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ZIMLIN has more than 16 years of experience in mattress machines manufacturing.

We are dedicated to providing the best mattress manufacturing and packaging solutions for our valued customers.

ZIMLIN Mattress Machinery

Contact person: Laurie Kaylee

C Block, Zhantao Science and Technology Building, Minzhi Avenue, Longhua District




Tel: +86 19328752998


30 Jan 2024
Started with the business of supplying Industrial Raw Material to various industries, it extended its wings by adding the Stockist Business, with a ready stock of worth more than 5 crores readily available. We a proud importer and exporter of stainless steel, importing from various countries and ready for supply.

DC Engineering

Contact person: ashish parde

Prasad Chambers, 817, 8 th floor, Near, Tata Rd No 2, Opera House, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004




Tel: 09136470619, 09136470619


29 Jan 2024
The capacity of our punching press machines covers from C-frame 16 tons to portal type frame 300 tons, maximum S.P.M. Can reach 1000. We adopt many creative and advanced technologies such as whole-casted body, eccentric shaft point design, dynamic balancing device, separated clutch and brake, saw tooth oil pressure lock, forced circulation lubrication, touching-operated screen numerical controller, etc., and we use super quality imported bearings of European and Japanese, all these efforts make our machine can protect the moulds well, easy operation, high accuracy, rarely fails.

FLGK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: employ

NO.298 Zhenlong 3rd,Road Binnt Zone,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,Chinahai Economic Developme




Tel: +86-0574-63974295, +86-0574-63974295


19 Jan 2024
ALI Testing takes pride in offering a wide range of cutting-edge products, including climatic test chamber and vibration test system. These high-end devices are essential for evaluating the quality and reliability of industrial products, as they accurately simulate climatic, temperature, humidity, vibrations, shocks, drops , other mechanical and comprehensive environments. The products find extensive application in sectors such as automotive, electronics, telecommunications, rail transportation, aerospace, and shipbuilding.If you need more models about our test equipment, please reference our chamber-testing(.)com

Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,.Ltd

Contact person: Kris

No. 2, Shajiao Four Gate, Humen Town




Tel: 0086076985914911, 8613310826672


05 Jan 2024
Taher Brothers believes in providing quality to its users and therefore all our products go through various levels of testing. Tests are conducted to make sure the product is perfect for the client and will be as tough and durable as promised. Our products have zero-to-none complaints.

Taher Brothers

Contact person: Taher

81, Netaji Subhash Road Century Plaza Room No- 009 Kolkata -




Tel: +91 9836154899


05 Jan 2024
Niton Metal & Alloys is one of the best leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Flanges, Buttweld Fittings, Forged Fittings, Gaskets, Tube Fittings, Weldolet/Olet Fittings and EIL Flanges and Condensate Pots that are available in high-quality in India.

At Niton Metal & Alloys, all the products have to go through a number of quality tests. If any product failed to pass the quality test they are not supplied/shipped to our clients. Only high-quality products are shipped.

Niton Metal and Alloys is a 9001:2015 ISO Certified Company. We are an ISO Certified company by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Niton Metal and Alloys has an experience of over 2 decades. Niton has formed a name for itself in the last 2 decades by providing high-quality products and services.

Niton Metal & Alloys

Contact person: Deepak Sanghvi

Plot No. 9, 1st Floor, 7/9, Govindji Bhatia Niwas, Dr. Bhajekar Street, Near H.N. Hospital, Mumbai - 04.



United Arab Emirates

Tel: 9769765978


29 Dec 2023
GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of wet scrubber machines in Chennai, dedicated to providing top-notch industrial air pollution control systems. Our expertise extends to serving as a trusted manufacturer and supplier in Chennai, catering to industries such as foundries, boiler flue gas filtration, DG sets, metal finishing, powder coating, anodizing, the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd

Contact person: GTS Enviro

18, Ambal Nagar, Near VG Rao Nagar, Ganapathy, Coimbatore – 641006




Tel: 09843030427


27 Dec 2023
Wedges and Barrels, anchor heads, Post Tensioning Anchor Heads, grip system anchor heads, wedge coupler anchor heads, anchor plates, bearing plates, Post Tensioning anchor plates, grip system anchor plates, post tensioning grip system, post tensioning Wedge Couplers, Wedge Couplers system, grip systems, Wedge Enclosed Couplers, Wedge Couplers Grip Systems, pre stressed grip systems, Prestressing Wedges Barrels, Anchorite Wedges, Tapered Barrels, Anchor Grips Wedges, Open Grip barrels Wedges, Wire bridge barrel & wedge, Gripfast Wedges, Wedge and barrel for construction, Wedges and barrels for bridge, Railway wedges and barrels, Concrete pole wedges and barrels, Wire bridge wedges barrels, Wire rope bridge wedges barrels, Grip Fasteners, Barrels and wedges manufacturers exporters, suppliers and distributors in india, Spain, Oman, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Bangladesh, Nepal, Colombia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, turkey, pakistan, south africa Our manufacturing products range includes Prestressed Anchor, Prestressing Anchorage Coupling System, Post Tensioning Bridge Anchor System, Anchor Barrels and Wedges, Post Tensioning Products, Prestresed anchor plate anchor wedges with prestressed equipment, trumpet anchorage set, Post Tensioning System, bridges stressing, Pre Stressing Wedges and Barrels, Post Stressing Wedges and Barrels, Anchor Barrel And Wedges, Prestressed & Post Tensioning System, Prestressed Anchor Grips Tool Wedges Grips For PC Strand Tool, Prestressing Anchor And Wedges, Prestressing Barrel And Wedge, prestressing wire Anchor Wedges and Barrels, closed or open type Barrels, Anchor Head Wedges, 3 Part Wedges, 2 Part Wedges, Strand Coupler, Post Tensioning Wedges And Barrels, Pre Stressed Anchor Grip System, Anchor Heads Plates, Prestressing Concrete Post Tension Anchor Wedges And Barrels, Post Tension Prestress Barrel and Anchor Wedges for Construction, Reusable Jack Jaws Barrels And Wedges, Re-usable Barrels, Re-usable Wedges, Wedge Couplers System, Bearing Plates, Wedge Enclosed Couplers, Anchor Grips Wedges, Gripfast Wedges, Wedge And Barrel For Construction, Concrete Pole Wedges And Barrels, Wire Bridge Wedges Barrels, Wire Rope Bridge Wedges Barrels, Grip Fasteners, Wedge Coupler Anchor Heads, Post Tensioning Anchor Plates, Grip System Anchor Plates, Post Tensioning Grip System, Post Tensioning Wedge Couplers, Wedge Couplers System, Grip Systems, Anchorite Wedges, Open Grip Barrels Wedges, Railway Wedges And Barrels, PT Wedges, Monostrand Anchor Barrel and Wedges, Grip System Anchor Heads, Wedge Coupler Anchor Heads, Post Tensioning Anchor Heads, Wedge Couplers Grip Systems, Pre Stressed Grip Systems, Prestressing Wedges Barrels, Tapered Barrels, Wire Bridge Barrel & Wedge, Wedges And Barrels For Bridge manufacturers, distributors, suppliers & exporters in India, Punjab Ludhiana. We export above products to worldwide countries like Australia, Brazil, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherland, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, USA, Sri Lanka, Sweden etc. 91-9915315033


Contact person: Harsimran Singh

416, Harkrishan Pura, Opp. S.B.I., Gill Road, Miller Ganj, Ludhiana Punjab (INDIA)




Tel: 9915315033


21 Dec 2023
Bombay Earthing House is a firmly established Copper Earthing Electrode Manufacturer in India. Our specialty is providing electrical systems that are connected to the ground via a conductive electrode placed far below the surface. We are one of the top earthing electrode suppliers in India. As a leading Copper Earthing Electrode Manufacturer, We promise to have a sizable inventory of copper earthing electrodes on hand to satisfy a range of customer demands. Bombay Earthing House has established itself as a reputable brand, and our excellent Copper Earthing Electrodes are in great demand across the world. Copper earthing electrodes in earthing systems offer a number of benefits over substitute options. We have been able to establish a solid reputation in the global industry because we are committed to providing trustworthy supplies and prompt shipping. Also, we are a leading Lightning Arresters Supplier in India.

bombay earthing

Contact person: Bombay Earthing

20A / 20B, Devkaran Mansion, Bldg No. 3, Shamalda




Tel: 09188566334


14 Dec 2023
One of India’s top suppliers of extrusion compounding equipment and services is Kriimpas India Pvt. Ltd. With more than ten years of experience and knowledge, we can meet the wide range of demands of our customers with a wide variety of goods and services.


Contact person: Vaibhav Patel

48 kamla amrut Industrial park, opp torrent pharma, ahmedabad-mehsana highway, indrad, kadi, Mehsana



Tel: 9909900787


13 Dec 2023
Manilaxmi Industrial Company is a highly acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal products like Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Buttwelded Pipe Fittings, Forged Fittings, Tube Fittings, Sheets, Plates & Coils, Bars, Fasteners etc. The company has carved an unparalleled position in the industry by making relentless efforts to cater to the clients with premium quality pipes, tubes and fitting components. We are confident about our all project. We always try our best. Also we provide high quality industrial services. Our dedicated team is very helpful.

Manilaxmi Industrial

Contact person: Manilaxmi Industrial

Plot 156-158, PO Box - 400004, Maharashtra, India




Tel: 07710800415


13 Dec 2023
Ningbo Teng Yu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Mazhu, the thousand-year old town of Yuyao, founded in 2013. The company is a professional Industrial Equipment Automatic Assembly Machine supplier and Industrial Automated Assembly Equipment factory, has accumulated rich experience in the automation equipment industry and has become a benchmark enterprise in the automation equipment industry. At present, the company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has 50 employees, of whom 40% are senior technicians who have been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Ningbo Teng Yu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Ningbo Teng Yu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Building 11, No. 26, Beisheng Road, Mazhu Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City




Tel: 86-13255848688


12 Nov 2021 — registered, 07 Dec 2023 — updated
Shogan Systems is a highly professional laptop and printer service center in Coimbatore.

We also provide faster and reliable barcode printers at a reasonable price.

Our product range consists of Posiflex POS thermal billing printer, Posiflex Non-touch billing POS, Posiflex POS cash drawer, Posiflex POS pole display, Posiflex POS keyboard and MSR and so on.

Shogan Systems

Contact person: Vadivel

No.721, First Floor, Sri Venki Complex Cross Cut Road, near North Coimbatore Flyover, Gandhipuram




Tel: 9894777970


07 Dec 2023
ProBal Dynamic Balancing LLC. is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of computerized electronic dynamic hard bearing balancing machines for automotive and industrial applications. We offer a very broad range including Horizontal and Vertical machines as well as the ability to tailor machines to custom applications.

Probal Dynamic Balancing, LLC.

Contact person: Leith Whitley

14 Whitleys Ridge Lane Gainesville, TX



United States

Tel: (940)-668-1126


04 Sep 2023 — registered, 06 Dec 2023 — updated
Our company takes pride in being a leading provider of medical and surgical instruments in the UK.

We stand out in the healthcare industry because of our commitment to delivering quality and precision.

Our extensive range of medical instruments has been carefully selected to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals. With an emphasis on accuracy and reliability, we strive to provide practitioners with instruments that empower them to deliver exceptional care.

Our ultimate mission is to transform the landscape across the UK by offering off the line surgical and medical instruments.

Innovant Healthcare

Contact person: James

33 Cavendish Square, Westminster



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 203 984 5358


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