Kohenoor International

Registered before Jan 2011
Kohenoor International is a Pakistani company established in 1957 as an agriculture exporting company.
Our product portfolio is as under:
Forage seeds, oil seeds, vegetable seeds, sprout seeds, bird seeds, grains & cereals, food & spices, herbs & dry nuts.
Alfalfa seeds (lucerne medicago sativa), Persian clover seeds (trifolium resupinatum, shaftal), berseem clover seeds, sesbania seeds, guar seeds, sorghum Sudan seeds.
Vegetable seeds: all (okra, onion seeds etc).
Fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, red whole hot dry chilli, red hot dry long chilli, chilly powder, ajwain seeds, celery seeds, cumin seeds, oats, vetch seeds, mung bean, rice, melon seeds, musk melon seeds, millets, green millets, gray millets, yellow broomcorn millets, white broomcorn millets, Pakistani millets, bajra, basmati rice, parboiled rice, white rice, super kernel basmati rice.
Sesame seeds, castor seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds / flax seed
cress seeds, licorice roots & licorice powder, ephedra, herbs, alknet roots, dill seeds, walnut kernel, walnut in shell, pine nut in shell, pine nut kernel, liqurice, dry red rose / dry flowers, dry rose buds, petals, pods & dry fruits / dried nuts, raw herbs.

Kohenoor International

Contact person: Umar Hayat

1/2 1336 Old Subzi Market




Tel: +92 22 2617407, +92 3342634411

Fax: +92 22 2619799



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