains QLD 4118, Australia




Tel: 402841580


25 Nov 2020
Bacteriostatic Water Australia is an Australian owned and operated company based in Brisbane, Australia. We are one of the main suppliers of Bacteriostatic Water in Australia. We sell our products both locally and internally. We import our product directly from a reputable medical company so you can rest assure that the products you are receiving are genuine and high quality.

Bacteriostatic Water Australia

Contact person: Bacteriostatic Water Australia

89 Grand Plaza Dr, Browns Plains QLD 4118, Australia




Tel: 402841580


04 Oct 2020
Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Solution
We are professional factory and automation Packaging solution & service provider of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping integrating R&D, design, processing, production, assembly, sales, debugging & commissioning, training, etc. We design, produce and supply all kinds of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping for automatic packing wrapping the products including the following equipment and other special Medical Instruments.
Flat handle needle related Packaging equipment
Ring handle needle Packaging equipment
Surgical blade Packaging equipment
Kirschner equipment
Thermometer equipment
Zeolite hemostatic bag equipment
Single-handed needle equipment
Suture equipment
Small needle knife equipment
A-type needle-type equipment
Intradermal needle equipment
B-type needle punching equipment
Blood collection needle equipment
Tattoo needle equipment
Surgical marker equipment
Other special Medical Instruments Packaging, customized design and make

WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD, weighing Bagging Machines, Robotic Palletizer Line, Containerised Bagging System, Telescopic Conveyor, Weighing Bagging Machines, Containerised Bagging System, Mobile Bagging Unit, Mobile Containserized Bagging Unit, Fully Automatic Packing & Palletizing Line, Fully Automatic Packing Palletizing Line, Fully Automatic Packing System And, as an experienced automatic packaging equipment manufacturer & packaging solution provider in China for decades, we are very happy to supply you with the machinery. Thank you for your kindness and patience. Very appreciated.

WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional & experienced manufacturer of weighing bagging, palletizing and conveying equipment. With the core R&D capacity and professional team, with the business philosophy of Focus, Specifically, Better and Stronger, we are growing as an professional Scientific and technological enterprises of materials packaging, palletizing and conveying systems, and also provides a series of continuable solutions for the materials packaging, conveying, storage, etc. It's a professional factory of automation solution & service provider integrating R&D, design, processing, production, assembly, sales, debugging and training, etc.

Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person: George Chow


Tel: +8615061816726


10 Dec 2019

ChangXing JiaRui Cleaning Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading enterprises specializing in Aerosol Products.Our New”Garden Style” factory was set up in 2014 in Huzhou,Zhejiang.It offers a beautiful and comfortable enviroment for all the employees,We are sepcialized in Air Freshener,Household Cleaners,Shave Cream.De-Icer and other Daily-used chemical products.And all the products are exported to Europe,America,Middle East,India,Africa etc.

ADD:Qingcaowu Village,Lijiaxiang Town,Changxing County,Huzhou, Zhejiang,China(Mainland)

ChangXing JiaRui Cleaning Products Co.,Ltd

Contact person: jennyzen

Qingcaowu Village,Lijiaxiang Town,Changxing County,Huzhou, Zhejiang,China(Mainland)



Tel: 86-572-2952777


27 May 2016
Koda Biological Medicine Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, is specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates. Its products include thpvp, 2nmc, mmbc and so on.

We have passed the ISO - 9001 quality management system certification. We will provide the best service for clients all over the world with highly efficient work and excellent credit. Let's go hand in hand to create a better and healthier life.

Koda Biological Medicine Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Bella

No.126 East Development zones




Tel: 17080170502


02 Dec 2012
Founded in March 2003, Ningxia Ansun Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in fermentation. Its staple products include amino acids such as L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Citruline, L-Ornithine, and L-Theanine, as well as a 5-carbon sugar D-Ribose. The company also produces amino acid feed additives L-Threonine and L-Lysine.

Ansun Bioengineering Co., Ltd

Contact person: Emily Ma

No.14, West Street, Jinji Town


Wuzhong City


Tel: 86-0593-2693686


21 May 2012
Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of herbal extract powder in Xi’an China.

Our teams of production and sales have been in this field for more than ten years with rich experiences and knowledge.

We are devoted to be a reliable source of herbal extracts in China.

In addition, we provide service of new herbal extract R&D and extracting of compound TCM.

Our products:

Aloe Vera Extract
American Ginseng Extract
Amla Extract
Achyranthes Root Extract
Apocynum Venetum Extract
Artichoke Extract
Astragalus Extract
Bitter Melon / Biharatter Melon Extract
Black Cohosh Extract
Cassia Nomame Extract
Cactus Extract
Chinese Dodder Seed Extract
Cinnamon Extract
Celery Seed Extract
Corydalis Extract
Corn Silk Extract
Dandelion Root Extract
Dong Guai /Angelica Extract
Echinacea Purpurea
Elderberry Extract
Eleuthero Root Extract
Eucommia Leaf Extract
Epimedium /Horny Goat Weed Extract
Fo Ti / Ho Shou Wu Extract
Gentian Root Extract
Ginger Extract Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Goji Berry/ Wolfberry/Lycium Extract
Gotu Kola Extract
Grape Seeds Extract
Green Tea Extract
Gynostemma Extract
Hawthorn Fruit
Hawthorn Leaf Extract
Hops Extract
Horse Chestnut Extract
Horsetail Extract
Jujube Extract
Kudzu Root /Pueraria
Luo Han Guo /Momordica
Marshmallow /Althaea Root
Milk Thistle Extract
Mullein Extract
Nettle Extract
Nigella Sativa(Black Seed) Extract
Oat glucan
Ophiopogon Thunb/ Dwarf Lilyturf Extract
Panax Ginseng Extract
Phyllanthus Herb Extract
Pomegranate Hull Extract
Rehmannia Root Extract
Reishi Mushroom Extract
Rhubarb Root Extract
Rose Hips Extract
Saw Palmetto Extract
Salvia Root Extract
Schisandra Extract
Soybean Extract
Spine Date Seed Extract
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Vervain /Verbenae herba Extract
White Kidney Bean Extract
Astragaloside IV
Galanthamine Hydrobromide
Lappaconite Hydrobromide
Polydatin/ Piceid

Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Tracy

#69, Jinye Road, Hi-Tech Zone




Tel: 862988346470, 8615353749379


11 May 2012
Founded in 2002, with nearly 9 years of exploration and development in biological product area, Shanghai Al-Amin Bio-tech Co. Ltd. has become the largest high-tech enterprise to develop, produce and market series halal biological products in China.

The company focuses a lot of attention upon the research and manufacture of animal biochemical products and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the mass production of such products.

Our core products are halal hydrolyzed collagen and halal chondroitin sulfate, gelatin.

Shanghai Al-amin Biotech Co. Ltd

Contact person: Kris Sun

Building 11, No.3399, Kangxin Road, Pudong District




Tel: 86-021-50798099


31 May 2011 — registered, 21 Mar 2012 — updated
DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of herbal extracts in China.

Our factory is located in DaXingAnLing, north part of China.

DaXingAnLing is the only place where the natural environment remains undestroyed in China. This is why we can get thousands of wild plant materials, absolutely natural.

Our factory was founded in April, 2002, and is located in DaXingAnLing, north part of China, which is the largest wild blueberry origin in China. Our factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with production workshop of 15,000 square meters, staffing 125 employees and 22 engineers.

Using the most advanced counter-current extraction equipment, annually we can produce 50 tons of anthocyanin, 700 tons of proanthocyanidins and 500 tons of silymarin.

Our company has passed various international certifications, such as HACCP Certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, Halal Certificate, CIQ Certificate, PONY Certificate and US FDA Certificate. And we are also manufacturer and exporter and we are also alibaba Chinese supplier. And also we can do commodity inspection now.

Our main products are:
1. Plant extract (more than 200 types):blueberry anthocyanin & Pro-anthocyanin, arbutin, Grape Seed Extract (OPC), White willow bark Extract (Salicin), Pine Bark Extract (OPC), milk thistle Extract, Huperzine A, capsaicin, etc.

2. IQF fruit: IQF lingonberry, IQF blueberry, IQF blackcurrant, IQF red raspberry, etc.

3. Fruit concentrate:lingonberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate, etc.

4. Powder: blueberry powder, black currant powder, lingonberry powder, etc.

5. Pigment: blueberry anthocyanin, lingonberry red, capsanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene, etc.

6. Many kinds of fruit powder
Otherwise, thereinto, sport nutrition:

(1). 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran 95%;
(2). 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin 45%;
(3). Turkesterone;
(4). Maca extract;
(5). Tongkat Ali extract;
(6). Tribulus Terrestris Extract;
(7). Horny Goat Weed Extract;
(8). Soybean Isoflavones P.E.;
(9). Silene otites Extract

Weight loss:

(1). Fucoxanthin;
(2). Banaba leaf extract
More than 90% of our products are exported to USA, Europe, Japan, etc.

Welcome to visit our company.

DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd

Contact person: Jesslie Tang

10 GuangHui Road,Songling District, HeiLongJiang


JiaGeDaQi Town, DaXingAnLing City


Tel: +86 452 616 6167, +86 452 616 6200


16 Feb 2012
Wuhu Huahai Biological engineering Co., LTD. is a professional fine chemical production enterprise in the Wuhu economic development zone, the transportation is convenient.

Our company mainly produces allantoin, Methyl paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Butyl paraben, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Methyl paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, vitamin E oil, GERMALL B, GERMALL PLUS, GERMALL NIP, etc, and according to the customers' request we can mix materials. Products are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, supplies, food, etc.

We using international standards and GMP standard organization, and through ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.We become a leading company in the industry, have exported millions of goods to worldwide.

Wuhu Huahai Biology Engineering CO,.Ltd

Contact person: Annie

7/L, North Zhongshan road




Tel: 86-0553-3826710


28 Jul 2011
Perfect Biotech is India’s largest Non GMO Soy de-oiled Lecithin and derivatives manufacturer. We are a preferred supplier to most important consumption sectors like food and feed industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, bakery and confectionaries. Our current exports are spread in more than 15 countries worldwide covering markets in America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia, etc.

Perfect Biotech is ISO 22000:2005 certified having all the necessary certifications like FDA, Cert ID, Kosher and Halal. All our products meet the pertinent quality criteria required to ensure the highest quality and standard.

We are looking to expand our market and start business with your esteemed company. We are committed to deliver you the best products and services at most competitive rates.

Our product portfolio is as mentioned below
- Liquid Lecithin
- De-oiled Lecithin (powder) Food and Feed Grade
- Granular Lecithin
- Tocopherol – 16% to 70%
- Sterol
- Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
- Phosphatidyl Choline (PC 35 %)
Kindly let us know your requirement for any of our products.

Perfect Biotech

Contact person: Mr S Gattani

K34, Butibori, Nagpur




Tel: 0091 937 375 9809


02 Jun 2011
Shijiazhuang Jianghang Phosphorus Co., Ltd is ISO9001:2000 quality approval enterprise, committed in supplying inorganic/organic chemicals, pigments and dyestuffs in China. It lies in Shijiazhuan, Hebei province of China. With advantages of owning our large scale capital-owned factories, we attribute our success to our enduring efforts to supply quality and cost-effective chemicals to our customers

At present, all our products are produced by our capital-owned factories,which are well equipped with the first class quality systems, modernized warehouses and professional transport teams. Meantime,supported by our close cooperation with other major manufacturers of chemicals in the country, we also source for their products,which makes us meet our clients' demands in a wider scope. On a large scale, all of them have been sold well in more than 60 countries and regions including America, EU, Arab, Australia, Africa etc.

Shijiazhuang Jianghang Phosphorus Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd

Contact person: Lily

Heping Road, Changan District


Shijiazhuang Hebei


Tel: +86 311 87036060, +86 311 87035050


26 Apr 2011
We supply enzyme like:

1. Glucoamylase
2. Medium temperature alpha-Amylase
3. Thermostable alpha-amylase
4. Acid Protease
5. Neutral Protease
6. Alkaline Protease
7.Special enzyme for desizing
8. Yeast

We are a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research & development, producing and trading. We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and seek in (the) country agents. Our prices are far lower than the Novozyme and Genencor, the quality is exactly the same. Hope that long-term cooperation with you.

Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co., Ltd

Contact person: Patricia Lee

R.220, b#, Di Cui Road No.100




Tel: 8651085102755604


01 Apr 2011
We seek technical and scientific researchers, developers and designers. We pay for all costs involving a move from non EU countries to live and work in Ireland or UK. (Travel, work permits / visas / family relocation where appropriate.)

You must hold a good quality technical or scientific degree from a renowned university, possibly though not necessarily a further relevant degree (Masters / PhD), have 3 years industrial work or industrially backed university work in a research, design or development area and have worked in “failure critical” projects perhaps electronics, software, military etc. We also have an interest in other candidates with quality degrees and work experience in the areas of R&D and Design in other technical or scientific areas. All work located in UK or Ireland.

You should have excellent English for relevant report and documentation needs for your area of expertise. For social and inter colleague communication your spoken English should be adequate. Please contact

Quinn Richardson

Contact person:

20 Church Street




Tel: 00 353 52 7442303, 00 353 52 7442750


25 Mar 2011
We supply enzyme like: 1. Glucoamylase 2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase 3.Thermostable alpha-amylas 4.Acid Protease 5.Neutral Protease 6.Alkaline Protease 7.Special enzyme for desizing.

Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research & development, producing and trading enzyme.

We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and seek in (the) country agents. Our price are far lower than the Novozyme and Genencor, the quality is exactly the same.

Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd

Contact person: joeychen

R 220, B#, Di Cui Road No.100, Wuxi (National) Industrial Design Park




Tel: +86-510-85102755-605


Registered before Jan 2011
Shanghai Biochemical SCI-Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and trader for pesticides for more than 10 years. We dedicated in production, development, marketing and sales of crop protection products - herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, intermediates, our plant has been approved as pesticides manufacturer by China Agriculture Ministry. We also established business cooperation with more than 40 countries which are required by worldwide. We have a professional department for registration work which can support our customers for more than 40 different products files even with GLP data. Our strong products are Clodinafop-propargyl, Pretilachor, Acetochlor, 2, 4-D, Clomazone, Chlorpyrifos, Diazion, Imidacloprid, Buprofezin, Carbosulfuron, Abamectin, Diafenthiuron, profenofos, Cartap, Fipronil, Spirodiclofen, BupirimateAzoxystrobin, Propiconazole, Mancozeb., prochloraz, etc.
For more information please visit our website:
We are at your service anytime.

Shanghai Biochemical Sci-Tec Co., Ltd

Contact person: Lee Ryan

Rm B1605, Tomson Center, No.188, Zhangyang Rd Pudong




Tel: +86 21 58769832, +86 13 918910831

Fax: +86 21 58882698


Registered before Jan 2011
Sonef Limited is a professional manufacturer and exporter of food/feed additives/chemicals with high popularity in the profession of China.

Sonef Limited in the face of fierce competition out of a self-development path, the company began to make itself a non-pirated, using their own advantages and rich resources of suppliers, based on their actual conditions, out of a FCL and LCL would like to combine Information and logistics combined virtuous cycle development.

The company formed a bio-chemical and basic chemical mainly two categories, four series of product chain.

Now we annually export 10,000mt citric acid, 500mt sodium citrate, 1000mt sodium benzoate, 30,000mt Caustic soda, and 90,000mt other products.

Qingdao Gold Sailing Co., Limited

Contact person: Tom

No.78 Jiangxi Road, Huapu Hall, Room 501




Tel: +86 0532 80938170, +15 3 15003982

Fax: +86 0532 85715238


Registered before Jan 2011
We are leading manufacturer & exporter of mint, l-menthol, menthol crystals, pharmaceutical raw materials, castor oil, peppermint oil, sodium nitrate, povidone iodine, acids, shellac, gums, pine oil, sesame oil.

Silverline Chemicals

Contact person: Suresh Kumar

Shingla Carpets Building, G.T.Road




Tel: +91 180 2638938, +91 9354929389

Fax: +91 180 4008265


Registered before Jan 2011
Wuxi Green Year union works Co., Ltd specializes in enzyme preparation including glucoamylase, medium temperature alpha-amylasle Thermostable alpha-amylase, acid protease and so on. They can be applied in the industries which need the enzyme to hydrolyze starch or dextrin such us industry of alcohol, food industry, starch sugar industry, feedstuff industry etc.

We are committed to providing the cost-effective products with high quality and competitive price hoping to get to the local agent of different nations. Compare with the big corporation Novozyme and Genencor in this line, we have a large advantage over price in the conditions of same quality. We are looking forward to your inquiry and establishing the long business relationship with you.

Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co., Ltd

Contact person: King

Room 220 B#, No.100 Dicui Road, Binhu District


Wuxi, Jiangsu Province


Tel: +86 510 85102755605, +86 136 65170995

Fax: +86 510 85102755602


Registered before Jan 2011
Kerun Biochemical Co. Ltd of China is the largest manufacturer of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, CAS.123-08-0, - 2,000MT/year, p-cresol, CAS.106-44-5, - 8,000MT/year.

Kerun Biochemical Co.Ltd Of China

Contact person: James Chiang

Xiyuan Road, Shouguang Economic Zone




Tel: +86 536 5787603

Fax: +86 536 5581222


Registered before Jan 2011
We, Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., are special and leading in developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals and health-care products.
Ansomone is a famous brand name of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone/HGH/Somatropin for injection. It is identical to the natural Human Growth Hormone/Somatropin/rHGH (191 amino acids) and characterized with high Bio-activity and high purification. It is qualified to EP/USP/CP/WHO standard.
Size: 2IU/vial, 4IU/vial, 4.5iu/vial, 10iu/vial, 6iu/vial-16/vial


Contact person: Emily Hu

Ankebio Building, 669 Changjiang Road, West




Tel: +86 551 5318811-8107

Fax: +86 551 5319895


Registered before Jan 2011
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of worldwide original materials, Shandong Hone Foods Co., Ltd. Deals mainly in the fields of food ingredients and pharmaceutical materials etc.
Shandong Hone Foods Co., Ltd. has 3 own plants and 2 joint-stock companies and have more than 5 allied plants in China. Furthermore, we can guarantee timely delivery of quality products at low cost, excellent and satisfied service to our customers. Our main products currently include the following items:
10000 mt Sodium bicarbonate
10000mt ammonium bicarbonate
20000mt Tapioca Starch
10000mt Potato starch
10000mt Modified tapioca/ corn starch
20000mt Tomato paste
5000mt Titanium Dioxide
5000mt Soya Lecithin
Our professional technicians are conversant with ISO, HACCP, IP GMO, KOSHER, HALAL standards, and can thereby ensure consistent quality and reliability for every product.
Currently our products are being exported to clients in North/south America, Europe, Asia, African, Oceania, more than 80 countries, We have the eligible people and system to ensure that our customers can get the right products at the right time, we are confident of being able to meet all buyers' requirements.

Shandong Hone Foods Co., Ltd

Contact person: Mr. John Song

168, Tianqu Road, Dezhou, Shandong, China




Tel: +86 534 21266078

Fax: +86 534 21266088


Registered before Jan 2011
B&S GROUP BV was founded in 1991 as an independant fine chemical researching company. Over the years we have developed our own line of speciality chemicals for the pharmaceutical, electronic and photographic industry etc. We have laboratories in Jerusalem Israel and Kiev Ukraine where we develop dyes for photographic and reprographic purposes. In England we cooperate with a fine chemical manufacturer for small and semi-bulk quantities of intermediates, we have invested mass production facilities in China to meet increasing global deman. We accept inquiries for what might be troublesome and marginally profitable business to other organisations, we are looking forward to expand business relationship with you.

B&S Group

Contact person: Wu

9F, Noble Plaza, Qianjin Rd, Baoan, Shenzhen




Tel: +86 755 33686478, +86 755 26095218


Registered before Jan 2011
Laurice Labs is a custom synthesis, custom manufacturing and sourcing concern. We offer following products: mannitol diacetonide, iodine mono chloride, dess-martin periodinane, 4 benzyloxy phenol, NN diethyl phenyl acetamide, 4 methyl phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride, 4 chlorophenyl hydrazine HCl.

Laurice Labs

Contact person: Sameer Manavi

308, Anjali B Wing Ambika Nagar Soc




Tel: +91 251 2499797, +91 9820672480

Fax: +91 2512481637


Registered before Jan 2011
Sino-Futre Bio-Tech offers plant extract & herbal extract active ingredients:

apigenin, baicalein, chrysin, daidzein, esculin, diosmin, evodiamine, ellagic acid, fisetin, gallic acid, genistein, genipin, geniposide, hesperidin, hesperetin, kelp extract, levodopa, lutein, luteolin, rhamnose, maslinic acid, naringin, naringenin, nobiletin, oxymatrine, punicalagins, puerarin, phloridzin, phloretin, quercetin, resveratrol, rosmarinic acid, salicin, sinensetin, sclareol, synephrine, tabersonine, tannic acid, polymethoxylated flavones, PMFs, phytosterol, ursolic acid, broccoli extract, sulforaphane, 5-HTP, mulberry leaf, schisandra, wolfberry, apple extract, etc.

Sino-Futre Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Kany

No 18 dianzi 1 Road




Tel: +86 1300 2916620

Fax: +86 2983 182005



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