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26 Oct 2021
Secura offers domains, webhosting, SSL certificate worldwide. 10 GB space for web and e-mail cost less than 10 US-Dollar per year. Secura, a German GmbH from Cologne (Germany), has been founded 1992 and accredited by ICANN in the year 2001. Secura is authorized by ICANN to register all generic Top Level Domains. In addition, Secura can register almost all active country domains. When was still independent, it listed Secura as among the best registrars of the world. Secura sells to resellers, but also to private customers, who visit Secura's website at (German) or (English). Basic information is also available in other languages - from Hungarian to Chinese. Secura gives support in many different languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Belorussian. Customers can easily pay by credit card but other payment methods are available. Secura publishes a Domains Blog in order to inform users about new developments in the domain business ( The year 2012 startet successfully for Secura: At the awards “ Innovationspreis-IT der Initiative Mittelstand” and “Industriepreis was Secura GmbH 2012 among the best. At the award „HOSTING & SERVICE PROVIDER AWARD 2012”

Secura GmbH

Contact person: Hans-Peter Oswald

Frohnhofweg 18




Tel: +49.2212571213


29 Jan 2021 — registered, 21 Oct 2021 — updated
Haiku Steps is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google Ads & Facebook Ads, Website Development, and SMM (Social Media Management).

Our team has quickly become the trusted agency for local, national, and online businesses because of our honesty and integrity when dealing with clients.

Our team has become the trusted agency for local, national, and online businesses because of our honesty and integrity.



Haiku Steps Toronto - Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, Website Design

Contact person: Haiku Steps

262 Eddystone Ave Unit C

ON M3N 1H7

North York


Tel: +18443325530


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Helvetic Secura AG offers:

Safes / High security rooms:

Our unique infrastructure enables the storage of valuables at the highest guaranteed security level, despite low locker costs. Precious metals, jewelry, cash or data carriers can be stored securely within the facility in safes and safe deposit boxes, independently of banks or bank safe deposit boxes. We have numerous safes and safe deposit boxes in various sizes. Even large-volume valuables such as art collections, sculptures or valuable musical instruments can be stored in completely separate, additionally secured rooms to which only the respective customer has access. Of course, our customers have 24/7 access to their vaults or rooms at any time by appointment.

The ideal data centre:

In today's fiercely competitive environment, high-performance IT for controlling and storing all business processes is indispensable for all industries. The necessary security precautions and redundancies in possible crash situations can often only be realized by many companies through outsourcing.

Only a few companies can offer permanently high performance and constant availability with optimum physical security.

Helvetic Secura

Contact person: Helvetic Secura

Worblentalstrasse 32 3063



Tel: +41 345300145


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iTernal Networks provides exceptional IT services for Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our main goal it to make sure we cover ALL your IT needs.

iTernal Networks

Contact person: Michael Kanet

1850 E Sahara Ave Suite 210


Las Vegas, NV

United States

Tel: (702) 802-2800


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