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28 Dec 2022 — registered, 21 Apr 2023 — updated
Bank CSP Services has been powered by 15 years of service excellence in the digital business of micro payments of services and remittances in a ‘real time’ environment and is India's largest payment solutions provider.

Its business involves service aggregation and distribution utilising mobile, PoS and web for online payment processing and money transfer services.

We empower various large format retail chains, bank portals, telecom & bank-led mobile wallets and government portals to enable customers access merchant payments easily.

With a strong innovation team, our proprietary technology and application are available for retailers, merchants and consumers, on any preferences of access. The services we provide can be accessed from the Web, Point of Sale devices or through a Mobile Wallet application. Bank Csp's technology partner is Mpower Softcom.

A large bouquet of services is integrated into a single transaction & payment processing platform, including Prepaid, Postpaid & Subscription based services like Mobile Money Transfer, Recharges, Bill Payments, Ticketing and Subscriptions for all leading service providers across industries, like, Telecom, Direct‐to‐home TV, Internet Broadband, Travel (Railways/Airlines/Bus), Cinema/Movie Tickets, Utility Bill Payments, Gaming, Music & Movie Downloads and more.

Services: Distribution Model, Retail Management Unit, Bank CSP Retail Outlets, CSP SBI, RBL Money Transfer Service (BC Agent).

Payment method: Online.

Business hours: 08:30 AM TO 06:00PM Monday to Saturday (SUNDAY OFF).

Bank CSP

Contact person: Krishna Soni

14th Main Road, Sector 7, HSR Layout, No. 2, 6th Floor, near BDA Complex




Tel: +91 7319116736


21 Dec 2022 — registered, 04 Apr 2023 — updated
We develop MIDAS, a leading room booking system which offers customers complete control over their room bookings and resource scheduling. MIDAS is trusted by organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world.

Simply accessed through a web browser, on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices, the software lets customers see at a glance when their room bookings are scheduled in the calendar. The system also allows scheduling of staffing and equipment, and features automated booking confirmations, reminders and invoices for clients. With MIDAS, customers can take bookings or booking requests through their public-facing website, and put an end to double bookings and confusion once and for all!

MIDAS room booking software is available as either a cloud hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, or as a self-hosted "on-premises" solution where it may be downloaded, installed, and run on a customer's own server.


Contact person: Mark Harrington

PO Box 224



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 01614910002


20 Dec 2022 — registered, 03 Apr 2023 — updated
Onro is a B2B SAAS company working on developing the best SAAS based last-mile delivery software that provides the best user experience for all customers and drivers of delivery businesses.

Our cloud-based last-mile software is an all-in-one delivery system for all delivery companies from small businesses to large companies.

E-commerce, food deliveries, retail, courier companies, on-demand services, pickup & delivery companies, and other delivery businesses can use Onro last-mile delivery management software to ensure seamless, efficient, and fast delivery processes to their customers.

Our delivery management solution is fully white-label, with a flexible pricing model that covers all delivery business needs with full-featured delivery apps for customers and drivers, dispatcher, admin dashboard, and customer portal.


Contact person: Mosayeb

Cevizlik Mah.Istanbul Cad. no:21 IÇ Kapi no:20 Bakirköy



Tel: +1 213 536 9309


14 Dec 2022 — registered, 01 Apr 2023 — updated
Diversset helps investors find great stocks and ETFs and constructs an efficient portfolio.

This app consists of two parts.

The first part is a stock and ETF screener. You need to answer four simple questions to get the right stocks suitable for you. The app will automatically find you the appropriate stocks.

The second part is a portfolio builder. The app will construct your efficient portfolio from the most liquid stocks and ETFs that you selected in the first stage.


Contact person: Sanzhi

United States

Tel: +77754407761


10 Oct 2019 — registered, 10 Mar 2023 — updated
Nimble Appgenie is a leading web design and mobile app development company, with expertise in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and cross platforms.

We believe in agile development methodology and strictly follow the SDLC life cycle to make sure the project runs smoothly from planning to deployment.

Understanding the market requirement we design and develop Android applications for all types of targeted audiences in the UK and the United States.

Nimble AppGenie

Contact person: Jermaine Trotman

27 Old Gloucester Street



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7540 741383, +1 920 354 6944


02 Dec 2022 — registered, 10 Mar 2023 — updated
Hebron Soft is a software outsourcing company that helps medium- and large-sized businesses across the world maximize their business value and operational efficiency through IT and custom software development with proven methodologies and deep industry expertise.

We help companies harmonize their business goals with social impact.

With social responsibility in our DNA, we balance between delivering quality custom-built software products to our clients and making this world a better place by providing vulnerable youth with complimentary IT education and career opportunities.

Hebron Soft

Contact person: Larry Targarien

131 Avenida Chapala, Unit 102


San Marcos, CA

United States

Tel: 1760470136


02 Dec 2022 — registered, 10 Mar 2023 — updated hiring platform combines the planetary reach and AI to deliver your ideal developers in order to help you spin up your software development dream team.

Our deep matching intelligence finds the best developers across 100+ skills like Developers, Designers, Project Managers, QA Experts, Marketing Experts.

As part of our rigorous vetting process, we also review software developers’ technical abilities, English skills, and remote working capabilities. ensures time zone overlap, transparency, and reliable communication in order to make development easy for you after the match.

Coders Dev

Contact person: Benjamin Giard

2880 Zanker Road


San Jose

United States

Tel: +1 855 673 0247


29 Nov 2022 — registered, 09 Mar 2023 — updated
Lilac Infotech is a trusted mobile app development company in India.

We are specialized in Android and iOS apps development services based in Kerala, India.

We're connecting you with the latest mobile app models that can turn your next app concept into a productive Android or iOS platform app. Our professional team has updated their understanding of the new iterations of mobile design platforms.

Lilac Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Contact person: Lilac Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

2nd Floor, Sahya Building Govt. Cyberpark KSITIL Special Economic Zone Nellikkode, Calicut Kerala




Tel: +91 83601 39952


30 Jan 2023 — registered, 09 Mar 2023 — updated
i3Matrix is a well-reputed international digital marketing agency in Malaysia that was established in 2006.

The company has more than a decade of experience in helping businesses to grow online through effective digital marketing strategies. We are a team of experienced and certified digital marketing professionals who are passionate about helping businesses to grow online. We offer a full range of digital marketing services that are designed to help businesses to achieve their desired results.


Contact person: Aishah Mahsuri

Axiata Tower, Level 31, 9 Jalan Stesen Sentral 5


Kuala Lumpur Sentral


Tel: 60193999853


16 Nov 2022 — registered, 20 Feb 2023 — updated
Coreway Solution is a leading and professional ecommerce development company that offers result-driven offshore web application development services to SMEs, enterprises, and start-ups across the globe.

Coreway Solution

Contact person: Varun Patel

206, Kaivanna complex, just beside Central mall, Near Seth C.N school, Ambawadi




Tel: 8160880977


15 Nov 2022 — registered, 31 Jan 2023 — updated
Mobulous Technologies Pvt Ltd is the most reputable and trustworthy mobile app development company. For both huge corporations and early-stage entrepreneurs, we develop mobile applications.

Mobulous Technologies Pvt Ltd

Contact person: Mobulous Technologies

2nd Floor, H-146/147, Sector 63, Uttar Pradesh




Tel: 09650100411


01 Nov 2022 — registered, 30 Dec 2022 — updated
Document Management Software offers document management, PDF editing, conversion, and other documentation features without a monthly subscription.

With a one-time payment, you will be able to access all the features that the software has to offer.

The software enables you to use an inbox to monitor incoming files, instantly preview files without accessing them, easily exchange files on your network, view the documents you have in the cloud, and also integrate documents with Microsoft SharePoint.

It also offers amazing scanning features. One of which allows you to automatically save separated piles of scanned documents into sorted, categorized, and accessible PDFs.

Document Management Software

Contact person: Document Management Software

2901 Bluegrass Blvd Suite 200-50



United States

Tel: (801) 722-7098


31 Oct 2022 — registered, 30 Dec 2022 — updated
New York Mobile Tech is a top-notch web and mobile app development company with a rich experience in the domain.

We are an outcome of a strong foundation of tech-savvy minds committed to quality IT solutions.

We are empowered with years of experience in different technologies and industry domains. The team at New York Mobile Tech creates valuable and dedicated tech solutions for worldwide industries.

New York Mobile Tech

Contact person: Jignen Pandya

735, Iscon Emporio




Tel: 07016166822, +1 646 580 1913


29 Oct 2022 — registered, 23 Dec 2022 — updated
Our software is the best financial and bookkeeping tool for people who render logistics services and run truck businesses. will help you track your profits and taxes inside one software, and without much effort. Load the information on the software, and the tool will do the remaining job for you.

Contact person:

17304 Preston Road Suite 800



United States

Tel: (831) 350-4529


17 Oct 2022 — registered, 30 Nov 2022 — updated
Bitdeal is a top-notch enterprise blockchain solutions & service provider. We offer end-to-end blockchain solutions such as cryptocurrency exchange development, NFT development services, Defi, Metaverse development services, DAO, and much more.

Bitdeal has been offering its development services for more than 7 successful years and in 20+ industries. Bitdeal started its journey in 2015, now it is one of the best blockchain development service providers around the globe. Many startups are running successfully with our best-in-class 100% white-labeled cryptocurrency exchange software. We brought many entrepreneurs' dreams to reality.

With our team of experts, we have delivered more than 500+ projects all over the world which gave a successful impact and shine to our hard work.

Our primary solutions & services are:

1. Metaverse Development
2. Blockchain Development
3. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
4. NFT Development
5. DeFi Development
6. Token Development
7. Dapp Development
8. NFT Game Development

Bitdeal is providing its services for various industries such as Banking, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Gaming, and much more for small to large-scale industries.

Bitdeal is offering its top-notch services for those who want to start their journey in the Blockchain universe with its Creativity and Experience.

To know more and feed your curiosity check out our official website:

Speak with our Team of Experts via:
Whatsapp: +919500766642
Phone: +919677555651
Mail: sales at


Contact person: Celine Anderson


United States

Tel: +91 9677555651


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