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24 Jul 2021
The Original Essence of Kamasutra
Kamashakti | Best Male Enhancement Pills 2021 Made out of 100% Natural Ingredients for INSTANT Result
Kamashakti | best male enhancement pills 2021. The product is now available around the globe. Kamashakti is for men only, to boost sexual health and vitality for better sex life and drive. If you are concerned about ED, premature ejaculation about your poor performance in bed and looking for a safe, pure, and natural product that increases sexual stamina and improve your testosterone levels without any chemicals and known side effects for an INSTANT result – YES, KAMASHAKTI IS THE ANSWER.

Kamashakti | best male enhancement pills 2021 is a proprietary product developed after a great amount of research and development. Our products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest equipment and automatic machines for continuous production in a very hygienic condition. All KamaShakti products are prepared from pure natural herbs of the highest quality freshly procured from authentic sources. Each unit of 500 mg. contains pure herbs. Generally speaking this herbal combination improves and promotes blood circulation to the corpus spongiosum, tissues of the penis and gives a hard erection. Kamashakti’s unique formula is such that though it is made out of 100% natural ingredients it gives INSTANT results the same day within 1 to 2 hours of consumption.

We take pride that our product Kamashakti | best male enhancement pills 2021 is well researched and developed by a highly talented scientist with an understanding of the health need of customers and maximizing their natural life at the same time boost sexual stamina. Especially the focus of the company is to convert the rich heritage of India into world-class health and personal care products through its strength of Research & Development. It’s different from others By using 100% certified natural ingredients in our products, we are sure that the product does not have any known side effects and has been proved to deliver improved sexual performance . Our motto is to provide the best quality and efficacy products at value for money to our customers. Kamashakti is manufactured in India.

Kamashakti is a male potency formula that helps men fight against Erectile Dysfunction ED that often comes with age or other factors such as emotional or physical stress. The supplement is 100% natural and fast-acting, and taking the recommended dose can produce benefits such as:

Helps Erectile in Dysfunction
More powerful erections
Longer-lasting erections
Increased energy levels
Enhanced stamina during sex
Boost sexual desire
Improved sexual performance

About Kamashakti | Male Sex Enhancement Supplement
Products are Manufactured by Naturomedi Remedies
Kamashakti | Male Sex Enhancement Supplement revolutionary herbal product is manufactured by Naturomedi Remedies, having its registered office in Mumbai, India. Naturomedi is a professionally managed herbal / ayurvedic product manufacturing company backed up with technology of ancient Indian health science. Our manufacturing unit is licensed by the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India. We are ISO – GMP certified. Our ayurvedic brand Kamashakti is also FSSAI licensed.

Kamashakti products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility supplied with the latest machinery and automated electric machines for continuous production in very hygienic condition. We take dignity that our brand is well researched and developed by a group of highly talented scientist with consideration of the health demand of customers to expand their natural sex life. Website Design Company in Mumbai

Kamashakti is prepared from pure natural herbs of the highest quality procured from authentic sources to boost your sexual stamina and treat erectile dysfunction.

The goal of the company is to convert the rich legacy of India into an excellent health and special care for male enhancement products and optimize it’s strength of Research & Development (RND) to improve male sexual health.

We use 100% certified natural ingredients in our male enhancement products which is chemical free with no known side effects and have been proven to enhance sexual performance and sexual functions with instant results.

Kamashakti is a proprietary product that matured a great number of research and development. Our products are formed in a state-of-the-art facility furnished with the latest machinery and automatic machines for regular production in a very hygienic quality. All Kamashakti products are processed from pure natural herbs with the highest quality newly solicit from legitimate sources. Each unit of 500 mg. consist of pure herbs. This herbal consolidation improves and boost blood dissemination to the corpus spongiosum, ornament of the penis and gives a strong erection. Kamashakti has an exclusive formula that’s made out of 100% natural ingredients it gives INSTANT results the same day within 1 to 2 hours of drinking.

Our motto: Sexually effective products to our customers, with value for money in every pill.

for more details about our products visit https://kamashakti.com/


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25 Dec 2015
We are a manufacturer and trader of medicinal herbs, indian herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, crude gums, herbal seeds, herbal root, flakes, herbal powder, plant seeds, plant bark, leaves, herbal oil, pharmaceutical herbs, medicinal plants, veterinary herbs, crude herbs, gum, resin, pods, nuts & kernels.

Neeraj Traders

Contact person: Ashok Agrawal

221, Purani Pasrat Dailya wali Gali




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03 Aug 2012
Pacific has the objective of offering a complete professional consultancy services to its clients, partners & exporters for Ukraine and CIS. We are specialized in providing business consultancy and information for those who are willing to establish their name in Ukraine and its neighbor countries (Belarus, Moldova) and Ukrainian Companies who want to develop their business in India.

Due to various laws and regulations, Ukraine/CIS is considered a difficult country to do business. Regulations, paperwork and extensive inspection and other with language barrier which sometime makes you hesitate to develop your business. Pacific has the solution for all your quarries as we have our own office in Ukraine with a well established network of contacts and well aware of all rules & regulation of Ukraine. Pacific has good relations with established organizations in the market to achieve fast and long lasting results.

Pacific Services

Contact person: Mr. Sanjeeve Rana

Rohini, New Delhi




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Registered before Jan 2011
We are exporter & reputed suppliers of medicinal herbs, soap nut shells, spices, safflower, nux vomica seeds, nuts & kernel (dried druits), dry morels (morchella conica), bitter apricot kernels, flax seeds, millet, quince seeds, cassia tora seeds, nigella sativa seeds, vegetable seeds, boswellia serrate gum, gum myrrh, commiphora mukul gum, gums & resins, essential oils & herbal extracts.

S S Herbals

Contact person: Mr. Vaneet Seth

485/2, Katra Ishwar Bhawan, Khari Baoli,




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Registered before Jan 2011
We, Pioneer Essential Oils P. Ltd. is one of the manufacturers and exporters of herbal and floral extracts with registered office located in the Metro of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India, and production facility in the agricultural belt in Tamil Nadu State in India. We produce and export Coleus 10% 20% 40% and 90% apart from Floral Extracts.

Pioneer Essential Oils P.Ltd.

Contact person: K. Venkitarama Iyer

14, Ii Floor, Victoria Gardens. 20 J.N. Salai


Koyambedu, Chennai


Tel: +91 442 4758081, +91 956 6168162


Registered before Jan 2011
10 Jun 2010

Dev Healthcares provides holistic and complete solution both qualitatively and economically to a whole range of herbal medicine and herbal healthcare products manufacturers and exporters. Dev Healthcares has ideally blended the science of ancient Ayurveda with modern scientific research and validation techniques for the herbal products to be at par with modern medicine.

We present our range of herbal care products for various health disorders. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and under strict quality control processes, our products are superior in quality. Given below is a list of products we manufactures.

1. Immunozim (Immuno modulators)
2. Diborid (diabetes mellitus management herbal pills)
3. Aphrodiac pills
4. Aloe vera Juice
5. Amla candy
6. Pain killer oil & balm
7. Tooth powder
8. Liver tablets
9. Digestive tablets
10. Blood purifier
11. Sleeping pills
12. Slimming tablets
13. Constipation powder & pills
14. Herbal hair dye (heena)
15. Incense sticks
16. Acne & pimple syrup
17. Acne & pimple tablets
18. Acne & pimple cream
19. Renal calculi (syrup & tablets)
20. Blood pressure controlling pills
21. Joint mobility pills
22. Acidity syrup
23. Digestive pills
24. Digestive squash
25. Aphrodiac powder
26. Calcium supplement
27. Calcium iron supplement
28. Heart care tablets
29. Piles tablets
30. Face pack
31. Lip balm
32. Body talc
33. Face cleaner
34. hair oil
35. body massage oil

Single drug tablets:

1. Ashwagandha tablets
2. Tulsi tablets
3. Shatawar tablets
4. Jatamansi tablets
5. Triphala tablets
6. Brahmi tablets
7. Amla tablets
8. Neem tablets
9. Karela tablets
10. Shallaki tablets
11. Arjuna tablets
12. Bael tablets
13. Gokshura tablets
14. Guduchi tablets
15. Haridra tablets
16. Haritaki tablets
17. Kapikachhu tablets
18. Lasuna tablets
19. Mandukaparni tablets
20. Manjishta tablets
21. Meshashringi tablets
22. Punarnava tablets
23. Satawari tablets
24. Sunthi tablets
25. Tagara tablets
26. Trikatu tablets
27. Vasaka tablets
28. Yastimadhu tablets

Herbal Teas:

Made with authentic recipes and using fresh ingredients, we offer to our customers healthy and refreshing "tisane" or what is popularly know as "Herbal tea". Simply stated, herbal tea is a fusion of boiling water and dried fruit, flower or herb and hence is also called "Fusion tea".

Keeping the customers' tastes and preferences in mind, we have a complete range of herbal teas, that balances health in a natural way and not only prevent but also treat various disorders without any harmful effect. Some of the most popular herbal teas, amongst our products are:

1. Wellness tea
2. Slimming tea
3. Laxative tea
4. Anti stress tea
5. Sleepimg tea
6. Digestive tea
7. Tulsi ginger tea
8. Aphrodiac tea
9. Cough tea
10. Memory booster tea

Incense sticks:

Incense sticks of different aroma are also available.


Dev Healthcares has been accredited as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant by the Directorate of Licensing Authority for Ayurveda and Unani Services, Government of India.

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is prescribed as per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act by Govt. Of India to ensure raw materials used in the manufacture of drugs are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination;

The manufacturing facility and the process have been prescribed to maintain the standards;

Adequate quality control measures are adopted;



Our Commitments:

- Cloning / knock offs: Send us your sample with label today.
- Competitive Prices: We provide highest quality products with competitive prices.
- Turnaround Time: We can meet stiff time deadlines.
- Confidentiality: We maintain strict confidentiality in all respects i.e. formulas

Our Assurance:

Trust generated by Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Customer Acceptances and Continuity in customer relationship by assuring:

- Quality Controls & Assurance
- Documentation
- Validation
- Calibrations
- Third party assurance

Manufacturing Range

Dev Healthcares is equipped with the most modern state-of-art plant to manufacture therapeutic dosage forms like:
- Tablets
- Capsules
- Liquids
- Lehyams (semi-solid traditional preparation)
- Topicals-ointments, creams, gels
- Powders

Our Manufacturing Policy:

Raw materials used in the manufacturing of products are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination.

The manufacturing process complies with SOPs as prescribed to maintain the standards.
Adequate quality control measures are adopted. Quality control measures including IPQC are stringent.

The manufactured products released for sale are of highest international quality.

Our Manufacturing Process:

- Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We believe in total quality management and total quality compliance, we provide validation through independent laboratory testing also.


Identification & authentication with regard to pharmacognostical specification:

Mode of cultivation
Cultivation period
Match with museum standards IPQC - Microbiology
Microbial standards including pathogens are tested
Total Microbial Count
Total Fungal Count
Coliform Count
Pathogens Examination
Sterility Testing
Invitro Studies
Dissolution time
Disintegration time
Stability Studies as per ICH (International Conference for Harmonization)
Accelerated shelf-life analysis Invivo studies
Onset of action
Duration of action
Side effect profile
Drug interactions

Dev Healthcares

Contact person: Dr. Puru Dhawan

D-47, Bhagat Singh Road, Adarsh Nagar




Tel: +91 112 2482747


Registered before Jan 2011
We introduce ourselves as manufacturers of health-related bio-activated energy products with optimum standards of quality and safety whilst creating ample and generous health related products for our Human Community, we always believe in providing "optimal solutions for optimal health".

BAE - Bio-activated energy is a scientific breakthrough that promises to revolutionize various industries including fields in cosmetics, health foods, medical treatment, agriculture and even in sexual performance.

Products infused with the properties of BAE have been found to influence the behaviour of many natural and man-made phenomena in a wide range of ways.

BAE products are infused with Bio activated energy, where we can witness and physically feel the energy immediately by doing demonstration, BAE breaks the molecules into smaller bundles activates the cells stimulates the chakras, this results to enhancement in aura level.

Bae International India Pvt.Ltd.

Contact person: B.Veeradhilipkumaar

#1, 1ST Floor, Thambusamy Road, Kilpauk




Tel: + 91 26428889, + 91 984 0826165

Fax: + 91 26428889



Registered before Jan 2011
All herbal goods, herbal bath powder, herbal homma pooja items.

Drsvs And Sons

Contact person: Vijaykumar V B

161 Small Bazaar




Tel: +91 042 72253743



Registered before Jan 2011
We are cultivator & exporters of medicinal plants. We have our own farm & system of cultivation is purely organic. We follow the Good agricultural & harvesting practices (WHO). Our products are free from heavy mateals, pesticides residue & aflatoxins are with in limits.

Natural Drugs & Botanicals

Contact person: Dr. Arvind Kumar

C 49 Shyam Park Extension, Sahibabad


Sahibabad, Ghaziabad


Tel: +91 114 103318, +91 921 2498345

Fax: +91 114 103318


Registered before Jan 2011
We offer all kind of dry & CRUDE ayurvedic herbs, medicinal & cosmetic herbs, milk thistle seeds; licorice roots, bowsellia (salaakhi), guggal (comiphoremukul), safed musli (asparagusadscendens), stevia leaves, shilajit (styrax officinalis).

Elite Minchem Pvt, Ltd.

Contact person: Rajendra Jain

304, Krishna Plaza, 2, Hazareshwer Colony Near Courtcicle




Tel: +91 294 2523151, +91 294 2414855

Fax: +91 294 2414855


Registered before Jan 2011
Dried Roses & Jasmines, Parts of Medicinal Plants & Herbs.
Est.1969. Own Flower Farms. Have collection network of medicinal plants in remote areas. Have air-drying, grading, cleaning, storage, fumigation & processing facilities. We can provide multinational references. We can guarantee quality & deliveries on Fix annual contracts. Please try us. Enquires welcome!

Admani Group Of Companies

Contact person: Schezad Ameen Admani

143 Al-Noor Chambers, Preedy St, Plaza Sq, Saddar




Tel: +92 21 492 4407

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Registered before Jan 2011
1. We produce polyphenol as an extract in its undisturbed form direct from the leaf, it is colourless, and we are ready to export, interested parties please contact us.
2. We also produce extra virgin coconut oil, in its undisturbed form, with all nutrients intact, interested parties who need to import, please contact us.

Ensys (Pvt) Ltd

Contact person: Amarnath Tennakoon

16/2, Waragoda Estate



Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 2910349, +94 713 010943

Fax: +94 11 2910349




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