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Taizhou Rose Paper Co.,Ltd. was founded by several paper making experts in 2003.

It is a privately-run enterprise.

The main product of the company is the special-used paper substituting the imported one.

The company covers an area of 27000 M2 and employes more than 200 workers.

It owns 7 production lines including fourdrinier, cylinder wire paper-making machine, inclined wire paper-making machine, wet nonwoven fabrics machine line, coating line etc.

The company can make various kinds of special paper including the crepe paper, abrasive paper, washi paper, flushable wipes paper, masking tape paper and so on.

In order to maintain good and stable product quality, the whole production process is auto-controlled and auto-inspected.

Taizhou Rose Paper Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:

Meixian Village, Yongquan Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province




Tel: +86-0576-89119709


10 Mar 2020
Naiya International has been weaving its paper story for the past 5 years. Serving our customers’ varying paper needs with tailor-made solutions for the paper and packaging market in India and globally. Our extensive partner and supplier network and ongoing research ensure that our customers get the best quality for their investment, for paper variants, packaging boards, specialty papers. This includes providing forest products like various types of wood pulp (hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp).

Naiya International

Contact person: Kshama Vadhel

301 Mrunal 1




Tel: 8140404994


17 Jan 2020

Jiaxing Shijie Non-woven Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009.The company has all kinds of non-woven international quality standards. Cloth and its deep-processed products provide innovative solutions for non-woven fabrics in multiple industries and in many fields. At the same time, we pay more attention to the development of new products in the field of non-woven products, and are committed to providing customers with relevant products that are more suitable for market demand. The company's product categories mainly cover:
1. Non-woven cleaning rag series: lazy rag, industrial rag, electric mop mop, composite mop cloth, ground mop, etc.
Second, cleaning wipes series: baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, kitchen wipes, floor wipes and other functional wipes.
Third, non-woven daily household series: skin-friendly face towel, cotton towel, maternal and child wet and dry cotton towel, disposable travel towel, compressed mask, compressed towel.
4. Non-woven beauty products series: non-woven beauty towel, non-woven face towel, disposable bed sheet, disposable bed cover, disposable underwear, disposable hole towel (hole towel), disposable towel, etc.
5. Non-woven fabric: spunlace non-woven fabric, spunbond non-woven fabric, SMS non-woven fabric, etc.

Jiaxing Shijie Non-woven Products Co., Ltd.

Contact person: cleaningcloths

No. 55, Jiakai Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province




Tel: 86-15967302471


08 Jan 2020
Dear Sir/Madam, Our company Paper Plus Kagitcilik A.S. is a well known Drawing Paper manufacturer in Istanbul, in Turkey. We started to operate in manufacturing and selling of machinery and cutting systems in 1982. Since 1988, We have been producing and exporting the pastal drawing paper which is used in cutting sections of textile industry. Our production and marketing activities are carried out in our modern factory in Istanbul, in TURKEY. There are also Import and Export Department, Product Development Department and Finance Department in our factory. Paper Plus, as well as the textile drawing papers, in line with demands from customers, is also engaged in the production and sales of other accessories. Among these products; the accessories such as cardboard pattern types, paper tubes for wide range of purposes, ondule and HDPE vacuum film, PE Bubble Wrap and PE Laminating Sheets and Stretch Film and Packing Tape are in our product range that makes us ahead of our competitors. Paper Plus offers the textile drawing paper which is used in cutting sections of textile industry, for superior quality, competitive price and after-sales service. Paper Plus that has a significant market share in Turkey also exports its products to many countries in the world. Paper Plus which is the biggest paper manufacturer in Turkey, exports its products more than 50 countries and more than 150 satisfied customers, including in Uzbekistan, Morocco , England, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Tanzania, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia and so on. Paper Plus aims to be the leader in Turkey and in the world market through the way of excellent experience in the industry, expert stuffs, continuously expanding range of products, product quality, quality approach, customer-oriented marketing policy, manufacturer and exporter identity. OUR MAIN PRODUCTS ARE AS FOLLOWS: A) PAPER GROUP 1) Extra Super plain plotter, 2) Extra Super heatseal plotter, 3) Extra Super plain design, 4) Extra Super heatseal design, 5) Canary plain paper, 6) Canary heatseal plotter paper 7) Eco plain plotter, 8) Eco heatseal plotter, 9) Star craft paper 10) Star perforated paper, 12) Seperation paper in lilac, white and pink colours. (Inlay and underlay paper) 13) Crepe Paper / Tissue Paper (17GSM & 20 GSM) B) PAPERBOARD GROUP 1) Coil paperboard (white, yellow and green colours.) 2) Dimention paperboard COLOR GREY -70cmX120cm 470 GR 0,80 THICKNESS -70cmX100cm 400 GR 0,75 THICKNESS -60cmX100cm 480 GR 0,88 THICKNESS -50cmX100cm 690 GR 0,97 THICKNESS -40cmX100cm 690 GR 1,14 THICKNESS -35cmX100cm 878 GR 1,35 THICKNESS *** For other sizes, please kindly contact with us. COLOR GREY - WHITE -70X100 400 GR 0,75 THICKNESS *** For other sizes, please kindly contact with us. 3) PVC coated paperboard. Sizes: 80cm X 100cm 100cm X 120cm 100cm X 150cm *** For other sizes, please kindly contact with us. C) PAPER TUBES GROUP Convenient for different kind of industry such as packaging papers, plotter papers, toilet papers, paper towels, synthetic yarns etc. We can supply at very competitive price of paper tubes. Mainly we are producing 30mm, 50mm and 76mm diameters of paper tubes . D) PLASTIC FILM GROUP 1) HDPE Vacuum Film Size: 15-50 micron 2) Stretch Film Size: 17 micron- 23 micron *** For other sizes, please kindly contact with us. 3) Packing Tape Size: 45mm x 100mt (Hotmelt material) Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your enquiry about the above products and also special sizes and products. We have been developing our production range day by day. As an advantage of a manufacturer, we will be offering our best price, best quality and best service. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Osman CIFTCI Export Manager PAPER PLUS KAGITCILIK A.S. FACTORY: HASTANE MAH. SIMSIR SOK. NO. 7 ARNAVUTKOY, ISTANBUL, TURKEY, 34555 PHONE : +90 0212 771 1190-92 MOBILE : +90 549 833 1715 Web:


Contact person: OSMAN CIFTCI





Tel: 00902127711190, 00905498331715


18 Aug 2011
We are a company which provides many kinds of hologram and security paper, specially made for security purpose (anti-counterfeiting system for brand protection).

PT Pura Barutama

Contact person: Dian Indah

Head Office 3rd Floor Jl. AKBP Agil Kusumadya KM 4




Tel: +62 29 1444361, +62 85 74141 8585



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