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04 Oct 2020
WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD, weighing Bagging Machines, Robotic Palletizer Line, Containerised Bagging System, Telescopic Conveyor, Weighing Bagging Machines, Containerised Bagging System, Mobile Bagging Unit, Mobile Containserized Bagging Unit, Fully Automatic Packing & Palletizing Line, Fully Automatic Packing Palletizing Line, Fully Automatic Packing System And, as an experienced automatic packaging equipment manufacturer & packaging solution provider in China for decades, we are very happy to supply you with the machinery. Thank you for your kindness and patience. Very appreciated.

WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional & experienced manufacturer of weighing bagging, palletizing and conveying equipment. With the core R&D capacity and professional team, with the business philosophy of Focus, Specifically, Better and Stronger, we are growing as an professional Scientific and technological enterprises of materials packaging, palletizing and conveying systems, and also provides a series of continuable solutions for the materials packaging, conveying, storage, etc. It's a professional factory of automation solution & service provider integrating R&D, design, processing, production, assembly, sales, debugging and training, etc.

Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Solution
We are professional factory and automation Packaging solution & service provider of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping integrating R&D, design, processing, production, assembly, sales, debugging & commissioning, training, etc. We design, produce and supply all kinds of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping for automatic packing wrapping the products including the following equipment and other special Medical Instruments.
Flat handle needle related Packaging equipment
Ring handle needle Packaging equipment
Surgical blade Packaging equipment
Kirschner equipment
Thermometer equipment
Zeolite hemostatic bag equipment
Single-handed needle equipment
Suture equipment
Small needle knife equipment
A-type needle-type equipment
Intradermal needle equipment
B-type needle punching equipment
Blood collection needle equipment
Tattoo needle equipment
Surgical marker equipment
Other special Medical Instruments Packaging, customized design and make

Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person: George Chow


Tel: +8615061816726


13 Aug 2015
We export crystal transparent rock salt. The best transparent rock salt from Himalaya, just like a crystal. Other names: crystal salt, halite, halitum.

Inner Mongolia Desert Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Fadi

Building no.3, North Side of Bayinsai East Avenue, Wuda District, Wuhai city, Inner Mongolia




Tel: 0086 186 4831 3512, 0086 138 4834 6893


Registered before Jan 2011
We are a manufacturers agent of natural stone: Granite, Marble, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Mosaics, Monuments.

Earthstone Granite

Contact person: Kabir Pandit

1 Promenade Circle, Suite 300B

L4j 4P8



Tel: +1 289 5970624

Fax: +1 905 6954468


Registered before Jan 2011
We are manufacturer of salt products. For complete details please visit our website

Muhammad Amjad & Sons

Contact person: Ahtisham

16 B




Tel: +92 315 8476667


Registered before Jan 2011
We are leading manufacturers and exporters of rock salt crystal lamps and all other salt products. We can supply huge orders and the best quality salt used.

Ellahi Trading Company

Contact person: Ejaz Ahmmed

Off#25A-A Block Norani Market Alfaisal Town




Tel: +92 423 6624615, +92 344 4100045

Fax: +92 423 6624615


Registered before Jan 2011
We are introducing ourselves as leading manufacturer and exporter of an amazing product Rock Salt Lamps made from natural salt. Latest scientific discoveries have revealed the amazing benefits of natural rock salt lamps for your health and environment, we are confident.We are looking for partners / distributors from all around the globe.

Salt lamp is an air purifier.
We are living and working in the atmosphere which is fully polluted by the electronics and electrical machines which are injurious to human health, high technology, computers, laser printers, X-ray machines television sets, and photo-copying machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and heaters and many more…. These so called ‘conveniences’ emit an excessive amount of enervating positive ions into the air we breathe resulting in mental and physical exhaustion. A natural way to relax which has been around for millions of years has been rediscovered recently.

We offer hand-made Natural Rock Salt lamps and other products which help to tackle the effect of positive ions and help increase negative ions in your environment. Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing light of a salt crystal lamp from the famous mines of Khewra of Pakistan while creating a better living and working environment. Crystalline rock salt is a natural ionizer, and rock salt crystals and lamps effectively improve the quality of the air by reducing negative ions - the “vitamins of the air”.

The rock salt that we use is mined from the ancient Khewra salt mines, near Himalaya, The Khewra mines of Pakistan are one of the largest rock salt mines in the world, and have a reserve of 220 million tones.

Even though our salt lamps are not a ‘medical device’, they are known to help in:
- Reducing the severity of asthma attacks.
- Enhancing the immune system.
- Increasing alertness, concentration and work productivity.
- Improving lung capacity.
- Reducing susceptibility to colds and flu.
- Reducing the effects of migraine, allergies & hay fever Doctors have recommended salt lamps in the treatment of many diseases including:
- Neuralgia.
- Hypertension.
- Rheumatism
- Asthma

Electric Rock Salt Lamps:
These lamps are set on a rosewood base and are illuminated by a low wattage light bulb. These lamps produce a beautiful glow of different shades of white and peach and apricot and create an atmosphere of utter tranquility. These lamps will clear away the stale smells of tobacco. Scientific research has concluded that gently heated salt crystal was therapeutic in other ways too.

Rock salt crystal holders:
Powered by a tea light candle which illuminates the salt crystal candle holder from the inside, the flickering flame creates a romantic and cozy environment.

Natural bath salt crystals:
All Natural, untreated and unscented bath salt crystals make your bathing experience more pleasurable. Relaxing and soothing, bath salt crystals are great for aches and pains and they also help to beautify your skin. Add salt crystals in your bathtub, and they will dissolve in the water slowly as your tensions of the day also melt away.

Salt soap:
- salt soap rejuvenates and refreshes your skin.

Other our products:
Salt crystal lamps, Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Products, Rock Salt Lamps, Rock Salt Tea Lights and Candle Holders, Animal Licking Salt, Edible Salt, Rock Salt Granules, Rock Salt Bath Salts, De Icing Salt.
Also Rock Salt Tiles and rock salt blocks for Suana Rooms, Rock Salt Theropy rooms, Rock Salt Caves.

All range of rock salt natural is provided best quality.

Our unique offers:
- Big saving on bulk order.
- Free shipment all over the world.
- Most competitive price.

Al-Azeem & Co.

Contact person: Kaleem Ahmed

G-71, West Point Towers, Phase-Ii (Ext)


Dha, Karachi.


Tel: +92 333 3634565, +92 300 2722492


Registered before Jan 2011
Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Products, Rock Salt Lamps, Rock Salt Tea Lights and Candle Holders, Animal Licking Salt, Edible Salt, Rock Salt Granules, Rock Salt Bath Salts, De Icing Salt.
Also Rock Salt Tiles and rock salt blocks for Suana Rooms, Rock Salt Theropy rooms, Rock Salt Caves. All range of Rock Salt Natural is provided with competitive prices and best quality.
Please feel free to contact for any of the query or more info needed.

Anaya Salt Crafts

Contact person: Saqib Naveed

Plot # 67A Block B, Small Industrial Estate, G.T Road, Rathian,




Tel: +92 544 443498, +92 300 5425496

Fax: +92 544 646656


Registered before Jan 2011
We are manufacturer and exporter of Rock Salt, Salt Crystal Lamps, Salt Handicrafts (Animal Shape etc), Black Salt, Edible Table Salt, Salt Bath Soap, Salt Granule, Salt Blocks and Plates, Industrial Salt, Salt Crystals, Salt Animal Licks etc.

Mian Kabir International

Contact person: Mian Kabir Ahmad

Karimia Building Khewra




Tel: +92 544 211147, +923007674041

Fax: +92 544 212616


Registered before Jan 2011
The company offers:
salt caves
salt grottos
salt chambers
salt panels to saunas
salt puzzles to interior design
salt plates to interior design
salt pictures to interior design
salt lamps.

Krysztalowy Swiat, 'Crystal World'

Contact person: Agata

16 Stroma Street




Tel: +48 12 2786678 ext. 210

Fax: +48 12 2786678 ext. 213


Registered before Jan 2011
Hana Trading is a direct supplier of Himalayan Salt, Salt Lamps, Salt Blocks, Rock Salt, Salt Licks for Animals.
Our products are directly shipped from Pakistan to final destinations.
We are in industry since 2003 and we primarily serve Japanese businesses that are with us since we started business. Now we ship our products to all over the world. You can save up to 70% to 80% by buying our products.
Currently, our offices and facilities are located in Japan and Pakistan.
Our goal is to establish TRUST RELATIONSHIP with our customers.

Hana Trading

Contact person: Marie Sumida

8-27 Kamo Takaishi




Tel: +81 806 1867031

Fax: +81 722 622696



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