Miscellaneous Companies, part 4

Registered before Jan 2011
Operations import/export.
Organization and participation in fairs and exhibitions in China, UAE (Dubai) and India (Mumbai). Inspection of goods, factories and documents of manufacturers.
Delivery goods from/in China.

Jou Ltd.

Contact person: Mirek

20/F., Far East Consortium Building, 121 Des Voeux Road

Hong Kong


Tel: +86 158 89537203

Fax: +85 230 173928



Registered before Jan 2011
We are trading Company based in Sharjah having our Principals in India and various parts of Africa and USA.
The manufacturing operation consists of processing metals, chemicals, recyclables, spent catalyst etc. To know more about us, please visit us at www.rubamin.com.
We understand you are generating large quantities of spent catalysts like Zinc, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Nickel, Copper etc. We will be interested in buying the same from you since we have got the capability to recycle the same. Therefore, we request you to kindly send us the details of all such materials available at your end.
The undersigned will be ready to visit for further discussion on the matter.

Category: Trading
Category: Importer of metals

Rubamin Fzc

Contact person: Presannakumar. R

Z2-08, Saif Zone



United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 65 575627, +971 509 741471

Fax: +971 65 575627



Registered before Jan 2011
We are exporter of fresh fruits and vegetable, melamine dinner set, textile products, sports, many more.

Wahal International

Contact person: M Naeem Bajwa

999, B5 Sec D2 Green Town Lahore,


Green Town Lahore


Tel: +92 333 4182959, +92 333 4182959

Fax: +92 425 155532



Registered before Jan 2011
21 Jan 2009

Company specializes in supplying spare parts and wide range of products and services to Jordan Armed Forces, Jordan Air Force, public security Directorate and other Ministries and government agencies.
We do believe that you are in the position to supply products and spare parts to our customers. At the same time, we believe that we "Chain" can help you in increasing your business activities in Jordan's market, by representing you in Jordan and a region given that you are not already represented.
It will be highly appreciated if you send us your Catalogues and literature together with written confirmation; giving us the authority to discuss your products and services with our potential customers.
Please note that all quotes to Jordan market will include 10% blind commission for our company (Chain).
Looking forward for receiving your response.

Chain Trade Company

Contact person: Kamel Dagamseh

Tareq Main Street




Tel: +962 6 5061438, +962 799 153606

Fax: +962 6 5061439


Registered before Jan 2011
We export ordinary cement Portland, D2, crude oil, petroleum products, cosmetics & personal care, furniture, fruits & vegetables, Malaysia cooking oils, etc.

Hansa Export & Trading Co.

Contact person: Ezzat

Cairo Egypt






Registered before Jan 2011
Import solar products (lanterns, street lights, batteries and others).
Export/Sell biogel, biogel stoves, solar products, oil lamps and oil.

Bopa Setjhaba Suppliers Cc

Contact person: Lydia Thamage/ K Mahlabehwane

1435a Zone 9, Meadowlands, Po Iketlo


Soweto, Johannesburg

South Africa

Tel: +27 11 988 7071, +27 079 459 6992

Fax: +27 086 610 4162


Registered before Jan 2011
Sales of wind generators, sun batteries and collectors, infrared heaters, warm-efficient three-layers construction blocks with ready-made facades.

Alternative technologies

Contact person: Oksana




Tel: +38 035 2425054, +38 096 8218575



Registered before Jan 2011
We are an exporter of live ornamental tropical fish, insects, reptiles, rubber woods, teaks woods, general woods products for furniture, ginger, coconut seeds and water plants etc.

Uvietabore Organisation, Ltd.

Contact person: Mr Paul E Uvietabor

15 Taiwo Molajo Street, Owutu Agric Ikorodu

Ikorodu, Lagos


Tel: +234 704 1715025, +234 802 7481764


Registered before Jan 2011
16 May 2009

All products purchased from USA sources.
Bonded, Nsured, Workman's Comp/Oregon
Residential> Commercial> Industrial
Custom designs, locally manufactured and installed.
Featuring Sun umbrella, Sunscreen and quality framing materials.
Retractable, Customized stationary frames,
Sunscreens, and Patio Covers
Industrial Fabrication to specifications
Quality engineered Retractable frames purchased from USA sources.
Workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed.
Operating since 1921.

Burk's Custom Awnings Co Inc

Contact person: Randal C Burk

5274 Crater Lake Ave


Central Point,

United States

Tel: +541 773 5039

Fax: +541 773 1022


Registered before Jan 2011
The platform "Renewable Energy Database" is the fastest growing directory promoting organizations, institutions and companies active in the wind, solar, biomass and geothermal area. Our aim is to create conditions favorable for the development of a competitive and transparent renewable energy market.

Renewable Energy Database

Contact person: Andrew Agier

Karl Marx Allee, 32




Tel: +49 175 25665225



Registered before Jan 2011
We are a leading exporter and manufacturer in China for various types of plate glass, mirror, glass clip frame and glassware. With the large quantity, we are currently exporting to more than 80 countries worldwide, 2mm cut sizes sheet glass for picture frame, 2mm polished edges glass for glass clip frame, 2mm clear float glass, stained glass for tiffany lighting system, windows and doors, the various thickness of clear/bronze/blue/green/pink/gray float glass and reflective float glass/Low-E glass for construction as well as all mirrors. We are the closest partner and investor of more than 30 major glass factories in China.

Glass Of China

Contact person: Sunyanni

299 Tianjin Street




Tel: +86 411 82500181, +86 411 82500085

Fax: +86 411 82500085



Registered before Jan 2011
Profosvita (Department of professional education) is a training company at Publishing House "Mediapro". The main activities: open and corporative business-programs, seminars and trainings for personnel managers, businessmen, directors, accountants, secretaries, economists.


Contact person: Natalya Dmitrieva

Magnitohorska, 1е




Tel: +38 044 5072228, +38 067 5284027

Fax: +38 044 5072226



Registered before Jan 2011
Our company, established in 1987, has grown to be a leading producer of carbon products, coal tar processing products and emery series products. Our facilities cover an area of 320,000 square meters, and employ 2,500 skilled personnel. We have a total capital of more than $170 Million USD.
Our group includes eight subsidiaries: the Shandong ChenYang Carbon Stock CO., the Jining ChenGuang Group and Inner Mongolia Huoning Carbon Co. and so on.
The quality of our pre-baked anodes was significantly improved in 1997 with the commissioning of a specially built coal tar processing plant with a capacity of 250,000 MT per year. This plant, with an additional capacity of 120,000 MT of high temperature binder pitch, covers our internal needs and also exports into overseas markets.
Currently our combined annual output is as follows:
• 350,000MT of pre-baked anodes for aluminum production,
• 6,000MT of white emery (WA 6#-180#),
• 4,000MT of other kinds of emery,
• 10,000MT of purified naphthalene,
• 10,000MT of anthracene oil,
• 120,000MT of coal tar pitch and
• 20,000MT of washing oil.
We consider science and technology as the most important factor for development and we devote significant efforts to improving our production processes. Up-to-date technologies are used in new product development; such technologies come sometimes from abroad and sometimes from cooperation with other domestic enterprises.
Awareness of quality issues among staff is the main factor in the continued excellence of our products. We have received several certificates for our quality management and quality assurance systems. In addition, our products have seen good international sales, thereby proving that clients are satisfied with our quality standards. At the moment our main overseas customers are in Europe, Japan, Korea and the USA.
According to our development plan, by 2010 we expect to become the largest domestic producer of raw materials for aluminum manufacturing, as well as the main center for carbon research in China.
We welcome client inquiries from home and abroad. We look forward to having the chance of cooperating with you in the near future.

Jining Carbon Industry General Co

Contact person: Jack Wang

No5 Jianshe Road

86 272100



Tel: +86 0537 2337788

Fax: +86 0537 2310023



Registered before Jan 2011
Dedicated to providing actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications Rocketstar Robotics features a management and engineering team with over 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft mechanisms.
Rocketstar Robotics can analyze, design, and manufacture components to customer specifications for demanding spaceflight applications. All analysis and design is performed in-house with the latest analytical tools. Rocketstar Robotics makes effective use of parametric models that are dynamically linked to our analysis. Our manufacturing operations are supported by a select team of precision machining services.
Rocketstar Robotics broad technical capability means that our customers will never be forced to use a technology that is not the best option for their application.

Rocketstar Robotics

Contact person: Sales

2510G Las Posas Road, Suite 112



United States

Tel: +1 877 4237795



Registered before Jan 2011
04 Jan 2009

We look for our numerous guest families, partner agencies or people abroad who require in au pair girl applicant for you. Should you have interest to help us or to work together firmly with us, we also offer to you a cooperation. As one of the biggest Au Pair girl's agencies in Ukraine we assure you of the highest high-class standard. Of course we would be also glad very much if you could insert our homepage link www.au-pair-union.sdrom.ru in your homepage. Our achievements: We offer you guaranteed 100% of seriousness. We select only skilled and serious Au-Pair which will correspond to your requirements. Our service absolutely free for guest families and partner agencies.


Contact person: Irina Lototskaya




Tel: +38 055 2442285, +38 050 3962842



Registered before Jan 2011
We need some infrastructure machinery regarding with cold storage construction and latest skills to deal with requirement.

Anand Construction Co.

Contact person: Mr.Pritesh.Upadhyay

Gf/7, Gurav Park Soc, Nr.Uttkarsh School, Gaddapura




Tel: +91 265 6453591, +91 972 5047124

Fax: +91 265 2338865


Registered before Jan 2011
Tong Hui Craft Factory is the first domestic enterprise in the area of Guangdong to adopt the technology of Taiwan, owns advanced equipments and professional techniques.

Being a real OEM, we have been well respected and trusted in for the past few years.

Our main products: Such metal products as data plates, badges, lapel pins, souvenir coins, medals, key holders, bottle openers, tie bars, cuff links, emblems, photo frames, etc.

Our main craft processes: Soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, photo etching, stamping, die casting, silk printing, offset printing, epoxy covering, etc.

Tong Hui Craft & Gift Factory

Contact person: York Huang

No.32 Ming guan rd, the 3rd industrial area of Kengzi, Pingshan New District


Shenzhen City


Tel: 86 755 84886132, 86 755 84886135

Fax: 86 755 84886822



Registered before Jan 2011
As a manufacturer of carpet grippers, we can supply different specifications of carpet grippers with high quality, competitive price and service. Many customers trust our quality products, competitive price and service.

CANEX Carpet Grippers Industry

Contact person: Peggy

Chongqin Street 60, Jinnan District




Tel: 86 22, 88385862



Registered before Jan 2011
Our company is situated in Russia, but we operate throughout the world. We carry out export and import of various products from Russia, America, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. Our company has long operational experience in this area and has qualified personnel doing these works successfully… In our activities, we strictly adhere to the principle of trust and quality.

As an exporter:

1) We export of all kinds of petrochemicals like petroleum, kerosene, diesel gas oil, diesel fuel (motor fuel), fuel-oil residue, lubricating oil, petroleum coke, petroleum black, demulsification agent; demulsificator, demulsifier, coal tar, and others.

2) Metallurgical products like iron and steel products of all kinds,

3) Machineries and spare parts of all types for manufacturing industries,

4) Agricultural products like wheat, rice, sugar, lentils of all kinds, etc.,

5) Fertilizers of all kinds,

6) Grinding mills and its spare parts,

7) Agricultural equipment and its spare parts (tractors, mini tractors, field processing machines, seed drills, fertilizer spreader and other agricultural instruments and equipments),

8) Spare parts for manufacture of cars, motor cars, bicycles, etc.

9) Machineries of all kinds like sewing machines, cutting machines, rolling machines, etc.

OOO Multibranch Holding

Contact person: Ms Katerina Mallick

St. Oziornaya, 29-1-207



Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 430 0864, +7 926 248 63 40

Fax: +7 499 163 36 52



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