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Drone Engr is an online RC store that supplies up-to-date equipment including drone bundles, upgrades, parts and accessories.

FPV gear, RC radio, multicopter combo and everything you need to start FPV or multicopter.

Drone Engr

Contact person: Jason Wen

NO.9 Dayu road




Tel: 13106446550


22 Aug 2020
LOF Defence Systems specializes in developing tactical gear and body armour for  military, law enforcement, and K9. Our goal is to protect those in the Line of Fire with  superior armour and carrier systems that increase safety, mobility, comfort and  performance while being longer lasting, more durable, modular and repairable.

LOF Defence Systems

Contact person: LOF Defence Systems

16108 114 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5M 2Z5, Canada

T5M 2Z5



Tel: 7804553335


02 Sep 2016
Hard Shell U.S. is the one of the best ballistic protection product manufacturers in the USA.

All products of Hard Shell U.S. are NIJ Certified.

HardShell USA

Contact person: Sales

113 Swett Avenue, P.O. Box 238


Sweet Avenue

United States

Tel: 2063171571


06 Feb 2016
Hard Shell FZE is the one of the best ballistic protection product manufacturers in the world. All products of Hard Shell FZE are NIJ Certified.

Hardshell, have been into the business of Ensuring Safety With State Of the Art Armour Equipment for a long time now, and our ability to address the security concerns has made us stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Hard Shell FZE

Contact person: Hard Shell

SHED No: Q4 095, SAIF (Sharjah)



United Arab Emirates

Tel: 97165489903


01 Apr 2011
We seek technical and scientific researchers, developers and designers. We pay for all costs involving a move from non EU countries to live and work in Ireland or UK. (Travel, work permits / visas / family relocation where appropriate.)

You must hold a good quality technical or scientific degree from a renowned university, possibly though not necessarily a further relevant degree (Masters / PhD), have 3 years industrial work or industrially backed university work in a research, design or development area and have worked in “failure critical” projects perhaps electronics, software, military etc. We also have an interest in other candidates with quality degrees and work experience in the areas of R&D and Design in other technical or scientific areas. All work located in UK or Ireland.

You should have excellent English for relevant report and documentation needs for your area of expertise. For social and inter colleague communication your spoken English should be adequate. Please contact

Quinn Richardson

Contact person:

20 Church Street




Tel: 00 353 52 7442303, 00 353 52 7442750


21 Mar 2011
Metallized Ceramics, Thick film Ceramics, Thin film Ceramics, Direct Bond Copper, Al2O3 Substrates, AlN Substrates.

ELE Advanced Ceramics

Contact person: James Qiu

R/2302 Dihao Building, #820 Xiahe Road




Tel: +86 592960185


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20 Apr 2010

JGB Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a high quality assembler and supplier of high quality industrial and hydraulic hoses and hose accessories.
We have grown to service a broad variety of national customers including the automotive, marine, petroleum, dairy, construction, and defense industries. Our customers also include paper manufacturers, steel mills, and chemical companies - among a host of others.
JGB Enterprises, Inc. services the needs of the United States Armed Forces, NATO, and various Foreign Military Services throughout the Free World.
We are under contract with the United States Department of Defense and in support of their National Defense Mission, we provide all types of OEM spare parts, accessories and components used in Aerospace, Ground Support and Shipboard applications.
We also supply Engineered Systems of our fabrication. Engineered Systems
JGB Enterprises, Inc. filled over 10,000 contract and purchase orders with the Department of Defense and other government agencies. We have a history of supplying the federal government with over 43, 000 different products.
JGB Enterprises, Inc. was awarded a Silver Medal by the Defense Supply Center Richmond for an efficiency rating of between 99.0% through 99.9%.
The Company's corporate headquarters and main warehouse are located in a 65, 000 sq.ft facility in Liverpool, New York. JGB has established two branch sales offices, each with it's own 5,000 sq.ft. warehouse. In 1985, a branch office was opened in Buffalo, New York. Our newest branch office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and opened its doors for business on May 1, 2000.

JGB Enterprises, Inc.

Contact person: John Snyder

115 Metropolitan Drive



United States

Tel: +1 315 4512770



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