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19 Oct 2023
We are a dedicated group of individuals who have been deeply passionate about knives for a considerable period. Recognizing the inadequacy of existing sharpening solutions back in 2012, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create the first-ever Hapstone sharpener, then known as Hapstone PRO.

Since that momentous beginning, we have been relentlessly improving our sharpeners, all while attentively listening to your valuable feedback and suggestions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can always reach out to our experts with any questions or concerns related to sharpening. No matter what your sharpening goals are, we are devoted to finding the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Precision and efficiency lie at the core of our design philosophy. Each system HAPSTONE is meticulously engineered to deliver extraordinary results, catering to the needs of both professional sharpeners and passionate hobbyists alike. With our tools, you can achieve precise and consistent sharpening like never before.

Our diverse collection boasts a variety of models, each thoughtfully designed to address different sharpening requirements. Whether you seek a compact and portable option or a more robust system, we have the perfect match for your preferences and demands. HAPSTONE empowers you to select a system that perfectly aligns with your unique sharpening aspirations.

At HAPSTONE, we never compromise on quality. Crafted using top-grade materials, our sharpening systems are built to withstand the test of time. Durability and reliability are paramount to us, assuring you that your investment in a HAPSTONE system will deliver exceptional sharpening performance for many years to come.

Experience the sheer satisfaction of achieving razor-sharp edges on your knives and tools with HAPSTONE Sharpening Systems. Elevate your sharpening routine with our high-quality, dependable, and versatile systems. Peruse our collection today and unlock the potential for precision and excellence in all your sharpening endeavors.


Contact person: Anton Kulizhko

Ukraine Sumy, street Ivana Sirka, 10




Tel: +380501028999



30 Jul 2014 — registered, 19 Feb 2022 — updated
Intervit Company is a manufacturer of CBN, PCD cutting tools for turning and milling of tungsten carbide rolls, hard-to-machine cast irons and alloy steels. Currently we export our products to many satisfied customers from Europe and Asia.
Please contact us by e-mail.

Intervit Company LTD

Contact person: Valerii Udanovych

Krzhyzhanivskoho str., 3




Tel: +380444243181, +380993803021



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Sollex is a European supplier of knives, knife blades, industrial blades from 1927.

We have the latest products with cutting technology and performance - always at good prices and high quality.

We know what good knives, knife blades, industrial razor blades and machine blades can contribute to your cutting process.

With the right cutting properties and performance in the cutting process, you can get simplified maintenance, time savings and an improved final product.

We therefore have a well-stocked warehouse in Sweden with affordable machine knives, knife blades and industrial razor blades for all types of applications.

In order to always offer the sharpest range, our own team of engineers and experts also create customer-specific products for your specific needs.

This means that we design, develop and deliver knives based on your drawing or need.

Machine knives are one of Sollex's strengths. We have a part in stock but are constantly developing our range of circular knives, pellet knives, blades for cutting systems.

Most often we do it together with the customer. This gives you the best cutting properties and performance for your cutting process.

Sollex AB

Contact person: Johan Falk

Box 5161




Tel: +46 708-744786



03 Mar 2017
The knowledge of our engineers as well as newest technologies available is what makes our tools the best available.

Ikar manufactures cutting tools with high performance for precision machining industry and CNC milling operations.The knowledge of our engineers as well as newest technologies available is what makes our tools the best available.

Specialised in custom made HM tools, end mills, roamers, drills, industrial cutters. For all tools we can provide regrinding and recoating services.

In order to satisfy our clients our production is based on using latest technology as guarantee of quality.

Ikar Carbide Tools Cacak

Contact person: Bojana Madzarevic

Radoja i Sredoja Kovačevića 52




Tel: +381 32 51 20 201 , +381 32 51 20 200



28 Mar 2016
JX Abrasives: Industrial metal abrasive blasting media manufacturer of steel shot, steel grit, cut wire shot, shot blasting machine in China.

JX Steel Shot Grit Blasting Machine Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Jeasin Huang

No.35 Furong South Road, Meishan Town




Tel: +86 595 86588998



17 Feb 2013
Shandong Kaitai Shot-blasting Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest enterprises of foundry machinery and foundry products in China which integrates with technical research, development, production, installation, debugging services and sales.

Our main products are shot blast machines, abrasive blasting equipment, sandblasting machines, steel shot blastings, environmental protection dust removing equipment, shot blasting machine spare parts and so on.

We provide ideal key equipment to casting, forging and heat treatment, steel structure, container, machinery, shipyard, locomotive industries. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Shandong Kaitai Shot-blasting Machinery Co., Ltd

Contact person: Xiaoli Wang

Qingyang, Zouping Town, Shandong Province




Tel: 865434579616



24 Sep 2011
We supply non-woven polishing wheels, finishing wheels, flap wheels, convolute wheels, hand pads, unified polishing wheels, flap brushes, polishing discs, non-woven abrasives, non-woven wheels with spindle/shank/shaft, mandrel mounted flap brushes, non-woven nylon wheels, nylon abrasives, unitized wheels, unitized wheels, abrasive wheels, industrial abrasives, grinding wheels, surface condition discs, finishing wheels, mixed flap wheels, flap cylinders, convolute cylinders, deburring wheels, rollers, flap rollers, discs, interleaved flap wheels, unitized discs, interleaf finishing flap brushes, finishing flap brushes, flap wheels with shaft, non-woven wheels with shaft, sanding flap wheels and others.

Meiyiguang Non Woven Abrasives Co., Ltd

Contact person: Sherman Chen

Xingtou New Industrial District




Tel: +86 7578 5398938



09 Feb 2011

(1) Hand tools (aviation snips, bar clamps, locking pliers, pliers, screwdrivers & bits, ….)

(2) Pneumatic tools (air die grinders, air impact wrenches, air ratchet wrenches, air screwdrivers)

(3) Abrasive cutting & grinding wheels

(4) Diamond cutting & grinding wheels

(5) Hole saws & diamond core bits

Crossman Corporation

Contact person: Dr. Jesse Chang

No. 13-1, Yichang E. Rd., Taiping




Tel: 886-4-2277-4615 ext 122, 886-936-209-724



Registered before Jan 2011
MFG: Grinding and polishing abrasives for marble, granite and stone. 5X for marble, LUX for granite. Diamond grinding and polishing Abrasives. Resins, Sealers and Mastics for marble and granite.
IMP: silicon carbide, diamonds, machinery.
EXP: polishing abrasives and powders.

Surie Polex

Contact person: Sachin Surie

4, Lsc, Naraina, Ring Road


New Delhi


Tel: +91 114 0776777, +91 981 0820971

Fax: +91 114 0776768



Registered before Jan 2011
We are manufacturers since 1985 of Diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tooling. These are super abrasive products made for professionals by professionals. Continuous quality assured. Made in the USA.

Dianamic Abrasive Products Inc.

Contact person: George J. Collins

2566 Industrial Row Drive



United States

Tel: +1 248 280 1185

Fax: +1 248 280 2733



Registered before Jan 2011
Category: Power Tools and Accessories
Category: Abrasives & Cutting Tools

Total-Cn Tools Co., Ltd. is producing and exporting cutting tools:
- Metal working: drill bit, twist drill, center drill, carbide drill, taps, taps and die, screw tap, thread tap, screw dies, rotary files, step drill, reamer, rotary burrs, end mills, milling cutter, hole cutter, hole saw, saw blade, jig saw.
- Wood Working: auger bit, forstner bit, plug cutter, countersink drill bit.
- Masonry Working: electric hammer drill, masonry drill bit, Chisel.
- Sets Working: twist drill sets, tap and dies set, wood drill set, hammer drill set, masonry drill set, hole saw set, combination sets.
For details, please visit our website.

Total-Cn Tools Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Boris Jie

R.1112, Jiahe Sunshine Building, No.76, Jiuxin Rd




Tel: +86 213 7693864

Fax: +86 213 7693894



Registered before Jan 2011
Zibo TAA is a group company with three subsidiaries integrating with technical research, manufacturing as well as international business. With more than 30 years’ development, Zibo TAA Metal Technology Co. Ltd now ranks as the leading manufacturer and exporter of metal abrasives in China.

Zibo TAA Metal Technology Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Eric wang

No.2 Economic Development Zone Meng shui Zhoucun District


ZIBO city


Tel: +86 533 6881107

Fax: +86 533 6881107




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