Manufacturers and Exporters of Raw and Semifinished Materials

04 Mar 2020
We are peptide API manufacturer.We have FDA verified & cGMP production facility and we can provide peptide with best quality and very competitive price. Maybe we can be your supplier. Generic Bulk Peptide APIs No English Name Cas No. Scale Specification Documentation JYGP001 Abarelix 183552-38-7 R&D In-house   JYGP002 Alarelin 79561-22-1 R&D In-house   JYGP003 Atosiban 90779-69-4 Commercial In-house DMF Available JYGP004 Aviptadil 40077-57-4 R&D In-house   JYGP005 Angiotensin II 4474-91-3 R&D In-house   JYGP006 Antide 112568-12-4 R&D In-house   JYGP007 Vasporessin 11000-17-2 Commercial USP   JYGP008 Bivalirudin 128270-60-0 Commercial In-house DMF Available JYGP009 Buserelin Acetate 68630-75-1 Commercial EP   JYGP010 Caspofungin Acetate 179463-17-3 Commercial In-house DMF Available JYGP011 Calcitonin (Salmon) 47931-85-1 Pilot EP   JYGP012 Carbetocin 37025-55-1 Commercial In-house DMF Available JYGP013 Carperitide 89213-87-6 R&D In-house   JYGP014 Cetrorelix Acetate 120287-85-6 Pilot In-house   JYGP015 Desmopressin Acetate 16789-98-3 Commercial EP/FDA DMF Available JYGP016 Deslorelin 57773-65-6 Commercial In-house   JYGP017 Elcatonin 57014-02-5 R&D In-house   JYGP018 Enfuvirtide 159519-65-0 R&D In-house   JYGP019 Eptifibatide Acetate 148031-34-9 Pilot EP   JYGP020 Exenatide Acetate 141758-74-9 Pilot In-house   JYGP021 Fertirelin Acetate 66002-66-2 R&D In-house   JYGP022 GLP-1(7-36) amide 107444-51-9 R&D In-house   JYGP023 GLP-1 (7-37) 106612-94-6 R&D In-house   JYGP024 Glucagon 16941-32-5 Pilot EP/USP   JYGP025 Gonadorelin Acetate 71447-49-9 Pilot EP   JYGP026 Goserelin Acetate 145781-92-6 Commercial EP/USP   JYGP027 Histrelin Acetate 220810-26-4 Commercial In-house   JYGP028 Icatibant 30308-48-4 R&D In-house   JYGP029 Leuprorelin Acetate 74381-53-6 Commercial USP   JYGP030 Lanreotide Acetate 108736-35-2 R&D In-house   JYGP031 Liraglutide 204656-20-2 Pilot In-house DMF Preparation JYGP032 Lysipressin 50-57-7 Commercial In-house   JYGP033 Nafarelin 86220-42-0 R&D In-house   JYGP034 Octreotide Acetate 79517-01-4 Pilot Ch.P/EP   JYGP035 Oxytocin 50-56-6 Commercial EP/USP USVMF/CEP JYGP036 Pramlintide Acetate 196078-30-5 Pilot In-house   JYGP037 Protirelin 24305-27-9 Commercial EP   JYGP038 Sincalide Acetate 25126-32-3 R&D USP   JYGP039 Somatostatin 38916-34-6 Commercial EP/Ch.P   JYGP040 Terlipressin 14636-12-5 Commercial EP/In-house DMF Available JYGP041 Teriparatide Acetate 52232-67-4 R&D In-house   JYGP042 Thymopentin Acetate 177966-81-3 Commercial Ch.P   JYGP043 Thymosin β4 Acetate 77591-33-4 R&D In-house   JYGP044 Thymalfasin 62304-98-7 Commercial Ch.P   JYGP045 Triptorelin Acetate 140194-24-7 Commercial In-house   JYGP046 Micafungin 235114-32-6 Pilot In-house   JYGP047 Linaclotide 851199-60-5 Lab In-house   JYGP048 Degarelix 214766-78-6 Pilot In-house   JYGP049 Semaglutide 910463-68-2 Lab In-house DMF Preparation JYGP050 Plecanatide 467426-54-6 Lab In-house   JYGP051 Telavacin 372151-71-8 R&D In-house   JYGP052 Oritavancin 171099-57-3 R&D In-house   JYGP053 Dalbavancin 171500-79-1 R&D In-house       Veterinary Peptides No English Name Cas No. Scale ​JYGP001 ​Alarelin 183552-38-7​ Promote ovulation, treat infertility caused by abnormal ovarian function, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, and improve pregnancy rate.​ JYGP009 Buserelin Acetate 68630-75-1 Use in Cattle,Mares,Rabbits JYGP015 Desmopressin Acetate 16789-98-3 Treatment of canine and feline diabetes insipidus JYGP016 Deslorelin 57773-65-6 Induction of ovulation in estrous mares Reproduction control in dogs JYGP021 Fertirelin Acetate 66002-66-2 Ovarian follicular cysts Induction of ovulation JYGP027 Histrelin Acetate 220810-26-4 a long-acting, synthetic nonapeptide analog of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) with potential anti-tumor activity. ​ JYGP029 Leuprorelin Acetate 74381-53-6 Chemical castration JYGP035 Oxytocin 50-56-6 Used in control of lactation and parturition JYGP039 Somatostatin 38916-34-6 A growth hormone-release inhibiting factor​​

Shenzhen JYMed technology company

Contact person: Camille

Rm.2-408, Shenzhen Bio-incubator Base,10 Gaoxin C. 1st,Nanshan District, Shenzhen,GD, China, 518057




Tel: 8615607164576


10 Dec 2019
We are a veteran and a formidable player in Mumbai metal market. Established in year 1984 we have been primarily engaged Sourcing & supplying all kinds of tubes & pipes in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals. In a way we are a specialist in supplying various grades, shapes, sizes of seamless & ERW pipes conforming to all Nationally & Internationally accepted standards. Today with the ever increasing customers demand and to give complete service to our esteemed clients we are also dealing in all types of Pipes Fittings, Flanges, sheets, plates, Bars, Rods etc.


Contact person: GURU GAUTAM

99/99A, Shiv Vilas Building, 2nd Pathan Street, 5th Kumbharwada




Tel: 02266362406


26 Nov 2019
Plastics are replacing metals and ceramics in many places, but they're such poor heat conductors that nobody even considers them for applications that require heat to be dissipated efficiently," said Jinsang Kim, U-M materials science and engineering professor.

Pinghu Zhanpeng Hot Melt Adhesive Web & Film Co., Ltd

Contact person: HGFXJT

No. 2666 Xinkai Road, Economic Development Zone, Pinghu City, Zhejiang, China




Tel: 0086 573-85032008


19 Nov 2019
Custom Snapback Hats and Custom Design Flex Fit Hats - Price Custom snapback hats and custom design flex fit hats are premium products, so expect to pay premium price if you want to buy them. Custom snapback hats and custom design flex fit hats are worth it for most fashion lovers because they tend to look good, feel good, and earn you points out on the town.

Shengzhou Boyi Neckwear & Weaving Co., Ltd.

Contact person: bfvxhg

No.16, Road 4, Necktie Industrial Zone, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 312400, China




Tel: 86-575-83362187, 86-13967503683


25 Oct 2019
Rajsagar Steel is based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat in India. Established in 1967 is a leading manufacturer of Carbon steel and Alloy steel seamless pipes and tubes along with coating at its state of the art manufacturing facilities. Visit for more company and product details.

Rajsagar Steel PVT. LTD (RSPL)

Contact person: Rajsagar Steel

103, 1st Floor, Sukh Sagar Complex, Next to Hotel Fortune Land Mark, Ashram Road. (Gujarat )




Tel: 7927556628


30 Mar 2019
Red Cross Industries is a manufacturer and consultant for sanitary napkin making machines and sanitary napkin raw materials.

We are one of the best in manufacturing sanitary pad making machines.

Providing efficient workforce, updated technology recommendation, innovative and focused approach, timely delivery, etc.

Red Cross Industries

Contact person: Red Cross Industries

G-229, Sitapur Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan




Tel: 07814891503


14 Mar 2019
We offer a quality range of calcium carbonate / marble powder, garnate /abrasive sand, marble, mica, potash feldspar, silica, quartz, soda feldspar, talc / soapstone, dolomite etc.

Processed using superior quality ingredients, these minerals are developed as per the international standards and norms.

AKJ Minchem Pvt. Ltd.

Contact person: AKJ

NH8, Near Mewar Weigh Bridge, Sukher, Rajasthan




Tel: 9509806461


16 Oct 2018 — registered, 07 Nov 2018 — updated
Hangmao Stone, founded in 1998, is a professional natural stone manufacturer, offering series of products such as slabs, tiles, mosaics, pavers, countertops, basins in granite, marble, basalt, sandstone, limestone, etc.

We also provide fireplaces, tombstones, natural stone sculptures such as figure statues, animal statues, fountains, and other engineered stone products like quartz stone and cultural marble slabs, vanity tops and design specific stone products according to your requirements.

Managed with a highly skillful team, having the 20-year-accumulated experience in natural stone manufacturing and high standard quality detection system, Hangmao Stone has developed into a well-positioned trading company.

Since 1998, Hangmao Stone has made quantities of cooperations for projects with many clients, exporting first-class products to Middle East, Western Europe, North America and many other countries.

Over these years we have still been working strictly to be a more self-disciplined company to provide customers from all over the world with the excellent quality pruducts, the reliable re-sale and after-sale service and competitive prices in this field.

Hangmao Stone Marble Granite Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Jeawin Huang

Unit C, 15th Floor, Building B, Jinlong Mansion, NO.252, Dongdu Road




Tel: +86-592-6011471, +86-13806085558


26 Apr 2018
Advanced Engineering Materials Limited (AEM) is an international company involved in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of high-tech materials.

We provide worldwide research institutes and high-tech enterprises with high purity non-ferrous materials, customized alloys, compounds and almost every kind of complicated synthetic material, etc.

We have great advantages in magnetron sputtering targets, vacuum coating materials, high-purity metals, high-purity compounds, coated substrates, etc.

AEM not only provides high-purity chemicals for research institutes in the research and development (R&D) fields, but also provides technical grade materials for manufacturers in the ceramic, metallurgy and electronic industries.

Advanced Engineering Materials Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Echo Chou

Rm. 408, Building 1, No. 31, Yinshan Road




Tel: 86-0731-89578196


26 Oct 2016
We are suppliers of mentioned solid minerals below we also have virgin field for them in exportable quantity.

Tin ore
Lead ore

Ally Bay And Partners Ltd

Contact person: Mr Alex Osuji

Plot 349 Abule Ado Shopping Complex Satelite




Tel: 2348033339035


15 Mar 2016
Tai Chi Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2013 in Hong Kong. It is a high-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, production and trade.

Currently, our factory has excellent equipments, strong technical force, advanced production technology and perfect testing methods.

The products have won a good reputation in chemical-related fields at home and abroad. We currently have the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate products.

All our products have passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

We adhere to the guidelines of “better branded, best services, high-efficient work and reliable credibility” all the time. Guided by the world trend of the development of medicine and chemical industry, we constantly develop the advantageous varieties at home and abroad.

Our products have been produced with CP, USP, EP, JP and other standards. In order to meet the market demand, our company has successively built research and development centers, large and medium-sized production workshop and auxiliary workshop, making the product quality on a new step.

Tai Chi Industrial Co., Ltd

Contact person: Cassie Ma

Tung Ning Building, Sha Tin District


Hong Kong


Tel: +86008564990777


31 Jul 2015
A trade house - Tradeore Minerals & Metallurgy B2B directory.

Giuelith Timantti Ltd.

Contact person: Roger K. Olsson



Russian Federation



26 Aug 2014
We are a professional raw sepiolite mining company.

Sepiolite, zeolite, quartz, gypsum, dolomite as well as cat litter, poultry feed additive, animal feed additive, paper filler, deodorant, soil, insulation materials.

Ak-min Madencilik

Contact person: Burhan Eroglu

B.S.S Bölgesi Atatürk Bulvarı No:3 Temelli - Malı Köy




Tel: +903126401313, +905466304820


20 Aug 2014
Eximat is your one stop source for meeting all your sulphur requirements. We are leading exporters of agricultural and industrial sulphur.

Eximat Elemental Sulphur Division

Contact person: Sudhakar Kumar

212 SRS Tower, Sector 31, Haryana




Tel: 91 0129-2982212


11 Nov 2013
Established in 2000, we supply both man-made and natural stone products.

Our main product is engineered quartz stone in slabs of sizes of 300 x 140 cm and 320 x 160 cm, also tiles in sizes 600 mm x 600 mm or other sizes as per client's requests.

The thickness can be 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Our monthly production is 50,000 square meters.


Contact person: Listone

Unit 407, No.83, Xianliezhong Road




Tel: 37625152


01 May 2013
Elegant Natural Stones – a leading supplier & exporter of natural stones: granite, marble, sandstones, limestone, quartzite, bidasar, slate stone.

Elegant Granites - Granite Exporter - India

Contact person: Anup Gupta

C- 27, Bais Godam Industrial Estate, Bais Godam




Tel: 911412211977, 918058080805


04 Feb 2013
Special Materials Company provides industrial marketing, offering a European semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys, as well as complementary products (zinc, materials for welding, aluminum, bi-/trimetally and special steels), primarily through direct contracts with manufacturers.

Special Materials

Contact person: Kovrigo

Roslavl shosse



Russian Federation

Tel: +74995040446, +74995040447


01 Nov 2012
Marchem was founded in 2008 as an international trading group of industrial plastic raw materials.

Marchem management team has been performing in the plastic raw materials industry since 1990.

Marchem has a comprehensive level of international trade experience.

Marchem is working with highly respected, very well-known suppliers with their wide range of products.

Marchem strongly highlights and underlines its major principle of Customer Satisfaction.

Marchem International Trading LLP

Contact person: Muhammed Kocaman

Kisikli Mah. Bosna Bulvari Camlica Ulusoy Plaza no: 25/3 Uskuda




Tel: 0090 216 344 33 70


06 Aug 2012
We Xiangxi Feng Da Alloys Ltd are the manufacturers of manganese metal in China.

More than 90 thousand metric tons of manganese metal were sold by us in 2011, the quantity accounting for about 1/5 of the total quantity exported from China.

Our products:

Manganese metal: flakes / briquettes / lumps / powder.

Nitrided manganese metal: briquettes / powder /flakes / lumps.

Mn-Al tablets (MN+AL or MN+FLUXES).

Nitrided ferro manganese.

(We can produce according to your demand).

Xiangxi Feng Da Alloys.Ltd

Contact person: Fay, Hou

1 Fengda Road, Ji Feng Economic Development Zone, Hunan




Tel: 86-743-8232559


23 Jun 2012
We are one of the leading quarry owners, manufacturers and exporters of Indian natural stones. Granite, marble, sandstone, paving stones, cobbles, pebbles, landscape items and slate.

Eurro Export

Contact person: Rameshwar Sharma

T-11, Alankar Plaza, Vidhyadhar Nagar


Jaipur, Rajasthan


Tel: 911412232047


27 Mar 2012
A leading manufacturer and exporter of copper turned parts, copper fittings, copper pressed parts, bronze fittings, copper washers, grounding parts, copper casting, alloys, rods.

We supply to more than 34 countries in the world.

Brass Copper Fittings

Contact person: Harshani


Tel: 912243449325


23 Mar 2012
We are general plastic materials manufacturer and specialized in this field for many years, obtain good reputation, welcome to inquire and ask for free samples.

Qinhuangdao Huanji Plas Co, Ltd

Contact person: Liu

No.108 Heping street, Waterfront area




Tel: 0086-335-3198832


17 Mar 2012
Our company specializes in and ships worldwide a very large range of fluoroplastic materials from powders, stock shapes and tubing to high value added parts, components and assemblies. Besides the above, our company markets stock shapes in technical plastics namely nylon6, POM, PP, HDPE and PETG and other industrial consumables.

Foresight Plastics & Engineering Sp. z o.o.

Contact person: Daniel Leszczak

ul. Sienna 16




Tel: 48607602367, 48607602367


21 Dec 2011
Hereby we introduce ourselves – Shiyun Metal Tech Co., Ltd., our main products include cobalt powder, nickel powder, zinc powder, copper powder, stainless powder and so on.

Our metal powder is widely used in machine industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, such as bearing, wheel gear, diamond tool, powder metallurgy, catalyst of chemicals, adhesion and colorant of glass or ceram etc.

Shijiazhuang Shiyun Metal Tech Co., Ltd

Contact person: Mary

No. 8 Huaian Road




Tel: +86-311-80710268


18 Aug 2011
We are an exporter from Bangladesh.

Our products include: cement, ceramics table wares, plastic household items, PVC items, ball point pen, cosmetics, garments & hometex, footwear etc.


Contact person: Md. Abdul Hye

Pritom Bhaban, 215, Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani




Tel: +880 2 955 4564, +880 17 1721 5361, +880 16 7109 0490


05 Aug 2011
We are a sourcing and financing company for Korean manufacturers.

We are interested in purchasing graphite flakes, iron oxide red, rare earth oxide and crude coal tar.

Please contact us so that we can provide you with details.

DongSuh Global Net Inc

Contact person: Kiil Shin

Schumannstr. 51D




Tel: 4969422629


05 Aug 2011
Xiamen ISO Standard Sand Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and is the only enterprise designated by Chinese government to produce and sell China ISO Standard Sand.

China ISO Standard Sand is produced according to ISO 679 and EN196-1.

Xiamen ISO Standard Sand Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Cooper

No. 45 | Yanghe Road | Xinyang Industrial Zone | Haicang Investment Zone |




Tel: +86 59 2651 6879, +86 139 5017 3423


11 Jul 2011
Shi Jiazhuang Wan Liang Chemicals Co., Ltd is a major manufacturer of chemical raw materials in China, located in north of China.

Our products include the basic Inorganic and Organic Chemicals, Dyestuffs, which are used in Paint & Coating Industry, Rubber Industry, Water-treatment Industry, Feed Industry, Fertilizer Industry, etc.

Sticking to Scientific Outlook on Development, we have been working hard to adjust product structure and developing thought; through promoting technical innovation, we adopt the latest technologies to reform old industry. Now, Wanliang ranks top position in this industry in term of technical level, market adaptive capacity and economic profits. With stable products performance, we have got good market reputation and economic profits.

Owing to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Foremost", our company would like to make friends in different lines. Friends at home and abroad are welcome to negotiate business with us for our mutual development.

Shi Jiazhuang Wan Liang Chemicals Co., Ltd

Contact person: Rene

28-2-701 Prison Policeman Dormitory, Huaian West Road, Qiaoxi District




Tel: +86 311 8523 6935


08 Jun 2011
HeBei Yaben Chemicals Co. Itd is a professional manufacturer in chemical field, specializing in chemical raw materials. We are also good at exporting the chemical technology business.

Our mainly product include organic and inorganic chemistry, dye and so on, which have good performance in painting and coating industry, rubber industry, feed industry, hardware and electrical industry etc.

For example: acetic acid, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, caustic soda, calcium chloride, titanium dioxide, zinc sulfate and so on...


Contact person: Zhang

Juntang Community, 11-1-2404, Pu’an road 6#, Qiaodong District

Shijiazhuang, Hebei


Tel: +86 311 6766 1676


04 Jun 2011
We are a leading Egyptian company in the field of Exporting Egyptian Raw Cotton.

Our exports are from varieties such as: Giza 86, Giza 88, Giza 90, Giza 80, exporter type from mentioned varieties.

AL-Amir Company For Ginning & Cotton Export

Contact person: Mostafa Sabry

3, Talaat Harb St., Al-Attareen




Tel: +20 123 679 929


23 May 2011
We are specialized in the manufacture of detergent products for many years.

Our advantages:

1) Lowest price. We are the manufacturer, directly exporting, so we have the manufacturer price, lowest price for you.

2) The quality. We have absolute control of quality, so we can assure the quality.

3) We plan to expand our business in your country, turnover with lowest price.

Our main products are as follows:

1. Washing detergent powder (both hand and machine)
2. Washing detergent liquid
3. Hans washing
4. Laundry soap
5. Laundry soap powder
7. Soap noodles

We have our brand, also we can do OEM.

We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

Welcome to China and visit our factory.

Jinzhou Cheng Xiang Trade Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Sunny Shen

Hebe Shenze



Tel: +86 311 86117158


05 Apr 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are SOVIMEX CO, LTD in Viet Nam, specializing in processing and exporting canned fruits/vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, baby corn, pineapple, litchi, straw mushroom, salted solanum xanthocarpum, grape leaves, passionfruit concentrate, …

We believe that we are offering our products to you with the most competitive price and best quality. Our products are chosen very carefully before packing to ensure highest goods quality for customers. With many years of experience in this industry, we always delivery goods that be good on arrival and professional service. Our product have HACCP, HALAL, GFL, BRC, ISO Cert.

If you have the demand, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Best regards.

Sovimex Co., ltd

Contact person: Angela Trinh

2/49 Phan Thuc Duyen Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Tel: 84 83 8800068, 84 973707749


Registered before Jan 2011
Our company OJSC "Artyomovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant", created in 1954, is the leader for production of non-ferrous goods in Ukraine, produces more than 1000 nominal sizes of copper alloys. Our non-ferrous products are produced according to international standards and completely meet requirements of our customers. Our products are known in such countries as Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Greece, England, Slovakia, in some Far East countries and others. Our official site is

Azocm, OJSC

Contact person: Helen Kruglova

Kirova Str.42,


Artyomovsk, Donetsk Region


Tel: +38 062 3401947, +38 062 3354023

Fax: +38 062 3401947


Registered before Jan 2011
We manufacturer and direct exporter of rattan, wood, alumimium, stainless steel etc. available office furniture by request. Weaved by various of material. Looking for partnership or representative agent, in case of interested please contact us.

Cv. Manunggal Furniture

Contact person: Gmatt

Jl.Nyi Mas Wanawati No 32 Tegalwangi


Cirebon West Java


Tel: +62 23 1320288, +62 813 24052394

Fax: +62 23 1320771


Registered before Jan 2011
International Petrochemicals Pvt Ltd has grown into a group of companies engaged in the trade and production of industrial raw materials such as Natural Rubbers, Synthetic Rubbers, Solvents, Processing Oils, Sulfur, etc. For most of the products, we have established direct relationships with the world renowned manufacturing plants. We have our offices in Mauritius, Iran, China, Brazil and UAE.

International Petrochemicals Pvt Ltd Pakistan

Contact person: Atif Iqbal

Main Wahdat Road Lahore






Registered before Jan 2011
L&B GROUP CO., LTD. is engage in new material and novelty products manufacturers. Including photo luminescent pigment, glow in the dark novelty, metallic powder, Bamboo.

L&B Group have three Bamboo plant and various of product line in South of China. Supply all kinds of luminous bamboo products. Most of our products export to worldwide.

We have gained the good reputation and trust by our clients in the worldwide with Excellent Quality, Favorable Price, Prompt Delivery and Best service!
Our mission is to provide the best Service and excellence Quality, Competitive price to our customers.

L&B Group

Contact person: Allen

B-1808, No.12.Dysb West Rd




Tel: +86 10 80691852

Fax: +86 10 59222900


Registered before Jan 2011
Partner (TianJin) Chemicals Co., Ltd is quality approval enterprise, engaged in the technical research, industrial manufacture and commercial trade. Nowadays, we own sub-companies to produce many kinds of chemical raw materials, which are used in the industries including paint & coating, leather, textile, detergent and rubber. With advantages of owning our large scale capital-owned factories, we attribute our success to our enduring efforts to supply quality and cost-effective chemicals to our customers.

Tianjin Partner Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Rose.Du

Science And Industry Area, Shuanggang Town, Jinnan District




Tel: +86 228 8510950

Fax: +86 228 8510951


Registered before Jan 2011
Shallwee Titanium Trading Co., Ltd. was established by two mechanical engineers in 2005 in China. We are a small company, who has 12 staffs now. From the day when we were set up, Shallwee has devoted itself to titanium materials and products.
We have set up excellent relationship with dozens of factories from Baoji to Suzhou. That means we can get titanium materials and semi-products from the biggest and most important titanium base and get precise products from the most developed technicology zone in China. The dozens of factories can make us provide suitable quantity and quality for different customers.
So we build two adequately stocked titanium warehouses in Baoji and Huaibei, which guarantee our clients can get competitive price, flexible quantity and well-pleasing quality of titanium materials and products. That lets Shallwee become one of the major distributors of titanium materials and products in China.
We supply a variety of titanium products ranging from pure commercial titanium to titanium alloys in bar, sheet, plate, tube, wire and fasteners on demand. These superb materials are vastly utilized in the aerospace, medical, automotive, jewelry, chemical processing and metal finishing industries under ultimate requirements.

Shallwee Titanium Trading

Contact person: Jack Ren

No.109 Huaihai Road




Tel: +86 056 15228036

Fax: +86 056 15228102


Registered before Jan 2011
21 Mar 2010

We propose good business relationship for you. Long Flex Metals Sarl is located in West Africa Mali. I am the Marketing Director of the company, and we are capable of supplying your demand of gold dust, gold bar, nuggets per monthly demand depending on the quantity.
We deal directly with buyers and our procedure is very simple, we operate in 2 ways, you can buy from us directly and you can buy from us through PMMC, we ship to buyer's destination FOB & CIF but under bank instrument we accept CIF.
Our current FCO will be made available to you upon your request.
Furthermore I will like to invite you to Mali in order to build trust before we do any transaction, and you shall inspect our commodity, warehouse, mining sites during your stay here in Mali.
You need to be 100% comfortable with us before we move further, trust is not build in a day and moreover Africa has a very bad reputation, we need to see who we are dealing with, transaction on internet are not 100% safe, anybody can claim to be anything on the internet to get what he/she want.
Don't hesitate to contact us by email, if you have any question or anything you need to know about our company or our commodity.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Long Flex Metals Sarl

Contact person: Moustapha Toure

Batiment Fondation Pour L'enfance, 2eme Etage Handallaye Aci 2000, Rue 260 Bamako




Tel: +223 787 21 117, +223 695 13 068

Fax: +223 787 21 118


Registered before Jan 2011
The Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which applies itself to engage in producing plant extracts and external remedy has certified by GMP. The company has the self-management right to import and export, and has been recommended to “China Clean-Production Enterprise” which supported by Dow Chemical Inc. USA.
The headquarters of the company lies in Gaosheng County, Panjin City, Liaoning province, where the Liaohe Oil Field locates. It has a pleasant ambience and the scene, there is a perfect dream, furthermore, the position of the company is easy of access. With all of these, Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is looking forward to your advent.
Panjin Tianyuan pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is one of the leading silymarin manufacturers in Asia, and we are the biggest silymarin manufacturer in China. Our annual capacity for this product is 200,000kg, and the great mass of Silymarin is exported. This product is a series which includes of Silybin, Water Soluble Silymarin and Water Soluble Silybin. We have the ability to R&D the new breed, we empoldered Water Soluble Silymarin by our selves, by which in a class in the whole world market, and we can produce different specifications for different customers’ different requirements.
The company has the vigoroso technical development strength, the advanced laboratory, the excellent instrument, the exquisite production craft, in the meanwhile, it also has established symbiosis with many domestic scientific research institutes or university colleges and universities, because all of above, the innovation of the development technology and the production craft unceasingly has become a marrow to make the blood of promoting the new product ceaselessly. Now, the technical specification of each product has already achieved e’en surpassed the international standard.
"Originate from nature, lead a sustained development", Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd turns hand to the errand of “Develop people’s health, share nice life”, perseveres in the working conception of “With the people at the core; Honesty and kindheartedness; Foresight decision-making; Innovating and surmounting”, obeys the marketing fundamental of “Faithfulness, Credit, Mutual benefit and Mutual success, Develop together”, and foremost, “The quality is the life”.
Nowadays, Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is cordially opening its door with a bran-new air to all of people with the empressement, no matter where he is, no matter when he comes.
The products we produce which charmed the customers are possessed of a greater part of market share in EC, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, Africa and other more than 20 countries and the area. Welcome to cooperate with us by the mode of selling, processing, coordinating and acting as an agent, and contribute our shares to the health project for the entire human race.

Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Contact person: Wu Minghui

Gaosheng Town, Panshan County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province


Panjin City


Tel: +86 0427 5622866, +86 159 42735924

Fax: +86 0427 5622904


Registered before Jan 2011
We are exporter for minerals commodity from India and Import steel, copper and Aluminum to India.

Aztech International

Contact person: Mohd.Azhar Khan

#36, 2nd Floor, R.V.Road.




Tel: +91 80 26577072, +91 93 41940457

Fax: +91 80 26575316


Registered before Jan 2011
We are gum Arabic exporter of both line: crude and kibbled.
We are processor of Hasab gum and talha gum (engal and seial).
We export to Europe and USA.

Elrifabi Gum Arabic Processing Factory

Contact person: Tarig Osman

Alamart Street No (55)



Tel: +249 183 562556, +249 912391144

Fax: +249 183 562070


Registered before Jan 2011
We are subsidiary company of Korean big trading company for dealing with mainly metal trading including ferrous/non ferrous metal & scrap, pig irons, ferro alloys etc. We will be able to handle various items like minerals, non ferrous & rare metal and some chemical/ mechanical items through our head office in Korea. Please contact us if you are interested in any products from/to Korea and we can give you prompt reply.

Category: Raw & Semifinished (Imp. & Exp.)

Rodem Ukraine Co Ltd

Contact person: Hoony Son (South Korean)

Admiralskaya Str. 29, Kb 2




Tel: +38 0512 372640, +38 050 9659500


Registered before Jan 2011
Exporter of clay of 99% kaoline and ball clay mineral with proven chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction certification.

Hepzi Clay Pot (Export) Nigeria, Ltd

Contact person: Engr. (Dr). Olokode Olusegun Sunday

College Of Engineering, Univerity Of Agriculture

234 -39

Abeokuta, Alabata


Tel: +234 702 6184271


Registered before Jan 2011
We are interested in cooperation with our neighbor in a mediation and consulting on sale of the following products: sugar beets, D-2, JP-54, Urea N-46, Cement-Portland and we look forward to your suggestions via our exports as we expect a fair co-operation...

European Line Service

Contact person: Jozef Budzik

Strazacka 8




Tel: +48 58 735 3170


Registered before Jan 2011
Beijing Longstar International Imp&Exp Co., Ltd was founded in Oct. 2003 based in Zhongguancun Technology Park - Beijing, China. Today, Longstar is the global market leader for the laser engraving materials and advertising materials in the SIGN industry.

For many years, Longstar has been a major player in the international sign industry. Longstar supplies customers in 50 countries. 100% of our products are exported overseas. Longstar stocks the broadest, most complete product line in the industry.

We specialize in supplying:
Laser & rotary engravable plastic sheet.
Cast acrylic sheet.
Laser rubber sheet.
Stamp mat sheet.
PVC foam/celuka sheet.
Anodized aluminum sheet.
Other sign materials.

We are closely working with many world-famous companies in this industry, the export business has increased sharply during the last few years. We market primarily through our online catalog as well as standard sample parcel.

Beijing Longstar International Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

Contact person: Tina

A-303, Xiezi Park, No.11 Xinghuo Road, Fengtai District




Tel: +86 10 69393151

Fax: +86 10 58850668



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