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AutoPrint is a manufacturer and supplier of offset printing machines and mini offset printing machinery. AutoPrint sales all kinds of offset printing machines for printing presses.

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02 Jan 2009

"Cancer – an Intermutation Error"
The end of XX – beginning of the XXI century was marked by avalanche of discoveries in the field of biology, leading to the change of established ideas about the surrounding world and elaboration of principally new approaches towards the problem of fighting for human health.
The proposed book reflects theoretical ideas of last scientific achievements made on the basis of wide experience of a new medicine – information-wave therapy, that has its representative centers in different European countries.
The book consists of three parts united by a common idea: perception of life as a process fostered by evolutionary development, keeping memory about the past and constantly elaborating adaptive mechanisms to future environmental changes, the process in which micro- and macroworld interact.
The first part of the book that gave name to the whole work develops the idea that cancer presents itself an intermutation error. This thought was repeatedly expressed in science on the ground that cancer tumor is capable to live and grow in nutrient medium for an uncertainly long period of time and, therefore, it is one of possible states for a living system. Here the authors propose a crucially new concept of cancerogenesis – as a consequence of overcoming of an informational situation which normally is subjected to apoptosis, and explain in detail the mechanism of its origin. In the process of the development of the theory the authors:
• created the idea about existence in the nature of a regeneration system as a natural "open space" in case of trauma, peculiarities of which cannot be foreseen in contrast to the "scheduled" regeneration;
• introduced the concept of time as a real active intermutation factor at transition from embodied into DNA "ancestral eternity" to the state "here and now" represented in every particular organism, and investigated the forms of its emergence;
• created classification of living systems on different levels of their organization with respect to harmful effect;
• investigated manifestation of Heckel-Muller-Boer biogenetic law on the level of genetic informational record;
• revealed how content of codons is changing in the process of organism's interaction with the environment;
• grounded the supplementary function of two out of three stop-codons as an evolutionary conservative mechanism of re-casting energy at regeneration processes;
• presented a new view on mutations as cells' response to environmental challenges, natural manifestation of the "play of life";
• substantiated the difference between uracil and thymine as nucleotides carrying out opposite functions at DNA reparation;
• raised the question about existence of the fifth letter in the genetic code;
• gave the idea of cancer tumor as an atavism event, whose informational record is kept in DNA.
The above mentioned theoretical researches gave the authors a possibility to answer to 11 questions raising from "oddities" of cancer tumor behavior, in particular to explain how genetic limitations in the course of its (cancer tumor) development are being taken off and why the organism inadequately appreciates its own state.
The second part - "Informational interactions in living systems" - investigates informational compound of indivisible life triad (matter-information-energy) which was ignored by the science for a too long time.
The authors give grounds to the conclusion which is very important for biology and medicine: if any pathology is connected with misregulation of the system and, therefore, with the increase of entropic changes, than the system may be returned to the state of regulation by introducing of information that initially pertained to the system – the other one would not be perceived.
Further developing the idea the authors renounce the concepts about identity of chaotic and stochastic states, give notions to informational homeostasis, reveal action mechanism of forestalling reflection law as being a driving force of the world evolutionary development; formulate the concept of mind as striving to preserve stability of structure and form, and state sapience of a living system to be a necessary condition for working with information.
Giving answer to the question what information is, the authors develop a well-composed theory of weak electromagnetic fields accompanying chemical processes in cell metabolism arousing from these processes, which at the same time regulate them, explain the mechanism of signals amplification in a biological system, the role of stochastic resonance in the filtration of information.
An important discovery was made within the frames of Scientific-research Institute of Information-Wave Technologies (SRI IWT) regarding the possibility of restoration of normal reaction of multiresistant tuberculosis activator to antibiotics, testifying that natural selection in the microworld is reversible on its moving stage.
The first two parts are supplemented with the third one - "Biological groundings to the necessity of changing the medical paradigm". Analyzing the present stage of evolutionary relations between macro- and microworld as adaptation to temporary changes of the mechanism, the authors provide detailed explanation of the difference between a viral particle and a virus, investigate different scenarios of events development connected with recombination of viral particles, give answer to the question "Where are the sources of a pathology" and in particular "Could chicken flu be "reincarnation" of the mortal Spanish influenza?". The book explains chemism of life origin and the law of continuity of this process, thus filling in the gap of Darwin's theory.
"We stand on the threshold of changing of medical paradigm: switching from fighting the disease onto collaboration with the factors which cause its emergence, turning the microworld processes into desired for humans direction" - this conclusion is drawn in the book.
Analyzing discovery of the mechanism of such events as quorum-sensing and horizontal spreading of genes cassettes which explains loss resistance of microbiota to pharmaceutic drugs, N. Okolitenko and N. Kolbun raise the question about acceleration of evolutionary process as a result of careless human intrusion and dangerous consequences coming out of it.
The book is intended not only for health professionals but also for the representatives of other professions not indifferent to environmental events.

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