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08 May 2024
The multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon is the only place to go if you're looking for excellent medical care. A medical facility offering a variety of healthcare services under one roof is known as a multispeciality clinic. It functions similarly to a healthcare center where you can get treatment for a range of illnesses without needing to go elsewhere. This multispecialty clinic, which is ideally situated in Gurgaon, is made to meet the various medical needs of the local population. The clinic is prepared to handle every type of care, including emergency care, specialty treatment, and routine check-ups. Convenience is one of the main benefits of selecting a multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon. You can get access to an extensive range of services at one location rather than hopping between numerous doctors' offices and hospitals. You can get professional medical help here for anything from general medicine to specialist care in fields like cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics, and more. The highly skilled physicians, nurses, and support personnel at the multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon are committed to provide top-notch medical care. They are skilled experts that keep up with the most recent developments in their industries to guarantee that patients get the best service possible. The clinic offers cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment in addition to its medical skills. Better patient outcomes, a precise diagnosis, and efficient treatment are ensured by doing this. You can count on the Multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon provide you with high-quality care whether you require minor procedures, surgical interventions, or diagnostic testing. Also, the clinic places a high priority on patient safety and comfort. You'll notice a friendly atmosphere and considerate treatment as soon as you arrive. The personnel genuinely care about your well-being and work hard to ensure that your healthcare experience runs smoothly. Accessibility is another key feature of this multispeciality clinic. Situated in Gurgaon, it is easily accessible from various parts of the city, making it convenient for patients to reach. Whether you're coming from nearby neighborhoods or other areas of Gurgaon, you'll find the clinic's location convenient. All things considered, selecting a Multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon guarantees thorough medical care, professional medical services, accessibility, and ease. You may rely on the multispeciality clinic in Gurgaon to successfully handle your healthcare needs, whether you require continuous management of a chronic illness, treatment for a specific condition, or preventive care. So why hold off? Make an appointment with this top Gurgaon multispeciality clinic now to witness the difference in healthcare delivery.

Dmettal Clinique

Contact person: Dmettal

Sector-8, Gurgaon




Tel: 9770995517


15 Nov 2022 — registered, 25 Oct 2023 — updated
Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd. — a professional manufacturer of cosmetics focusing on the field of skin care, integrating product technology development, manufacturing and marketing and promotion, is a company dedicated to providing skin care products for all age groups and people.

Founded in 2017, our company is located close to the world famous Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, 1 50KM from Shanghai, 80KM from Hangzhou, and less than two hours from Ningbo Port, which is very convenient for transportation by land, sea and air.

Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Roni

No.139 Lianfei Road, Kandun Street, Cixi




Tel: +86-13586554967, +86-574-63090152


26 Sep 2023
Ningbo Yinyu Purification Technology Co., a OEM Medical 1200 CADR Air purifier hospital with wheels YKX-1200 company integrating production and trade, which dedicates to the R&D , manufacturing ,sellling of household appliances, household appliances parts ,as well as the medical equipment, disinfection equipment production and sales.

Ningbo Yinyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: 13515881984

Weixi Village ,Guanhaiwei Town ,Cixi City ,Zhejiang Province



Tel: 13515881984


18 Jul 2022 — registered, 26 Jul 2022 — updated
Founded in 2001, CPC Scientific is a globally recognized peptide company and leading CDMO specializing in synthetic peptide production.

We work directly with leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to help bring life-changing therapeutics and diagnostics to market.

We boast the largest research peptide facility in the world, which successfully has undergone multiple FDA inspections and audits by global pharma organizations.

CPC Scientific has the capability of serving customers from early drug discovery stages through clinical trials to commercial manufacturing.

We provide milligram to multi-kilogram quantities of CGMP and research-grade peptides with purities of up to 99%.

With our emphasis on technology, innovation, and quality, we are proud to have a US FDA inspected GMP facility, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certification, a claim few companies in the world can make.

CPC Scientific Inc.

Contact person: Ms. Vickie Xu

160 E Tasman Dr #200


San Jose

United States

Tel: 408-734-3800


01 Apr 2011 — registered, 19 Feb 2022 — updated
We seek technical and scientific researchers, developers and designers. We pay for all costs involving a move from non EU countries to live and work in Ireland or UK. (Travel, work permits / visas / family relocation where appropriate.)

You must hold a good quality technical or scientific degree from a renowned university, possibly though not necessarily a further relevant degree (Masters / PhD), have 3 years industrial work or industrially backed university work in a research, design or development area and have worked in “failure critical” projects perhaps electronics, software, military etc. We also have an interest in other candidates with quality degrees and work experience in the areas of R&D and Design in other technical or scientific areas. All work located in UK or Ireland.

You should have excellent English for relevant report and documentation needs for your area of expertise. For social and inter colleague communication your spoken English should be adequate. Please contact

Quinn Richardson

Contact person:

20 Church Street




Tel: 00 353 52 7442303, 00 353 52 7442750


18 Mar 2021 — registered, 17 Feb 2022 — updated
Xi'an Prius Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech export-oriented enterprise devoted to providing high quality health care raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, herbal extracts and food additives.

Our products include akba boswellic acid, carnosic acid, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, etc.



Tel: 02988898603


19 Oct 2020 — registered, 25 Sep 2021 — updated
Founded in 2012 as a professional international pharmaceutical corporation, headquartered in Xi'an (China), Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of standardized herbal extracts and natural active ingredients for pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries.

Located in Hanzhong, Shannxi Province, more than 3,000 tons of a wide range of herbal extracts and natural active substances are extracted and manufactured from the factory annually.

Our products include the following:

1. Standard extracts.
2. Monomers.
3. Proteins.
4. Vitamins.
5. Sweeteners.

These extracts are widely used in the following areas: pharmaceutical area, food area, health care products.

And these extracts are also used in cosmetic industry or for agricultural usage.

Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd

Contact person:

Industrial Park of Tongchuan New District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province




Tel: 02984385017


19 Mar 2020 — registered, 17 Jul 2021 — updated
Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd., a Chinese - Malaysian joint venture, former Xinchang Yaxing Industrial Co., Ltd., was founded in January 1992.

The company specializes in production of pharmaceutical gelatin vacant capsules and HPMC capsules.

8 new manufacturing lines will be added to achieve a total manufacturing line number of 20 and an annual productivity of 10 billions pieces of capsules.

Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No.1 Tianzhu 3rd Road, Dufu Town, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province




Tel: 057586060065


04 Mar 2020 — registered, 10 Jul 2021 — updated
We are peptide API manufacturer. We have FDA verified & cGMP production facility and we can provide peptides with best quality and very competitive prices.

Maybe we can be your supplier.

Generic Bulk Peptide APIs

No English Name Cas No. Scale Specification Documentation

JYGP001 Abarelix 183552-38-7 R&D In-house  
JYGP002 Alarelin 79561-22-1 R&D In-house  
JYGP003 Atosiban 90779-69-4 Commercial In-house DMF Available
JYGP004 Aviptadil 40077-57-4 R&D In-house  
JYGP005 Angiotensin II 4474-91-3 R&D In-house  
JYGP006 Antide 112568-12-4 R&D In-house  
JYGP007 Vasporessin 11000-17-2 Commercial USP  
JYGP008 Bivalirudin 128270-60-0 Commercial In-house DMF Available
JYGP009 Buserelin Acetate 68630-75-1 Commercial EP  
JYGP010 Caspofungin Acetate 179463-17-3 Commercial In-house DMF Available
JYGP011 Calcitonin (Salmon) 47931-85-1 Pilot EP  
JYGP012 Carbetocin 37025-55-1 Commercial In-house DMF Available
JYGP013 Carperitide 89213-87-6 R&D In-house  
JYGP014 Cetrorelix Acetate 120287-85-6 Pilot In-house  
JYGP015 Desmopressin Acetate 16789-98-3 Commercial EP/FDA DMF Available
JYGP016 Deslorelin 57773-65-6 Commercial In-house  
JYGP017 Elcatonin 57014-02-5 R&D In-house  
JYGP018 Enfuvirtide 159519-65-0 R&D In-house  
JYGP019 Eptifibatide Acetate 148031-34-9 Pilot EP  
JYGP020 Exenatide Acetate 141758-74-9 Pilot In-house  
JYGP021 Fertirelin Acetate 66002-66-2 R&D In-house  
JYGP022 GLP-1(7-36) amide 107444-51-9 R&D In-house  
JYGP023 GLP-1 (7-37) 106612-94-6 R&D In-house  
JYGP024 Glucagon 16941-32-5 Pilot EP/USP  
JYGP025 Gonadorelin Acetate 71447-49-9 Pilot EP  
JYGP026 Goserelin Acetate 145781-92-6 Commercial EP/USP  
JYGP027 Histrelin Acetate 220810-26-4 Commercial In-house  
JYGP028 Icatibant 30308-48-4 R&D In-house  
JYGP029 Leuprorelin Acetate 74381-53-6 Commercial USP  
JYGP030 Lanreotide Acetate 108736-35-2 R&D In-house  
JYGP031 Liraglutide 204656-20-2 Pilot In-house DMF Preparation
JYGP032 Lysipressin 50-57-7 Commercial In-house  
JYGP033 Nafarelin 86220-42-0 R&D In-house  
JYGP034 Octreotide Acetate 79517-01-4 Pilot Ch.P/EP  
JYGP035 Oxytocin 50-56-6 Commercial EP/USP USVMF/CEP
JYGP036 Pramlintide Acetate 196078-30-5 Pilot In-house  
JYGP037 Protirelin 24305-27-9 Commercial EP  
JYGP038 Sincalide Acetate 25126-32-3 R&D USP  
JYGP039 Somatostatin 38916-34-6 Commercial EP/Ch.P  
JYGP040 Terlipressin 14636-12-5 Commercial EP/In-house DMF Available
JYGP041 Teriparatide Acetate 52232-67-4 R&D In-house  
JYGP042 Thymopentin Acetate 177966-81-3 Commercial Ch.P  
JYGP043 Thymosin β4 Acetate 77591-33-4 R&D In-house  
JYGP044 Thymalfasin 62304-98-7 Commercial Ch.P  
JYGP045 Triptorelin Acetate 140194-24-7 Commercial In-house  
JYGP046 Micafungin 235114-32-6 Pilot In-house  
JYGP047 Linaclotide 851199-60-5 Lab In-house  
JYGP048 Degarelix 214766-78-6 Pilot In-house  
JYGP049 Semaglutide 910463-68-2 Lab In-house DMF Preparation
JYGP050 Plecanatide 467426-54-6 Lab In-house  
JYGP051 Telavacin 372151-71-8 R&D In-house  
JYGP052 Oritavancin 171099-57-3 R&D In-house  
JYGP053 Dalbavancin 171500-79-1 R&D In-house  
Veterinary Peptides
No English Name Cas No. Scale
JYGP001 Alarelin 183552-38-7 Promote ovulation, treat infertility caused by abnormal ovarian function, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, and improve pregnancy rate.
JYGP009 Buserelin Acetate 68630-75-1 Use in Cattle,Mares,Rabbits
JYGP015 Desmopressin Acetate 16789-98-3 Treatment of canine and feline diabetes insipidus
JYGP016 Deslorelin 57773-65-6 Induction of ovulation in estrous mares Reproduction control in dogs
JYGP021 Fertirelin Acetate 66002-66-2 Ovarian follicular cysts Induction of ovulation
JYGP027 Histrelin Acetate 220810-26-4 a long-acting, synthetic nonapeptide analog of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) with potential anti-tumor activity.
JYGP029 Leuprorelin Acetate 74381-53-6 Chemical castration
JYGP035 Oxytocin 50-56-6 Used in control of lactation and parturition
JYGP039 Somatostatin 38916-34-6 A growth hormone-release inhibiting factor

Shenzhen JYMed technology company

Contact person: Camille

Rm.2-408, Shenzhen Bio-incubator Base, 10 Gaoxin C. 1st, Nanshan District, GD




Tel: 8615607164576


27 May 2016
Koda Biological Medicine Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, is specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates. Its products include thpvp, 2nmc, mmbc and so on.

We have passed the ISO - 9001 quality management system certification. We will provide the best service for clients all over the world with highly efficient work and excellent credit. Let's go hand in hand to create a better and healthier life.

Koda Biological Medicine Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Bella

No.126 East Development zones




Tel: 17080170502


16 Feb 2012
Wuhu Huahai Biological engineering Co., LTD. is a professional fine chemical production enterprise in the Wuhu economic development zone, the transportation is convenient.

Our company mainly produces allantoin, Methyl paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Butyl paraben, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Methyl paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, vitamin E oil, GERMALL B, GERMALL PLUS, GERMALL NIP, etc, and according to the customers' request we can mix materials. Products are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, supplies, food, etc.

We using international standards and GMP standard organization, and through ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.We become a leading company in the industry, have exported millions of goods to worldwide.

Wuhu Huahai Biology Engineering CO,.Ltd

Contact person: Annie

7/L, North Zhongshan road




Tel: 86-0553-3826710


Registered before Jan 2011
We, Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., are special and leading in developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals and health-care products.
Ansomone is a famous brand name of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone/HGH/Somatropin for injection. It is identical to the natural Human Growth Hormone/Somatropin/rHGH (191 amino acids) and characterized with high Bio-activity and high purification. It is qualified to EP/USP/CP/WHO standard.
Size: 2IU/vial, 4IU/vial, 4.5iu/vial, 10iu/vial, 6iu/vial-16/vial


Contact person: Emily Hu

Ankebio Building, 669 Changjiang Road, West




Tel: +86 551 5318811-8107

Fax: +86 551 5319895


Registered before Jan 2011
B&S GROUP BV was founded in 1991 as an independant fine chemical researching company. Over the years we have developed our own line of speciality chemicals for the pharmaceutical, electronic and photographic industry etc. We have laboratories in Jerusalem Israel and Kiev Ukraine where we develop dyes for photographic and reprographic purposes. In England we cooperate with a fine chemical manufacturer for small and semi-bulk quantities of intermediates, we have invested mass production facilities in China to meet increasing global deman. We accept inquiries for what might be troublesome and marginally profitable business to other organisations, we are looking forward to expand business relationship with you.

B&S Group

Contact person: Wu

9F, Noble Plaza, Qianjin Rd, Baoan, Shenzhen




Tel: +86 755 33686478, +86 755 26095218


Registered before Jan 2011
Laurice Labs is a custom synthesis, custom manufacturing and sourcing concern. We offer following products: mannitol diacetonide, iodine mono chloride, dess-martin periodinane, 4 benzyloxy phenol, NN diethyl phenyl acetamide, 4 methyl phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride, 4 chlorophenyl hydrazine HCl.

Laurice Labs

Contact person: Sameer Manavi

308, Anjali B Wing Ambika Nagar Soc




Tel: +91 251 2499797, +91 9820672480

Fax: +91 2512481637


Registered before Jan 2011
Sino-Futre Bio-Tech offers plant extract & herbal extract active ingredients:

apigenin, baicalein, chrysin, daidzein, esculin, diosmin, evodiamine, ellagic acid, fisetin, gallic acid, genistein, genipin, geniposide, hesperidin, hesperetin, kelp extract, levodopa, lutein, luteolin, rhamnose, maslinic acid, naringin, naringenin, nobiletin, oxymatrine, punicalagins, puerarin, phloridzin, phloretin, quercetin, resveratrol, rosmarinic acid, salicin, sinensetin, sclareol, synephrine, tabersonine, tannic acid, polymethoxylated flavones, PMFs, phytosterol, ursolic acid, broccoli extract, sulforaphane, 5-HTP, mulberry leaf, schisandra, wolfberry, apple extract, etc.

Sino-Futre Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Kany

No 18 dianzi 1 Road




Tel: +86 1300 2916620

Fax: +86 2983 182005



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