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08 Jul 2020
Systango is a leading web and mobile app development company headquartered in London. We deliver cost-effective, intuitive and bespoke web applications, mobile apps and software solutions to our clients. What makes us different from other software development companies in the UK is we strive to deliver projects in timelines that align with our client expectations. Over the years, we have been able to perfect our processes to streamline planning, execution, collaboration while retaining the personal touch and delivering quality software at speed.
We are recognized as a top software development agency in the UK because of our highly satisfied clientele which includes both established businesses and startups alike. We have developed complex IT systems for clients from various domains including, FinTech, Manufacturing, Public Sector, E-commerce, Distribution & Logistics and more. Our company values include: Enthusiasm & Positivity, Innovate & Adapt, and Customer First. Planning to modernize your existing system? Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Systango Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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06 Dec 2019
Norton antivirus software is to protect the system from different types of malware and viruses. You cannot secure your system without downloading the Norton antivirus. In case you do not have an account on Norton, then try to create an account. You will need the activation key so that you can successfully activate your Norton product on the system. The activation key is of the 25 digits. To download, install and activate Norton setup, go to

What are the Features of Norton Setup?
Go through some of the features of Norton antivirus software to know more about this antivirus:

• Norton software supports five computer or smartphones.

• You can use Norton antivirus in other devices by transferring the download link to the device where you wish to get Norton antivirus.

• In Norton antivirus, you can easily add many devices to the other protected systems list.

• Norton antivirus stops the users from opening the malicious site and downloading documents, images or files which is distrustful.

• It protects the user's personal data from malware and viruses.

• It had the feature of parental control which restricts the kids from using malicious sites.

Steps for Downloading Norton Setup
Go through the download steps of Norton antivirus which are listed below:

• Sign in to the Norton account at by writing linked email address and Norton password.

• In case you are the new member of Norton, make a new Norton account.

• Then, type the 25-digit alphanumeric activation code which you will get while purchasing the Norton setup online or offline.

• Go to the Norton setup folder.

• After that, tap on the "Download" button located in the home page of the brought Norton setup.

• Read the legal documents by typing the "I Agree" button.

Activate Norton Setup Services

Contact person: Aida Williams

347 Garden Oaks Blvd, Houston, Texas 77018, USA



United States

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06 Dec 2019
Norton software protects the system that it is installed on. You can also secure your phone data by downloading the Norton antivirus. To get more security in your device, Norton antivirus permits the users to place the lock in their installed applications. Norton has knowledge of the footprints of viruses and malicious codes and also provides web protection to users. If you like the features of the Norton antivirus and want to download, install and activate Norton antivirus on your device, then go to

Downloading the Norton Setup
The users cannot download the Norton antivirus on their computer if any of the antivirus software already installed on their computer. The other thing the users have to check if the Norton antivirus is supported in their device. The next step is to pair the system to the users home Wi-Fi.

The steps are listed below to download the Norton software on the device:

• Tap on the URL of Norton antivirus to move towards its download procedure.

• When the Norton webpage gets loaded, press on the login.

• Type the required details.

• By moving to the front webpage of Norton antivirus, tap on the “Download Norton product.”

• After that, type the identification key.

• Press on the “Next” option.

• While the policies page gets open on the screen, press on the “I Agree” option to move towards the download process.

• After that, the Norton setup will start downloading.

Norton Setup Activate Servcies

Contact person: Salena Williams

1155 Brickell Bay Dr #101, Miami, FL 33131, United States



United States

Tel: +61 7 4944 5888


09 Aug 2019
Valiant Technosoft is a reputed IT consulting company in the USA & India.

We are the best web & mobile app development company in India.

We offer website development, mobile development and digital marketing services in the lead industries.

Valiant Technosoft

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23 Aug 2018
Maximize your focus on the business development process;
reduce administrative costs;
to get rid of the need to enter into an employment relationship, while maintaining a high level of serviceю

IT outsourcing is a partial or complete assignment of the responsibility to maintain, maintain and upgrade the IT infrastructure on the shoulders of a specialized company. It combines the availability of a staff of highly qualified IT specialists with a high level of profile support for such complex solutions as servers, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems, automatic telephone exchanges, corporate mail.

Advantages of outsourcing IT services:

Reducing the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure.

Increase the performance and stability of IT systems.

Minimization of downtime, and hence, financial losses of the company.

Increase the profitability of the company.

Ensure prompt recovery after troubleshooting.

Work exclusively with professionals.

Transparent reporting system.

Decrease in the taxable base.

Increase in investment attractiveness.

Reducing the workload of personnel and accounting staff administration.

Reducing risks and costs.

Ability to avoid labor disputes, etc.

Functional outsourcing.

Transfer part of the functions of the IT department to service the service company. Functional outsourcing of information technologies combines the availability of mid-level IT specialists in the staff and skilled specialized support of complex IT solutions - servers, PBX, corporate mail, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems. The prices for the service depend on the set of selected options.

Outsourcing of system services - service of system services of the customer. Within the framework of this service, specialists of outsourcing companies perform preventive maintenance of failures and control the operation of key customer services: e-mail, file, web-services, information security services, network services, data recovery, etc., and solve tasks related to the functioning of information technology.

Complex outsourcing of IT infrastructure - management and support of operating systems, office applications, support for office equipment and other tasks related to information technology. This type of outsourcing is suitable mainly for small businesses. IT specialists perform daily monitoring of the main services of the company, as necessary, carry out preventive visits to the customer, and other actions are carried out remotely using remote access.


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28 Dec 2016
Adoriasoft custom software development company is a highly qualified, energetic team of experts driven by a mutual desire to deliver the best.

It offers top full cycle services: Research and Estimation, Requirements definition, Architecting, Prototyping, Development, UI/UX design, QA, Support and Updates, IT Consulting.

Founded in 2009, Adoriasoft is the company that has written its history of professionalism, hard work, commitment and dedication.


Contact person: Anna

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Tel: +1 (559) 927 39 61


13 May 2014
Technotrade Ltd is engaged in development and manufacture of hardware and software solutions for petrol stations and storage depots.

Our products include: PTS controllers over fuel dispensers and ATG systems, pumpheads for fuel dispensers, tank monitoring system SIUR, NaftaPOS software, fuel card management system for petrol stations and other.

For more information please visit our website

Technotrade Ltd.

Contact person: Olga

10 Polupanova str.




Tel: 380445024655


25 Oct 2013 is a custom software development company offering skilled, on-demand resources that you can hire on full-time, part-time or at an hourly basis. We have an in-house team of employees that gives you reliability and assurance of steady quality and business continuity.

My Web Programmer

Contact person: Hayden Lewis

2530 Prospect Street



United States

Tel: (845) 406 9005



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