Construction Companies, part 4

Registered before Jan 2011
Architectural planning & construction, civil construction & engineering, turnkey cottage building. Heating systems installation, service & maintenance, water supply & sewage system.


Contact person: Serhiy Ryvko

Buzkova Str., 2




Tel: +38 032 2434545, +38 098 6621111

Fax: +38 032 2458914


Registered before Jan 2011
We sale, lease and service construction and hoisting equipment. Selling of construction metal-working equipment.


Contact person: Nik Tchmeroik

Bratislavska Str, 26, Room 135, Riev, Ukreina




Tel: +38 0442 232070


Registered before Jan 2011
28 Mar 2009

Our state organization has more than 60-year's experience in the field of construction industry. We will be glad to possibility for collaboration or give you qualified consultation concerning problems of designing, construction in composite conditions, reconstruction and exploitation of buildings and structures.
Our organization performs complex works on:
- Inspection and reconstruction of building constructions;
- Design new buildings and constructions - offices, buildings, skyscrapers and etc.;
- Development of the design documentation on strengthening of structures, foundations and bases (design all parts of project – architectural part, constructions, all another parts – water supply, gas supply, etc.);
- 3-D calculations and design of buildings and constructions;
- construction in complicated engineering-geological or another conditions (setting and weak grounds, karsts, slide-rocks, mines works territories, seismic territories, high level of ground water, building taking to account city conditions, etc.);
- design and construction reinforcement of basement with geotechnical textile;
- design of rabbets and retaining walls;
- Monitoring stress and strained stain of buildings (new building or reconstruction) on real time mode;
Our organization holds State licenses with the right to execute special kinds of works in design and construction according to Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakhstan and EU building codes.



Tel: +38 0612 415262, +38 050 4546075

Fax: +38 0612 415591


Registered before Jan 2011
"Sunbudtechbud-7", Ltd, offers professional repair of flats, offices, building in Kyiv, constructing of cottages and buildings turnkey, full set of works of installation of internal engineering systems, fixing and installation of building roofs.
Our main activity is construction, reconstruction and flat and office repair in Kyiv.
The volume of works we make depends on wishes of our client: we can make major repair and redecoration. The customer will be able to take part in our repair works from the beginning to the end. Transparency is one of the main characteristics of our company. Except repairing, our designers can help you choose necessary design, and consultants can help you choose necessary materials.


Contact person: Yuri




Tel: +38 044 5922024, +38 050 8433822

Fax: +38 044 5221963


Registered before Jan 2011
We are a Project group from 3 architects with experience joint and individual work. We offer our own facilities on architectural planning and designing.
We design dwellings and dwelling-office complexes, office complexes, cottage settlements, individual cottages. Interiors of public apartments, private, dwellings and office interiors.

Project group

Contact person: Vladimir

Marshala Rybalka Street 10/8, 402 Office




Tel: +38 0394 599601, +38 096 5143344


Registered before Jan 2011
The company produces metal-plastics constructions of any complexity and purpose. At our cite in the section "Our fotogallery" you can see pictures of ready-made products of the company — block-posts, auto showers, shops and pavilions, summer cottage, etc.


Contact person: Igor Chumachenko

Pimonenko Str., 13, Ap.402



Tel: +38 044 3625985, +38 063 7246868


Registered before Jan 2011
We offer pool construction services, installation. Also we sell equipments for pools, pool coverings, fountains. Projecting and installation of irrigation, filter systems, water refining.
Retail and wholesale business of construction material. Metal-plastic windows, armored and room doors. Sales of polished and decorative glass (retail and wholesale). The company was established in 2007, its staff consists of 15 workers.

Runo-service, PE, Shop Profile

Contact person: Tetyana Volodymyrivna

Lenina, 26




Tel: +38 064 5268040, +38 095 2915966

Fax: +38 064 5268040


Registered before Jan 2011
The company «Profgenbud» provides the customers with such services: floor installation with epoxy resin as the basis, floor installation of leveling instrument mass, installation of concrete floor, installation of cement screed, tiles laying, old floor renovation, concrete grinding, waterproofing. The company «Profgenbud» proposes: polymeric composition for hardening and dedusting concrete floors, cement screed, leveling instrument masses, polymeric compositions for liquid floors, a wide range of covering colors, polymeric compositions for concrete floors, after their installation, fast delivery of polymeric materials (up to 3 days), delivery to customer’s site.


Contact person: Profgenbud

4, Simferopol'skaya Str.




Tel: +38 067 2384982, +38 067 2454124

Fax: +38 044 4962354


Registered before Jan 2011
The “Otel-E” company offers a unique complex in design of hotels, restaurants, clubs, centers and another objects of verified difficulty. Our company was created in 2004. The basic team consists of 20 people including designers, architects, art-designers, technologists on kitchen and other non-standart ware. As a team we try to make project environments uniquely successful. Basic directions are design of projects, creative supervision of author himself. Our company’s motto: up-to-date and functional ability of design, work on philosophy and atmosphere of objects, brightness and originality of our projects.
Our works are at the cutting edge of design. We endeavor to build relationships with our clients that in close cooperation will bring success to our project. We hope that the quality of our work will make us stand out of the wide range of other companies. We take satisfaction ensuring we have given our clients 100% our unique design. Contact us by e-mailing. We look forward to establishing relationship with people who believe in the power and impact of good design. We always welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Otel-E, Unique Complex In Design Of Hotels, Restaurants

Contact person: Maxim Gres

Office 7, Plehanovska Str., 12




Tel: +38 095 6537033


Registered before Jan 2011
"Hram" design studio was registered in October 2001 at Solomenskiy district of Kiev.
Main directions of “HRAM” Design Studio activity are as follows:
- Top quality architectural design;
- Remodeling of multifunctional areas - residential and office space;
- Planning and organization of outdoor territories and landscape design.
We guarantee the artisan-quality of:
- Design-projects with detailed architectural blueprints and visual presentation models;
- All indoor works and cosmetic finish in compliance with the design contract;
- Customized exclusive projects, manufacturing and installation of stairways, fireplaces, stained-glass windows, etc;
- Developing and designing a unique, unforgettable interior with custom-made furniture, lamps, curtains, bedspreads, cushions, matching carpets, etc;
- Individually designed handmade ceramic and glass handworks;
- Independent coordination and approval of project documentation at all necessary institution and organization.
During the period of activity of our company we have developed more than 40 architectural and interior projects for remodeling of residential spaces (apartments and mansions), office and public buildings and facilities (cafes, restaurants). Well-known businessmen, politicians, public figures are among clients of our company.

Hram A at Id Studio

Contact person: Dmytro

Mashinobudivna Str 21




Tel: +38 044 5922254, +38 044 5879310

Fax: +38 044 4011738


Registered before Jan 2011
Our company produces safety and filler structures made of glass for a wide range of interior and architectural constructions.

Sacura Concern

Contact person: Igor Ruslanovich Vasylenko

Borispolskaya Str., 9, Building 61, Ground Floor




Tel: +38 044 4939176, +38 044 4939177

Fax: +38 044 4846488


Registered before Jan 2011
We are the processors, manufacturers and exporters of Indian marble, granite and slates.

Future Stone Works Pvt. Ltd.

Contact person: Deepak Bansal

Dickenson Road, Manipal Centre, S-720




Tel: +91 80 40923985, +91 8861636362

Fax: +91 80 40923987


Registered before Jan 2011
We are one of the leading manufacturers of specialised construction chemicals with a factory in Kuwait.

The main products are:
1. Admixtures for concrete and mortar
2. Grouts and anchoring products
3. Curing compounds and sealers
4. Concrete repair materials
5. Flooring materials
6. Bonding agents, tile fixing and grouting compounds
7. Primers, protective coatings and membranes
8. Expansion joint sealants

Specialities Construction Chemicals Factory

Contact person: Binny John

Amghara Industrial Area




Tel: 00965 24565145

Fax: 00965 24565135


Registered before Jan 2011
The Ukrainian company Teplolux Ukraine Ltd. is a leader in projecting, realization and installation of all kinds of electric heating cable systems, thermostatic equipment and special materials of high thermal conductivity.

Teplolux Ukraine Ltd.'s major products are the following:

Teplolux warm floors;
Systems for removing snow and icing from open areas;
De-icing systems for roofs;
Explosionproof electrical equipment;
Heat tracing systems for pipelines storage vessels.

Teplolux Ukraine

Contact person: Olexandr Trubitsin

Luhova 9




Tel: +38 044 499 11 22

Fax: +38 044 499 11 22


Registered before Jan 2011
Danish Khatri is a freelance service provider that provides services in architecture, interiors, landscaping, translations and many more.


Contact person: Danish Khatri

Shivganga appt, Sinhgad road,



Heard and Mc Donald Islands

Tel: +91 9011556001


Registered before Jan 2011
Electrical services in Perth, WA, Australia.

Electricians In Perth, Australia

Contact person: Andtham Riesel

2Boud St. Abbotsford, VIC




Tel: 086 102 3713


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