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27 Jul 2023 — registered, 22 Sep 2023 — updated
Kanvas Beauty offers the very best anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and anti-aging products accompanied by a whole heap of great ingredients such as Panthenol, Centella, Allantoin, Niacinamide, Madecassoside, Squalane, Avena Sativa, Blue Tansy and Ceramides to treat conditions such as redness, hyperpigmentation and acne.

Still trying to figure out where to begin? We can help you create your very own skincare routine to start bringing out your best skin.

Kanvas Beauty

Contact person: Kanvas Beauty

695 Ballarat Rd


Ardeer, VIC, Melbourne


Tel: 1300 035 882


26 Jul 2023 — registered, 20 Sep 2023 — updated
Ningbo Zhengjiang Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of high-end cosmetics packaging and discharge makeup oil pump heads.

Ningbo Zhengjiang Plastics Technology Co., Ltd

Contact person:

NO.168 Beixing Road Mazhu Twon, Zhejiang




Tel: +86 134 8666 2431, +86 0574 62450009


20 Sep 2023
Are you tired of wig mishaps and insecure attachments? UOG Lace Wig Glue is here to redefine your wig-wearing experience. Say goodbye to worries about your wig slipping or your lace front wig looking unnatural, and say hello to a newfound sense of confidence. You get a six-week secure hold, skin-friendly hypoallergenic lace wig glue from a premium brand. UOG lace wig glue is easy to apply and remove. Upgrade your wig game with UOG Lace Wig Glue today and experience the freedom to style, move, and live without wig-related concerns. Visit today for a invisible hold

UOG Lace Wig Glue

Contact person: David Georgia

P.O.Box 48000, Atlanta, GA 30362



United States

Tel: +1 08663427969


24 Jul 2023 — registered, 11 Sep 2023 — updated
We manufacture electric toothbrushes and healthcare products.

Ningbo Aolbea Oral Care Products Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

West Zhengxiang Village, Zhengxiang, Zhejiang

Yuyao City


Tel: +86 13952799285


03 Sep 2023
We are family owned, that the well-being of the pets comes first, we have groomers with 15 to over 25 years of experience. We use Hydra product that are hypoallergenic for the pets.

Brooklyn Pet Spa

Contact person: Brooklyn Pet Spa

317 Flatbush Avenue, ground floor



United States

Tel: (718) 768-0293


12 Jul 2023 — registered, 29 Jul 2023 — updated
Cally Cosmetics is a UK-based online retailer of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish and nail care products.

We offer a wide range of products, including gel nail polish, builder gel, top coats, base coats, and nail art supplies.

Cally Cosmetics is committed to providing high-quality products that are safe for both people and animals.

We also offer a variety of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish removers.

Cally Cosmetics

Contact person: Lisa Smith

5 Moorside Rd

M27 0EL


United Kingdom

Tel: 07855241803


27 Jun 2023 — registered, 28 Jun 2023 — updated
Banffee Makeup has been the leading lip gloss manufacturer for many years.

If you are looking for a top quality velvet lipgloss wholesale vendor, contact us!

Banffee Makeup

Contact person: Kadir Najjar

1935 Twin House Lane



United States

Tel: United States


08 Jun 2023 — registered, 09 Jun 2023 — updated
Contest Distribution is an FMCG wholesale company, offering import and distribution of products by some of the most well-known brands like Corny, Lindt, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, 7 days, Wrigley, Pringles, Lay's, Ruffles, Doritos, Mentos, Colgate, Palmolive, Dove, Lenor, Always, Gillette and many more.

Contest Distribution‘s team has over 10 years of experience in the distribution of FMCG to a vast list of customers in over 90 destinations, including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, England, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

Contest Distribution

Contact person: Contest Distribution


Tel: 5657665


06 Jun 2023
Pritech is a hugely experienced manufacturer, who has the ability to deliver the best possible electric personal-care tools for any quotation.

Whether you are a private label owner, a trader, or an emerging online sales group, Pritech is your best partner.

We have wholly-owned supporting production plants and have many cooperative supporting production bases around China. At Pritech, we offer you custom solutions to meet all your needs.


Contact person: Kristie

No.29 Yucang Road West




Tel: +86 13356157018


27 May 2021 — registered, 03 Apr 2023 — updated
Cartloot is one of the largest online shopping stores for Indian food, mobile accessories, baby care, beauty care, safety products, prayer kits, and Indian jewellery, and more at very affordable prices.

Order now!

And get amazing deals.


Contact person: Jack Denil

400 Elmwood Avenue, Apt. 218 B



United States

Tel: +1 917 341 2028, +1 917 781 0616


17 Nov 2022 — registered, 20 Feb 2023 — updated
Ningbo Liangyi Aluminum Products Company Limited designs a series of cosmetic packing, which meets international standards at their design, appearance and quality level!

Ningbo Liangyi Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Liangyi

ShuiJia Village Hengjie Town HaiShu District




Tel: 0086-574-88425310


15 Nov 2022 — registered, 31 Jan 2023 — updated
Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd. — a professional manufacturer of cosmetics focusing on the field of skin care, integrating product technology development, manufacturing and marketing and promotion, is a company dedicated to providing skin care products for all age groups and people.

Founded in 2017, our company is located close to the world famous Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, 1 50KM from Shanghai, 80KM from Hangzhou, and less than two hours from Ningbo Port, which is very convenient for transportation by land, sea and air.

Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Roni

No.139 Lianfei Road, Kandun Street, Cixi




Tel: +86-13586554967, +86-574-63090152


09 Aug 2022 — registered, 23 Aug 2022 — updated
Houze is a leading homeware superstore in Singapore. Every collection is incorporated with unique designs that use visually pleasing elements from nature and are translated into intricate sketches and colors. Table Matters use finely sourced materials that are strictly tested for toughness, durability, and integrity. Each dinnerware & tableware is guaranteed safe for use.

Our Products:


- Bookshelves
- Tables
- Kids Chairs
- Disney© Collection
- Bean Bag
- Kids Cardboard
- Kids Hanger


- Mops & Brooms
- Sponges
- Brushes
- Cloths
- Household Wipes
- Cleaning Organisers
- Accessories


- Boxes
- Baskets
- Cabinets
- Bookshelves
- Stackables
- Disney© Collection
- Tissue Boxes

HOUZE - The Homeware Superstore

Contact person: Brien Chua

10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-14




Tel: +65 88188581


06 Aug 2022 — registered, 17 Aug 2022 — updated
The Wovii journey started in 2013 with a spirited 2-year old insisting on drying herself at bath time.

On the search for the perfect toddler towel the idea was to create a towel that kids loved to snuggle into, to dry themselves and that would dry fast. We wanted to make a towel that really would make life easier for families. And so the Wovii towel was born.

Products: bath and shower towels, beach towels, camping and travel towels, kids hooded towels, lightweight towels, quick dry towels, sand free towels, sports & gym towels, swimming pool towels, Wovii personal washers.

Wovii International Pty Ltd.

Contact person: Michael Smith

Dover Heights




Tel: 1300 496 844, 0414763030


05 Aug 2022 — registered, 17 Aug 2022 — updated
Vegan Affair strives to offer a one-stop destination for all vegan and sustainable living needs ranging from food & drinks to cosmetics, personal care items, household items, vegan leather items, accessories, etc in an attempt to provide quality eco-friendly alternatives to animal-derived, cruelty promoting, or eco-damaging products.

Vegan Affair

Contact person: Vegan Affair

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Tel: 87879022390


31 May 2022 — registered, 01 Jun 2022 — updated
Discover the gentle yet effective approach to caring for your baby’s skin from Gilly Goat’s Natural Baby Skin Care. With its complete line of pure, plant-based products made from certified sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, you can indulge in an experience that is just as beautiful as it is practical. Our natural baby skin care products will shield your skin from harsh chemicals while restoring it to its healthy prime. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera have been used for centuries, and now they are used to keep a baby’s delicate skin safe from irritants while keeping it hydrated!

Not just natural – it’s also safe! Our precise and innovative dosage of the most effective ingredients makes us stand out from other brands. With research-backed botanical formulas that are both good for your skin and useful for various baby skin conditions, we make sure you are covered no matter what type of skin you have. Our natural baby skin care products are made with precision, so there won’t be any unintended reactions or side effects when using them on sensitive skin.

Gilly Goat

Contact person: gillygoat

1/224 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




Tel: (03) 9417 4958


09 May 2022
We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of handheld fabric steamers.

Ningbo Mayway Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

Langxia village, Langxia street, Yuyao




Tel: +86 574 62362108


12 Feb 2022 — registered, 17 Feb 2022 — updated
The fact is that men are hairy animals. It is not always the easiest to control. Some places there is too much of it, some places have too little of it and it can all get a little messy.

My Man Fur puts you in charge of the fur’s destiny!

My Man Fur

Contact person: Thys du Plooy

600 N Broad Street



United States

Tel: 3022686947


21 Dec 2021 — registered, 01 Feb 2022 — updated
Our journey with Refresh began at the crossroads of cosmetic and modern science.

We let science take centre stage and worked hand-in-hand with leading dermatologists to curate a skincare line that is proven to be effective and provides desired results.

Visionary Skincare Pvt Ltd

Contact person: Karthi Refresh

128 Duraiswamy Naidu Layout, Peelamed, Tamilnadu




Tel: 8565992992


10 Dec 2021 — registered, 29 Jan 2022 — updated
Factory for producing cream, skin care, masksheet, cosmetics, soap - a complete range.

Creamery Plus

Contact person: Setthalat Limtoprasart

เลขที่ 76 หมู่ 6 ต.โ


พกรวม อ. เมือง จ.สิงห์บุรี


Tel: 093-4516242


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