Chenab Industries

Registered before Jan 2011
We are one of the premier registered Agriculture, Horticulture & Flouriculture based institution involved in production, development, trading and exporting of raw herbs, fruits, spices, fruit, medicinal plants and vegetable seeds from the country of Kashmir.

Dry Herbs:
Hemidesmus indicus, Hyoscyamus niger Linn, Mentha arvensis, Artemisia absinthium Linn, Kashmiri Asparagus racemus, Malva sylvestries Linn, Lavatera cashmeriana Cambess, Polygonum hydropiper Linn, Celosia Linn, Taraxacum officinale, Origanum vulgare Linn, Fresh & Dried Green Ginkgo biloba Leaves.

Medicinal & Vegetable Seeds:
100% Pure Kashmirian Crataegus oxyacantha Linn, Colchicum, lutem Baker, Celosia Linn, Poppy seeds, Crocus sativus Linn, Croms, Hyoscyamus niger Linn, Peganum harmala Linn, Origanum vulgare Linn, Chilies, Malus communis, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus serotina, Cedrus deodar, Celosia Linn, Aeaxulus indica Colebr, Capsicum annum, Ginkgo biloba Seeds etc.

Wild Cherry, Sweet Cherry, Pomengranate cuttings, Sweet Appricort, Apple, Kewi, Plum, Lukat, Peach, Almond, Walnut Grapes, Sweet Chestnut, Deaudar, Ginkgo biloba.

Quality seed materials availabe for SALE!!!

Chenab Industries

Contact person: Sheikh Gulzaar

Ist Street, Shaheed-E-Azemat Road, Nambalbal, Pampore Ppr Jk 192121


Pampore/Srinagar/Kashmir/South Aisa


Tel: +91 1933 223705, +91 9858986794


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