Bae International India Pvt.Ltd.

Registered before Jan 2011
We introduce ourselves as manufacturers of health-related bio-activated energy products with optimum standards of quality and safety whilst creating ample and generous health related products for our Human Community, we always believe in providing "optimal solutions for optimal health".

BAE - Bio-activated energy is a scientific breakthrough that promises to revolutionize various industries including fields in cosmetics, health foods, medical treatment, agriculture and even in sexual performance.

Products infused with the properties of BAE have been found to influence the behaviour of many natural and man-made phenomena in a wide range of ways.

BAE products are infused with Bio activated energy, where we can witness and physically feel the energy immediately by doing demonstration, BAE breaks the molecules into smaller bundles activates the cells stimulates the chakras, this results to enhancement in aura level.

Bae International India Pvt.Ltd.

Contact person: B.Veeradhilipkumaar

#1, 1ST Floor, Thambusamy Road, Kilpauk




Tel: + 91 26428889, + 91 984 0826165

Fax: + 91 26428889


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