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Lisbon tours, Portugal. Lisbon Travel Agency.
Excursions and sightseeing tours of Lisbon, Fatima, Algarve, Porto by Portugal Tour Operators. Group packages. Deluxe private tours. Guides, luxury tour buses, limousines, Hotels, guided trips.

Lisboasightseeing Lda

Contact person: Luis Santos

Rua Pascoal De Melo, 3, 5-6




Tel: +35 196 7086536

Fax: +35 121 8464787


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ODESSA TRAVEL and BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICE Travel Company "Your World" LLC can offer the clients real professionalism and reliability that comes from years of experience. We offer all kinds of travel services in Odessa and Ukraine: individual and group tours to Ukraine, travel escort, translation services, apartments for daily/weekly/monthly rent, hotels booking, airway, railway and bus tickets, private apartments for rent, vacations in Odessa, Villa House for rent.Transport services on comfortable cars or bus in Odessa and across all Ukraine.

Travel Company \"Your World\"

Contact person: Igor

Korolyova street 34




Tel: (048) 716-97-78, +380507478044

Fax: (048) 716-97-77


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Tour Operator - Orion Intour.

Our specialization is business tourism, individual tours and vacations in Ukraine and out of Ukraine.

Booking of all tickets in Ukraine and abroad; accommodation in Kiev; transfers to/from airport, railway station, bus station, hotel, apartments or any needed address.

Car hire with a driver; car rent; all for business meetings, negotiations, conferences, presentations; Guide service (escort, curator).

Interpreter services (English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish etc.).

Tours and excursions in Ukraine.

Events and activities organizations in Ukraine; one day excursion tours; educational tours; active tours; romantic tours; events tours.

Orion Intour

Contact person: Olga

9 Starokyivska st.




Tel: +38 063 351 61 47

Fax: +38 044 4892298


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Welcome to Lviv, L'viv, Lvov, Lwow.

A city of sleeping lions which has changed so many names throughout it's long history today remains one of the most charming and mysterious beauties of Eastern Europe.

It is the only Ukrainian "Ensemble of the Historic Centre" included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can find: Accommodation in Lviv. The most comfortable Lviv hotels are located in the city centre.

Though as a cheaper alternative you can try to rent an apartment, which has got most of the usual hotel facilities (only excluding breakfast) but at a lower price. City tours, English-speaking guides and interpreters.

If you are a new visitor to Lviv, we advise to take a guided Lviv city tour.

During an easy walk you will see the main attractions of Lviv city and you will get a touch of its fascinating history.

You will also get a fast introduction to the best pubs, cafes and restaurants, where to shop for souvenirs, or where to buy opera or train tickets. Travel information, advice and support. You can also find here all sorts of useful Lviv travel information. Essential telephone numbers and addresses, what to see, where to eat, where to stay.

Where to go if you want to explore places around.

One of the interesting one day side trips is to visit a few ancient castles scattered around Lviv region.


Contact person: Andriy Bandrivskyy

Rohatyntsiv 30/1




Tel: +38032 2357630, +380984492525

Fax: +38032 2357613


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