Machinery Suppliers in Different Countries, part 3

04 Aug 2020 — registered, 13 Aug 2021 — updated
Shandong HIKING Machinery and Technology Co.Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise, it integrates research, production and sale of small construction machines in one whole; it is the partner enterprise of Shandong Hiking Group (stock code 600735).

We are located in Jining, Shandong province.

We mainly produce: small construction machines including concrete laser screeds, small road rollers, small excavators, small snow-removal equipment, unidirection and bi-directional plate compactors, battering rams, finishing machines, ruling machines, concrete cutters, asphalt joint sealing machines.

Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and we have established agencies in several countries.

Shandong HIKING Machinery and Technology Co.Ltd.

Contact person: Sunny Jiang




Tel: +86 5373330538, +86 18663333581


30 Jul 2020 — registered, 13 Aug 2021 — updated
Taizhou DianYa Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a bottle blowing machine manufacturer.

We are committed to offering customized solutions for the market and customers, whether individual products or complete sets of equipment. Although the market, application, and customers are different, we have a unique concept to guide the success of customers.

We will respond patiently and carefully to any consultation and feedback from customers.

For any inquiry from customers, we will give you a professional and reasonable quotation.

For any new products of our customers, we will communicate with our customers very professionally, listen to the opinions of our customers and give useful suggestions to ensure the quality of our products.

Taizhou DianYa Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact person: Grace Pan

No. 228, Miaoshanhou Village, Yanjiang Town, Zhejiang




Tel: +86 576 85175285


28 Jul 2020 — registered, 12 Aug 2021 — updated
YFT is a well-known and reputable enterprise of electric tools industry.

We are specialized in cordless power tools.

The reliability and stability of the products is what we concern the most.

Ningbo Yongfeite Electrical and Science Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

Dalin Village, Huangbi'ao Town, Xiangshan Ningbo




Tel: +86 57465671313


10 Jul 2020 — registered, 07 Aug 2021 — updated
Zhejiang Qiyue Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is your complete source for gear reducers, couplings, linear mounting kits, Zero Backlash Gearbox and other innovative products used in automation technology.

Zhejiang Qiyue Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

Ganlin Industry Zone, Zhejiang




Tel: 5781388191


29 Jun 2020 — registered, 05 Aug 2021 — updated
The Mosherflo Pumps is associated with supplying Gorman Rupp Pump parts in various arrays like ST, SU, as well as STX that are highly well-known for their superb performance in addition to smooth functioning.

The pump parts are made under the supervision of experts, guaranteeing its lengthy life span.

You can buy them at a budget-friendly price from us.

Mosherflo Pumps

Contact person:

5902A FM 517 rd. E. San Leon

TX 77539


United States

Tel: 281800(7867)


18 Jun 2020 — registered, 02 Aug 2021 — updated
Ningbo HICON Industry Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HICON) focuses on precision and special refrigeration, innovative environment-protective air conditioning products.

Located in the Yangtze River Delta Ningbo Yuyao Simen Industrial Development Zone, HICON is a professional manufacturing enterprise for R&D, design, production and sale of special precision air conditioning, low-carbon environmental protection air conditioning products.

Ningbo HICON Industry Co. Ltd.

Contact person:

No. 77 Sihai Avenue,Simen Town Yuyao, Zhejiang




Tel: +86 574 62132905


30 Mar 2020 — registered, 21 Jul 2021 — updated
Hangzhou Longer Sawchain Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of garden tool accessories such as saw chains and guide bars.

The factory is located in the scenic of Qiantang River, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees and more than 30 technicians.

It has a strong production and R&D team.

In 2012, the company independently developed fully automatic saw chain assembly equipment, and became one of the earliest enterprises in China to have automated saw chain assembly lines.

The main raw materials are imported from Germany, the same supplier of Stihl saw chain.

Advanced technology and high quality materials, strict quality control and continuous improvement of product quality make the company's products recognized and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Since its establishment, the products have been exported to more than 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The company is certificated with ISO9001 and CE, UL, CUL.

Hangzhou Longer Sawchain Co.,LTD

Contact person: Skype: longerbonnie

Chang' an Village, Xiangdafang Industrial Zone, Wenyan, Xiaoshan




Tel: +86 0571 82303888, +86-15990190676


22 Aug 2017 — registered, 17 Jul 2021 — updated
"TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY.COM" offers in a wide range of equipment for the agro-industry and food industry.

Agricultural machinery, spare parts, packaging equipment, ventilation equipment, greenhouses, mill equipment, irrigation equipment, weighing equipment, grain processing equipment, seed processing equipment, meat processing equipment, grain transportation equipment, animal feed, silos, noria, conveyors, spirals, screws and screw conveyors, equipment for concrete plants, etc. and also provides turnkey design.

Today, "TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY.COM" has the ability to offer equipment for agricultural crops, food and other industrial equipment in a huge range.

«TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY.COM » предлагает в широком ассортименте все, что необходимо для оснащения агропромышленности и пищевой промышленности.

Сельхозтехника, запчасти, оборудование для упаковки, оборудование для вентиляции, теплицы, мельничные оборудования, парники, оборудование для полива, оборудование для взвешивания, оборудование для переработки зерна, оборудование для переработки семян, оборудование для переработки мяса, оборудование транспортировки зерна, комбикорма, силосы, нория, конвейеры, спирали, шнеки и шнековые транспортеры, винтовые шнеки для бетонных заводов и т.д. а также осуществляет проектирование под ключ.

На сегодняшний день, «TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY.COM » имеет возможность предложить оборудование для агро культуры, пищевого и другие промышленние оборудования в огромном ассортименте.

Contact person: Abdurrahman




Tel: +90 533 968 60 17


18 Jun 2021 — registered, 16 Jul 2021 — updated
Mico Cranes & Equipment, LLC, based in Houston, Texas, USA.

We deal in new and used heavy construction equipment that is reliable and dependable.

We ensure that our inventory contains machines that are in work ready condition.

We also provide services of heavy equipment dismantling for containerized shipment overseas, nationwide transport, worldwide shipment and Inspection of equipment.

Contact us today 281-468-9898.

Mico Cranes & Equipment

Contact person: Mico Equipment

7307 John Ralston Rd.


TX 77044

United States

Tel: 2814689898


03 Mar 2020 — registered, 10 Jul 2021 — updated
Neo Conveyors was established in year 2007. We are one of the leading providers of custom built Industrial Conveyor Systems and automation solutions.

Over the years we have successfully supplied and installed number of conveyors to various industries for different purposes.

Neo Conveyors

Contact person: Manoj Singh

G 414 UPSIDC PHASE-II M G Road Induatrial Area




Tel: 09654112235


13 Feb 2020 — registered, 03 Jul 2021 — updated
Zhejiang Baide Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of woodworking machinery.

Our product, edge banding machine, has over 18 types, with different functions and design that will satisfy diversified needs of furniture producers.

Panel saw, boring machine, pneumatic hinge boring machine, etc.

Zhejiang Baide Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No 51, Piyun road, Xinhe town



Tel: 86-0576-86553098


30 Dec 2019 — registered, 18 Jun 2021 — updated
We offer cable cutters and cable strippers, also crimping tools, benders, electrical pumps.

Taizhou NAIBO Machinery Co., Ltd, has advanced manual power tools production line and a group of experienced technicians.

Our superior quaity is guaranteed by our strict QC implemented in all production stages.

Our advanced technology and strong R&D team provide you with the excellent perfomance and high quality you demand.

Taizhou NAIBO Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Taizhou NAIBO Machinery Co., Ltd.

Donghong Industrial Zone, Ruoheng, Wenling


Taizhou, Zhejiang


Tel: +86-0576-86655111


Registered before Jan 2011 — registered, 01 May 2021 — updated
Smartpluss color sorters machinery has ability to handle multiple products and designed for small sized food grain varieties like rice, seed. Promech Industries supplies grain processing equipment and color sorter machine from India.

Grain Processing Equipment - Promech Industries

Contact person: Promech Industries

Promech Industries, 10 Jagadeesh Nagar

641 014



Tel: +91 422 2628474


26 Dec 2019 — registered, 19 Apr 2021 — updated
We have so far provided more than 40,000 sets of wood processing equipment and more than 6,000 sets of wood drying equipment to more than 40 countries.

Our products passed the ISO9001 certification and CE certification of the European Union.

The company has distributed sales representatives and services in main cities of the whole country that form a network of sales and service, and also established agencies and post-sale services in Indonesia in Asia and Gabon and Angola in Africa.

We warmly welcome clients both at home and abroad with excellent quality, appropriate price and sound service.

NanYang Wood-Working Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No.118 XiaYuQiao, Linglong Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang




Tel: +86-571-63756938


25 Dec 2019 — registered, 19 Apr 2021 — updated
We are a professional socks knitting machine factory and knitting machine manufacturer, supplying automatic and computerized gloves and socks knitting machines, flat knitting machines, seamless underwear knitting machines.

Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:

Keyan Industrial Area, Shaoxing, Zhejiang




Tel: +86-575-84295577, +86-575-84293373


24 Dec 2019 — registered, 17 Apr 2021 — updated
Taizhou Huangyan Hengmei Plastic Machinery Factory is a full automatic pet jar bottle blowing machine manufacturers and a full automatic PET bottle blowing machine factory, which specializes in the production of blow molding machinery.

Taizhou Huangyan Hengmei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Hengmei

Dongcheng Shangqian Industrial Zone, Huangyan District, Zhejiang Province




Tel: +86-15356558886


19 Dec 2019 — registered, 08 Apr 2021 — updated
Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is the governing unit of China's food and packaging machinery industry.

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of food packaging machinery.

With strong design and production capacity, its leading product "Baihualin" brand QRB series liquid flexible packaging machine is recognized as a famous brand product in the Chinese market.

Our company's automatic liquid, granule, automatic cup box series filling and sealing machine, dry sauce packaging machine and other products are not only sold well in the country, but also exported to Russia, Ethiopia, Niger and other countries, and are highly praised by users at home and abroad.

Our company has developed a fully automatic liquid packaging machine with domestic leading level, which is widely used in the clean packaging of various fresh milk, condiments and fresh juices. We will serve you with complete market network, excellent after-sales service, leading high-tech technology and reliable quality assurance.

Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No. 216-4 Wenda Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang



Tel: +86-024-86610479


16 Dec 2019 — registered, 03 Apr 2021 — updated
We currently produce various types of permanent magnet synchronous motors.

In recent years, the company has made efforts in the research and development of permanent magnet synchronous motors and synchronous DC Water pumps, and has obtained three invention patents and 20 utility model patents, which are in the forefront of the pump industry.

Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical Co., Ltd

Contact person:

Tatun Industrial Zone, Daxi Town, Zhejiang Province


Wenling City


Tel: +86 576-86356398


13 Dec 2019 — registered, 01 Apr 2021 — updated
Hangzhou Jiahuang Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in developing and producing of various RV reducers, worm elevators, gear reducers, cycloidal reducers, openers, valve hoists, and UD planetary stepless gear.

Hangzhou Jiahuang Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd

Contact person:

Bailang Village, Yipeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang




Tel: +86 15268125268


13 Dec 2019 — registered, 01 Apr 2021 — updated
Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd, formerly known as Ningbo HaoChuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, is a manufacturer specialized in electric winches and high pressure washer accessoires.

Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

Changtan Industrial Zone, Zhangshui Town


Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang


Tel: 86-574-88470717, 86-13884492881


12 Dec 2019 — registered, 31 Mar 2021 — updated
Ningbo Dingming Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, founded in the year of 2000, is a comprehensive researcher, manufacturer and exporter of a series of thread winding machines, cone winding machined such as cone winders, cone and cheese winders, bobbin winders, prewound bobbin winders, king spooling winders, automatic mini bobbin winders and automatic high speed winding machines and other textile machines.

Ningbo Dingming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Contact person:

No. 32 Qiangfeng Road, Baifeng Industrial Park, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang



Tel: +86-574-86726988


11 Dec 2019 — registered, 30 Mar 2021 — updated
Ningbo Zhenfei Injection Molding Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the development, design, production, sales, and service of plastic manufacturing machinery.

“ZF” Series machines have passed the international quality standard ISO9001-2008 certification, and some exported products have passed the CE and UE certification.

The production management implements 6S management and assessment.

Zhenfei has more than 50,000 square meters and a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in technology development and production quality management of injection molding machines.

The R&D team has cooperated with many famous domestic plastic machinery industry professors and specialists to jointly develop a new generation of high-efficiency, precision, and energy-saving ZF precision injection molding machines.

The R&D team has improved the design of the machine shape on the premise of ensuring the product quality.

The company has advanced production technology advantages and team management advantages, can grasp the lifeline of the plastic machine industry, and put the performance and quality of products in the first place. At the same time, the professional sales team adheres to the customer-oriented, integrity service company philosophy to provide quality after-sales service for customers at home and abroad.

The company has fully implemented the brand strategy of high-end, delicacy and top.

After a long development, the company has competitive technical innovation, perfect product manufacturing capability, excellent quality management methods, and accurate service to all of clients.

Ningbo Zhenfei Injection Molding Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Contact person: Zhenfei

No.69 Jinshidi Road, Langxia Street, Yuyao, Zhejiang


Strong Crusher


Tel: +86 574 62639455


10 Dec 2019 — registered, 26 Mar 2021 — updated
Waylead is focused on the manufacturing of NEMA standard single phase & three phase electric motors, EC motor and commercial disposers.

So far, Waylead has independently developed more than 2000 specifications of high and premium efficiency electric motors ranging from 1/10 to 20HP with 48 to 250 frames, 2, 4, 6, 8 pole.

All of our motors and commercial disposers have been certified by CSA & CUS, and Some of motors also have UL certification.

Three phase high efficiency and premium efficiency electric motors have been certified by Canada and US Energy Department in 2007 and 2010.

All of our motors are exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and so on.

Motors are widely used in different industrial and agricultural field such as woodworker, air compressor, blower, fan, water pump, hydraulic pump, washing pump, pool and spa pump, ice cream machine, baking equipment and garage door, etc.

Waylead was also the OEM supplier for worldwide known motor enterprises such as Marathon, Lincoln, GE and Emerson.

Cixi Waylead Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No.151 Taiyu Road, Kuangyan Industrial Zone, Zhejiang


Cixi city


Tel: +86-574-58580503


10 Dec 2019 — registered, 26 Mar 2021 — updated
WNJ is a global enterprise specialized in spring machines over 28 years.

WNJ is a leader in the Chinese spring machinery in spring coiling machines, spring forming machines, spring grinding machines, spring temper furnaces and other related equipment.

Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

No.2790, Xingsheng Rd, Zhejiang




Tel: +86 575-83030220


10 Dec 2019 — registered, 24 Mar 2021 — updated
Ningbo Sanxin Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Binhai Industrial Park, sitting in the middle of Xiangshan Peninsula. Our company was established in 1995, covering an area of 20000 square meters and construction area of 8000 square meters. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, selling and offering service of pumps and electric motors.

The water pumps, electric motors and spare parts are our main products. There are more than 100 items, ranging from home pumps, agricultural pumps, garden pumps, ship pumps, deep well pumps and so on. Now our main market is Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

Our company has passed ISO 9001:2015, and many of our products are certified with CE and GS. Now we have introduced 6S on-site management system, aiming in continuous improvement of products quality and management network. Our pursuit in perfect products wins us a high reputation both at home and abroad.

High quality is our company's standard; customer’s satisfaction is our unwavering pursuit. Sanxin Water Pump will be dedicated to providing quality, timely and thoughtful service for our worldwide customers. We would like to build up a bright future with you together.

Ningbo Sanxin Pump Co., Ltd.

Contact person:

Zhongyanggang, DongChen, XingShan




Tel: 86-0574-65800191


06 Dec 2019 — registered, 18 Mar 2021 — updated
Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional Chinese stone edge polishing machine manufacturer and stone polishing machine factory, that was set up in 1978 and is located in Taizhou.

Now with an area of 80,000 square meters, intelligent office building and 50,000 square meters of modern standard factories that contain welding, casting and other three production areas.

It has become a high technology enterprise with research, manufacture, selling and after-sales service to produce stone machinery and stone edge polishing machines professionally.

We were awarded as one of the top ten of CISE Chinese stone machinery manufacturers, also passed CE certification and so on, our wholesale of stone edge polishing machines passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification.

Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,ltd

Contact person:

No. 328 Huifeng South Road, Jiangnan Street.




Tel: 86-576-85715999


05 Dec 2019 — registered, 17 Mar 2021 — updated
XIWEI Elevator Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is affiliated with XIWEI Elevator Group Subsidiary. Total investment is 38 million USD, the headquarter is located in the beautiful ancient city at Sishui River — Siyang of Jiangsu Province.

It covers an area of 120,000 m², equipped with 6000 m² office building and a test tower of 87 m high.

Its first-stage production workshop covers 30000 m² with 20000 pieces of annual production capacity.

XIWEI introduced advanced elevator and escalator production and assembly process as well as scientific management system to ensure the progressiveness, safety & stability, low failure rate and long service life of its product.

XIWEI has passed multiple QS certification such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

XIWEI Elevator Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Contact person: cargoelevator

Suqian City, Jiangsu Province




Tel: +86-571-89187560


05 Dec 2019 — registered, 16 Nov 2020 — updated
Taizhou Yeshi Embroidery Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing multi-head computerized embroidery machines and automatic sewing machines.

We have a professional management team and quality control system against the standard of IS09001, we devote ourselves to becoming the large embroidery manufacturer in China.

Taizhou Yeshi Embroidery Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Contact person: Yeshi

Huangyan Zone, Zhejiang Province


Taizhou City


Tel: 86-576-84732222


04 Dec 2019 — registered, 07 Nov 2020 — updated
We offer food machinery, food production lines.

HG enterprise now owns 4 machine processing factories, 1 food laboratory factory, 1 trading company, and 1 poly-tech university with the construction area of 50000 square meters and annual output value of 500 million RMB.

HG GROUP has passed the ISO9001:2008CESGS certificates and has scored more than 300 patents and awards, making it one of the few large-scale private high and new tech enterprise in Shanghai, or even China.

Shanghai HG Food Machinery Co.,Ltd

Contact person: cakemak

No.1588, Hubin Road, Fengxian District




Tel: 86-21-57458832


04 Dec 2019 — registered, 07 Nov 2020 — updated
Xinyi hosts a good workforce of competent engineer teams who work with passion to deliver high-quality products and services, all electric motors are properly tested, with standard manual guides and packaged in a unique way before exporting, to maintain standards, and 24 months quality guarantee.

Xinyi is a diversified solution provider with a broad portfolio in air conditioner fan motor electric manufacturing with more than 10 years of experience and also supplying the market with the world's leading brands.

Taizhou Xinyd Machinery Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Taizhou Xinyd Machinery Co.,Ltd

No.251, Henghe Road, Binhai Town City, Zhejiang

Binhai Town City


Tel: 86-15957622022


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