Palleonn Immigration And Recruitment Services Ltd.

Registered before Jan 2011
Palleonn Immigration and Recruitment Services Ltd. is an international recruitment company, founded with the mission of selection, training, recruitment and further support of Ukrainian workers, guaranteeing the quality of workforce to the employer and suitable working condition to the employee.
We have a reputation of honesty and fairness both in its internal and external dealings. Fundamental to the Company’s understanding of what constitutes a successful company is its belief that integrity and ethical behavior must exist at every level of the organization. During years in the recruitment business we have continually created innovative and effective ways to assure the continued satisfaction of our clients with results of our work.

Palleonn Immigration And Recruitment Services Ltd.

Contact person: Elen S. Palatnik

89, 1/4 Seminarskaya Str




Tel: +38 0487 353740


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